I’m in love with TSA PRE

TSA PRE is a new initiative being tested in which pre-screened passengers can go through security without taking off shoes and without taking laptops or liquids out of their bags. I’ve been lucky enough to go through TSA PRE in Detroit’s McNamara terminal twice now and I can happily report it is awesome. No lines. Shoes stay on. Laptop and liquids stay in bag. What’s not to love? You can read more about TSA PRE here: http://www.tsa.gov/what_we_do/escreening.shtm

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  1. I use a Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer bag, laptop already doesn’t come out. I’ve only taken liquids out once in the last two years (at the overzealous YKM airport), otherwise they stay in my bag too. So the difference here is shoes (I always wear slip on through the checkpoint, it’s stupid but o big) and dedicated lanes (good as long as the lines remain short).

    Of course the pilot is pretty limited. And there’s no need for anyone to take of their shoes or take out liquids (something not required in much of the world, by the way)….

    • Gary: great tips for speeding up your part of the process, but you can still get stuck behind people like me who are untying shoes, fishing out liquids, and almost forgetting their laptop. TSA PRE is great not just for yourself but also to speed up the people ahead of you!

  2. The frustration comes with elevated expectations when you are not selected at the security checkpoint. I got it the first time and was thrilled, but now have been selected 3/8 eligible times at ATL (agents thought some of the international departures are more likely to be screened) and it is exasperating to not get it when lines are along. DL Diamond status doesn’t seem to help with odds. Until it is something that travelers can rely on, and the TSA says that will probably never happen since they want to keep people guessing, it will be nice when available but we will still all have to show up early to prepare for the regular treatment.

  3. I agree with Rapid Travel Chai.. I am 2/4 at DTW and in fact the dedicated security section for SkyPriority at DTW is only going to get me the enhanced pat down more often.. Just another stupid ploy of TSA to get headlines..it was nice that first time though..

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