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I just got off the phone with a Staples’ web guy to see if they were going to fix the item limit issue with the current Free after Rebate Trend Micro deal.  For those who haven’t been reading and studying my every word, I reported yesterday that Trend Micro Antivirus software was available “Free after Rebate” for up to 10 copies per household.  The problem was that Staples’ web site would only allow you to order 1 copy.  Here’s what happens when you try to order 10:image

Irrelevant aside: Staples created an inherently true statement: “Sorry, an error has occured”. Yes, Staples, that is true: you erred in your spelling of the word “occurred.”

To get around this, some people have tried ordering the software separately one at a time.  I’m too lazy for that, so I asked Mr. Staples’ Techie (I forget his real name, but I think it was something like that) when this issue would be fixed.  Here’s a surprise:  He told me that it wasn’t the web site limit that was wrong: it was the rebate text that was wrong.  He said that the rebate should have stated a limit of 1 per household.  Uh oh.  I asked him what would happen to people who ordered more than one in separate orders.  He said that all orders past the first one would be automatically cancelled.  Comment below if you ordered more than one.  Were any of your orders cancelled?

Wow, this week’s Staples bounty is disappointing: Only one $35 Free After Rebate (FAR) download available (assuming Mr. Staples’ Techie was right); One Free After Mail-In Rebate available; and a few miscellaneous smaller non-software FARs.  I suppose I’ll publish the list tomorrow in case anyone’s still interested.  Yawn.

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  1. wow that is disappointing…I was trying to order 10 of them and noticed the problem, that I was limited to 1. there is also a rebate on some mcaffee software you posted earlier, but when I looked into that one, it also has a limit of one, and you have to mail-in the rebate (no EasyRebate).

  2. I can’t even get the Chase site to work with me today. Good legwork on finding out what’s up with their web site though! I hope Staples makes a definitive fix one way or another.

  3. I ordered two. Both processed and I got download links. This morning I got email updates on the rebates. They’re in validation.

    It’s only $35 but I’ll raise a fuss over it because the verbage on the rebate clearly says 10, even right now. Printing it to PDF for safe keeping.

  4. I ordered 4.All were accepted and delivered. I reprinted the rebate form and it still shows that 10 is limit.

  5. I honestly think the rebate hasn’t changed…the last product we could do this on was a trend-mico product with similar terms. I think Staples just got tired of processing tons of orders for 10 copies, so they put this limit on make it harder for people to order 10 😛

  6. yeah it doesnt make sense its the rebate that limits it to one. What if I legit wanted to order 10 copies and didnt care about the rebate?

    Mr Staples Techie didnt know what he was talking about.

  7. “I ordered 5000. Our entire neighborhood ordered thru my card.”

    I’m sleep deprived right now so that was hilarious! ROFL!

  8. Just spoke with a chat supervisor after buying 2 copies in 2 different transactions. FM is right – Staples’ story is that the rebate should have read 1 not 10. She stated that any purchases beyond the 1st one would not qualify for the rebate. Worse still, download purchases are nonrefundable as per policy. That means multiple purchases will get charged and possibly not refunded. However, given that Staples messed up and I relied on their rebate, the supervisor made a note on my file that I have a courtesy 14-day window to get a refund so long as I don’t download the software (apparently their techs can tell if you do). That’ll give me at least a few days to see if they do process the rebate or not. Apparently, Staples will update their website and rebate site by tomorrow to reflect this limit of 1. In all likelihood, I’ll just cancel the second one – since it’ll take 4-6 weeks for the rebate to process.

    Bottom line: proceed very cautiously about making more than 1 purchase and definitely avoid downloading the software if you can help it. Screen shots probably will not help you.

    BTW, the supervisor claims that Staples has buried in its T&C that it can retroactively yank rebates if it makes a “typographical” error. I dunno if that’s true. I don’t think this was a typo considering Trend Micro has had several of these multiple Free After Rebate deals. But perhaps, Staples is touchy because they are kicking in an instant savings of $4.99, which means they’re out $49.90 if 10 rebates are redeemed per household. Just a thought.

  9. The rebate terms are clear. So if subsequent purchases fail to earn the rebate and Staples won’t resolve than it sounds like a legitimate reason for chargeback.

  10. I just spoke with Staples as well and they told me the limit is 10 according to everything she could see, she rechecked the rebate terms as well. I also sent an email to easy rebates so we’ll see what response I get from them.

  11. Per staples chat with easy rebates…
    Steven: Do you have the rebate offer number Dana?
    Dana: 12-82647
    Steven: The limit is 10 per name, address and household.

    Sounds like there is some confusion at Staples!

  12. I’m not buying the rebate limit is only 10. However, some are suggesting they are limiting to one so we will have to add something to the cart to get free shipping.

  13. Now it shows “1 product per customer” on the product description, however the rebate T&C indicate “10 per name/address/household”.

  14. Strange thing happened – I bought 1 copy of software, download only version. Check out page shows $35. When I got confirmation e-mail, I see $37.45 as total ($2.45 were added as taxes). Last week I bought FAR software, I wasn’t charged any taxes (I’m in FLorida). Why did the charge it now?

    • Sergey: The trick is to have the downloadable software delivered to a store for pickup (there’s not really any shipping or pickup involved). Make sure the pickup location is in a state like New Hampshire or Delaware that have no taxes. Previously, they didn’t charge taxes when delivered to CA stores (I don’t know why), but now people are reporting that they do.

  15. One quick update: The website now specifically says 1 per household. But happened to speak to a chat CSR about another rebate and innocently asked about the limit on this one. She said they’d honor 10 per household and that she hadn’t heard anything to the contrary. I really do think this will be a YMMV situation. Some will slide by and other will get dinged if you try to buy more than one. Good luck.

  16. BTW — In the rebate form, it says “Limit 10 rebates per name/address/household”. Is that limit (10) for the week, the month, or the whole year? Thanks in advance!

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