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I’ve been waiting and watching for changes to the Ultimate Rewards Mall, but somehow missed this.  Thanks to reader Randy for pointing this out!  Home Depot purchases made through the Ultimate Rewards Mall now give 10 points per dollar (up from 5)!  If you have any big home projects or tools or appliances to buy, this could be a great way to earn tons of points.


Double Dip?

If you’re a frequent reader of mine, you’re probably wondering whether a double dip is possible.  That is, can you earn 20 points per dollar by buying gift cards through the UR Mall and then using them through the UR Mall?  I don’t know for sure, but it might be possible.  On MilePoint one person reported that the double dip did work despite the terms and conditions that say “Not eligible on gift cards”.  I’ll give this a try, of course, and I’ll report back.  If anyone reading this has already tried, please let us know how it turned out!

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  1. […] The Ultimate Rewards Mall is offering 10x points for online purchases at Home Depot. To have access to the Ultimate Rewards Mall, you need to have one of the Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards, but you do not need to actually use that card to make your purchases. You can read my recent post on the different options available for Ultimate Rewards cards HERE. Details on this promo can be found from The Frequent Miler HERE. […]


  1. Not exactly a double dip, but I purchased HD GC at a local drugstore with my Hilton Amex and received 6 pts/$ and then used those gift cards through UR mall for 5 pts/$ possibly 10 pts/$ depending on when they post the points. I did use my sapphire card to pay a very small portion of the total bill(around $2) so waiting to see if it will work through the UR mall and receive the points…will let you know what I find out. I did have success before like this using another vendor on UR mall.

  2. Renovating my bathroom right now, so great timing. Thanks for the heads up! I am also going to try for the double dip. AA Eshopping terms used to specifically allow gift cards, however you just could not use the gift cards to buy more gift cards and get points (duh..). They recently changed it to not work with buying gift cards OR redeeming them (ouch!). So stuck to ordering through their site with CC to get points. I have not tried anyway to see if it still works despite these changes, but with this deal there is no reason to since AA is only 3miles/$! Thanks!!

  3. CardPool will buy them for cash for a 17% discount, or 12.85% discount if you agree to receive Amazon gc. If you receive a cb through a portal, combined with the benefits of the cc you use, it’s possible to buy UR points for maybe 1cpm. If you can double dip somehow (buy the GC, use it to buy another gc) then it would be profitable.

    Any thoughts?
    (And yes, I’m addicted to the idea of arbitraging gc’s, just haven’t yet)

  4. If you missed it, it wasn’t for long. I made an $800 purchase on homedepot.com and it was NOT 10x, I think it was more like 3x. Doh!

    Anyone ever received retroactive credit?

  5. So at a minimum you should be able to buy a HD gift card at something like Buy.com (5pt/$) and then spend it online at HD (10pt/$) to net 16pt/$ (add one point for the spend). I didn’t see HD cards online at Staples (for the Ink Bold boost play).

  6. Triple dip? Buy HD giftcards at Tom Thumb/Safeway/Kroger, 1x-4x gas reward points, ?x from credit card bonus, use HD GC in UR mall for 10x.

  7. Don’t forget that HD has free shipping to your local store! Great way to stock up on batteries, light bulbs, etc.

  8. looks like the HD 10extra points deal is until next year…at least that is what the TandC say today.

    Too bad you can’t buy gift cards at homedepot and pay w/ a gc…my local hd store has a good selection of gift cards.. 🙂

  9. Oh wow!! It’s a shame you can’t order HD GC’s bc another fun fact to remember is that you can automatically cash out the GCs at self checkout machines in California once their balance is below $10!! That was crucial in the success for myself and others in the United Momths Of Miles promotion.

  10. I am pretty sure that the reason home depot does not pay points on the Purchase of gift cards through the mall anymore is because of the success of the months of miles participants. I had a real good thing going with Sam’s gift cards bought through malls ( i can spend Hundreds of thousands of dollars at Sam’s annually for my nbusinesses) until the excesses of the months of miles guys ruined it. If anyone knows of a mall or cash back site that does pay on gift cards bought online at sam’s I would love to know. Unfortunately I was not targeted for the months of miles promotion. I would have scored millions. I had just finished with a similar priority club shopping promotion where I earned a million points simply buying dams gift cards.

  11. Dumb question here: My wife wants to go to Home Depot today to make a large purchase for a weekend project. I can’t help because I’m recovering from back surgery. If she buys her Home Depot stuff at Home Depot itself (vs. the Home Depot site), we’re not going to get any of the 10x bonus, are we? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? Thank you, very much.

  12. I recently had success with a double dip at groupon…used the tango promotion to buy groupon gift cards through UR, then went through UR again to redeem the groupon gift cards. Both have posted!

    • The Deal Mommy: That’s great! But, just so that everyone understands… I think you bought a Groupon that gave you a Tango card and then from Tango you were able to turn it into a Groupon gift card which you then redeemed. Right? So, if people try to buy a Groupon gift card directly, they probably won’t get UR points.

  13. I placed an online order for merchandise (store pickup) two days after your post and got my points yesterday. Afraid that might mean no points for gift cards…

  14. Update: I’m also still waiting for my UR points from a (physical) gift card purchase on the 3rd. I ended up using the gift card (on the 9th) to purchase some merchandise I needed (in-store pickup). I will update when either (or both) of these points post!

  15. Update: My (actual) Homedepot.com purchase from the 9th has already posted. But nothing for the gift card purchase made almost a week earlier (on the 3rd). So I’m going to guess GC’s do not work in this case. If there are any surprise changes, I’ll update you all.

    • CodeAdam10: Great info. Thanks! So, I think the best approach is to buy Home Depot gcs at a discount (find them via GiftCardGranny) and then use them through the UR mall for 10X. I’ll write this up…

  16. Just wanted to throw in my experience so far. I have purchased about $1500 worth with gift cards bought at Kroger (for which I have enough fuel points to fill a tanker at $1/gal off i think!), however when I go to the activity list in the Ultimate Rewards mall, I still see nothing. It definitely says that you cannot get points for gift cards, but it should work if you pay for an online order with gift cards (or any form of payment), as long as you go through the mall. So I guess I’m going to have to wait the 6-8 weeks it says for activity to show up. Just a few more days left to this promo, but I’m going to go ahead and try to order another few hundred worth of materials and tools for our bathroom model with the hope that I will end up with about 20,000 points out of this promo. Would be nice!!! (Also, using Amex Blue Preferred at Kroger and getting 6% back on my gift cards too 😀 ).

  17. Should have finished my initial thought so as to not be confusing… bought $1500 worth of HD gift cards at Kroger and then used them through the UR mall on homedepot.com.

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