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I went ahead and plunked down over $4200 at Nordstrom thanks to the British Airways 36 points per dollar deal.  Just two days later, over 150,000 points already show up as pending!  Woo hoo!  Now, hopefully I can sell some of this junk…

Cheap Nook!

While the contest to Win a Nook continues, you might be interested in buying one for yourself at a huge discount.  Frequent reader (and contributor and Nook story writer) SteelSnow tipped me off to this thread on SlickDeals.  The basic idea goes like this:

  • Buy a coupon worth $30 off at Staples for about $2
  • Use the coupon at Staples.com to buy a Nook
  • Staples.com is currently offering an instant rebate (in the form of a $20 gift card) for Nook purchases
  • Contact Staples to ask for a price match on the Nook you just bought since it is even cheaper at a store called Quill.com.

The total discount varies depending on which Nook you buy, but it is quite good.  Of course, you can do even better:

  • Go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to get 4 points per dollar for your purchase.
  • Use your Ink Bold for the purchase to get 5 points per dollar!

Make sure to read the Slick Deals post for more information if you’re interested.

Win a Nook!

Reminder: Until Feb 14th, you can win a Barnes & Noble Nook Color simply by adding a comment to our ever growing story. Visit this page to participate!

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  1. Sell @ Plastic Jungle for 13% loss –> $546 for 150K miles credited in 2 days –> Great deal!

    Do you even get the AA Sears gift card shopping 10 miles/$? i am still fighting!

  2. @Peter: What exactly are you selling at Plastic Jungle? These aren’t Nordstroms gift cards he’s buying as those aren’t eligible for the 36 Avios per $. He bought $4200 in Nordstroms merchandise that he is planning to pawn off on eBay/CL for as little of a loss as possible.

    Not to mention that he didn’t even get his miles credited yet, rather they are PENDING.

  3. I used the link to buy something at Nordstroms for the 36 Avios points per dollar.
    It didn’t work.
    Any ideas how I can correct?
    It isn’t a ton of miles but I still want them.

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