Can I really buy 10?

Reminder: thousands of free points are still available until March 24.  See this post for details.  Don’t do it again, though, if you’ve already maxed out your rebate for this product. 

Several weeks ago I started publishing ways to increase credit card spending and get free points by buying Staples FAR (free after rebate) items.  In those posts, I’ve written “buy up to 10 copies,” “buy up to 5 copies,” or “buy only 1”.  People keep asking me how I know how many can be purchased.  Where are the terms & conditions that say what the limit is? I think this is a great question.  In general, it’s a good idea not to assume that I (or any writer, for that matter) has all of their facts straight.  Double checking is smart.  So, I’ll show you how to find the limit:

Step 1: Find the product and click on the Rebate hyperlink (see arrow below)


Step 2: On the next screen you’ll see 1 or more rebates.  Find the appropriate one.  In the image below you’ll see that only the first rebate is still active, the others have expired.  Click on the hyperlink of the product name.


Step 3: Find text that says “Limit X rebates…”


That’s it.  Now you know how to verify the number you can buy.

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  1. The only reason I’m waiting to pull the trigger is because I haven’t received my other $700 rebate yet…current status on my other order placed on 2/16 is ‘validation completed’

  2. Quick question:

    Does “Limit 10 rebates [per] name/address/household.” mean 10 rebates per household or 10 rebates per person at the household?

    I think it’s the former, but want to verify. And I’m not no fancy big city lawyer.

  3. I’d play safe on this one. You could try multiples on a small ticket item, but, even if that worked, they may re-interpret the restriction if you did multiples on a biggie

  4. I take it that we get a $45 card for each item? So if we buy 10 items, we get 10 cards? Ts and Cs say they need to be used in 6 months or there is a $3 monthly fee.

  5. I have the 3100 points ($325 + $450, 4 pts each) in my UR account now…but will feel much better once the rebate checks are in my hands. Validation in progress.

    Thanks a lot for the tip!

  6. These are available again. I just boxed version. Ifigure I can toss them in with my goodwill donations and save a little on my taxes.

  7. I recently purchased this software (10 of them) and Staples gave me a call to make sure we were legit. Representative had me on the phone while he called the credit card company (Chase) to verify my account. It was a bit unexpected so be prepared to do it. All is well and the downloads have been released and the purchase went through.

  8. Anyone tried the McAfee Antivirus rebate? Does not list a limit you can order. It states $30 maximum rebate, so I’m thinking only one.

  9. I have a question for those who got 10 and did the instant download. Can you download 1 version at a time and copy it on a cd room? or are you given a separate site where you enter a code to download the data. I’m paranoid about bot and malicious ware. I could just do the boxed set, just checking.

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