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This contest is now closed.  The winner is revealed in the final comment below.  Thank you for visiting my blog!


If you have read my recent adventures on EBay, you know that I have an extra Nook Color and I’ve promised to give it away!  I have to admit I’ve never used a Nook, but I’ve been impressed with its great reviews.  Even more, I really like it’s unique design.  There’s just something about that little corner cutout that makes it super appealing! 

The Contest

For a chance to win this Nook, all you have to do is add a comment to the bottom of this blog post.  Don’t add just any comment, though.  Let’s have fun with this!  Let’s write a story together.  Each person can write one sentence at a time to contribute to the story.  The story can be about anything.  You can write truth or fiction.  It can be exciting, funny, sad, or uplifting.  It can be about travel, miles, and points, but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be almost anything.

Double Dip, Triple Dip, Quadruple Dip, etc.

You can enter this contest as many times as you like!  Each new story sentence you add below counts as another entry into the contest.  There is one BIG RULE about this: you may not enter twice in a row!  What I mean is that before you can add another sentence to the story, you must wait for another reader to add their sentence.  Each of your entries must have at least one contribution from another reader between them. 

Valentine’s Day Deadline

I will keep this contest open for new entries until noon EST on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th 2012).  At that point I’ll use my trusty computer to generate a random number from 1 to however many entries exist.  The person who wrote the comment that corresponds with the resulting number will be the winner!

Nook Delivery

If you win, I’ll ship the Nook to you anywhere in the continental US.  If you need it delivered elsewhere, we’ll figure out the best shipping option and I’ll contribute up to $15 towards it.  Or, if any of our travels overlap (Kiva DO anyone?) I’ll hand deliver it to you.

The Rules

  • Enter as many times as you like, but no two entries can be consecutive.  There must be at least one entry from another person between each of your entries.
  • No explicit language is allowed.  Keep it rated G.
  • Don’t be mean! 
  • Your sentences can be long or short.  Very short sentences are fine.  Please avoid long run-sentences.
  • Do not try to game the system (by entering the contest with multiple aliases, for example).  If I suspect you of anything like this, you will be disqualified.  I reserve the right to disqualify anyone at any time, but I really don’t want to!
  • Frequent Miler, his wife, and son are not eligible to win, but they are allowed to contribute to the story.  If one happens to win, a new random number will be picked until a valid winner is found.
  • Have fun!

Nook Side Chat

  • To enter the contest, comment below
  • To discuss the contest, please visit the Nook Side Chat.

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  1. full of used lottery tickets, including the one that actually contained the formula mathematicians had derived while contemplating the creation of the first Nook

  2. that’s why use the power of the Schwartz!!! Put the Schwartz ring on! (spaceballs the movie, for the people that doesn’t know!)

  3. now back to the story.. the ship was going ludacris speed… it was going so fast that it past 100 light years.. and ended up at…

  4. FM, who was rushing home from his vacation in the Bahamas so that he would be able to announce the winner at noon.
    Their collision, however, bumped FM into

  5. but prince charles and FM happened to go into the panic room where they were safe and they looked at each other and said

  6. Well, FM realized that he had less than two hours to get home and award the Nook, so he ran to his flight and just before he got to his gate he realized:
    I’ve got wi-fi here. I don’t need to get home. I can have two more hours of adventure left………….

  7. I think I will go and do some bungee jumping, He asked Prince Charles, Do you want to go too, to which Prince Charles replied__________

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