Groupon is back!

In my January 21 post, Weekend Update, I noted that Groupon had disappeared from the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  Thanks to an alert reader, I’m happy to report that Groupon is back!  When I log in with either my Sapphire Preferred account or my Ink Bold, I see that Groupon once again offers 12 points per dollar.  The reader who alerted me, though, reported it was only at 7 points per dollar.  Perhaps that is the rate for the Freedom?

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  1. It was showing as 7 points earlier today. After reading your post, I checked again and it had gone up to 12 pts.
    Yay! Thanks so much for all of your great point earning ideas.

  2. Awesome! I recently bought something from Groupon but couldn’t go through Ultimate Rewards because the offer had technically expired, but could get the offer by clicking on my link on Facebook. I couldn’t figure a way to go through UR, what a bummer..lost 600 miles that way. Just got the Freedom card, so excited to do the comparisons…thanks so much for all updates on UR!! You are the bomb!

  3. Good to see it again, it’s probably one of the best deals Groupon has these days, and a reason to keep an eye on their offerings. How did you do with your dividend reward?

  4. Thanks! I’ve been checking every day except for today of course. Glad is back on UR, didn’t want to have to settle for 12x Delta SkyMiles from their portal.

  5. Wound up at just under 13.3k here. I wasn’t awarded the 7% on a big gift card purchase that Chase had to credit manually to my UR account for I might try a PM tomorrow on it as it would add another 1k to my bonus (might as well try!). Overall pretty happy to get home and see the bonus email!

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