Ultimate Rewards 6X for cruise bookings

Just a quick note that Chase will be offering 6 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar when you book a cruise through an Ultimate Rewards travel agent.  If you’re thinking of booking a cruise anyway, it can’t hurt to give them a call and see how they compare to whatever other alternatives you’re considering.  The offer is valid from April 2 through June 30.


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  1. Hmmm… my aunt and uncle are taking the entire family on a cruise next April or May – wonder if the cruise has to be completed by the end of June or just booked by then? Because I’m seriously thinking of offering to book all of the cruises (probably $20,000 for the group of us) and then reimbursing them maybe $2000 for letting me acquire the points.

    • Jennifer: Wow, $2K reimbursement is a lot! I don’t know how much total they’ll spend, but if it were me, I think I’d offer 3% back. For you, that would be equivalent to buying Ultimate Rewards points for .5 cents each. For them, they would get a much better return rate than they would with most credit cards. You could even go as high as 6% back for them since that would amount to you buying UR points for 1 cent each which is still a good deal.

      Scott: Glad to help!

  2. It’s a nice offer, wished it was around last month when I booked 2 cabins. However, note that it’s only 4x extra points for this deal. [2x normal travel + 4x bonus].

    Normal UR mall purchase bonuses are (10x, 4x, etc.) extra points on top of the 1x for purchases.

  3. Thanks, FM, for your thoughts. I’m actually thinking the cruise might be even more than $20k, since there’s about 25 of us going. I’ll keep your 3% rate in mind when offering to reimburse them.

  4. are these cruises refundable? was thinking about calling today but they were closed. wonder if they will open tomorrow.

  5. In the ad up at the top, it says to just use your “Chase card” to earn up to 6X, but does that mean “any Chase card”. Would I be able to double-dip in a sense and use my Chase Southwest card and get the 6x ultimate rewards and other rapid rewards points as well?

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