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UPDATE: You can now buy 10 Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus 1 PC: $35, Free after rebate  !!!

Below are a number of FAR (free after rebate) items from Staples this week.  If you use a new Chase Ink credit card to make these purchases, you’ll receive 5 points per dollar.  Additionally, you can go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Staples for another 4 points per dollar, or go through TopCashBack for 5.5% cash back (I don’t yet have confirmation that TopCashBack works for this so I recommend sticking with the UR Mall).  If you’re lucky enough to live in a sales tax free state, then these purchases will really be free.  Otherwise, factor in the cost of tax when deciding whether it is worth making these purchases.

Personally, I’m not too excited about this week’s offers so I haven’t bought any yet.  I might stop in for the batteries, though.  I can always use more batteries…

Free after Staples Easy Rebate Offers

When Staples offers easy rebates, they really are easy.  If you order online, you will get an email with the rebate info.  You click through to fill out your address and the rebate number on a web page and you’re done.

  • Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus 1 PC: $35, Free after rebate

    limit 1 per household.  Available until March 31.

  • HP Photo Paper: $8.99, Free after rebate

    limit 2 per household.  Available until March 31.

  • 500-Sheet Pastels Colored Paper: $8.79, Free after rebate

    In store only.  Limit 2.  Available until March 31.

Free after Staples Rewards

Instead of getting a rebate check or gift card, the following items give you Staples Rewards equal to the value of the items purchased.  You can use these rewards for future Staples purchases.

  • Duracell Batteries, 16 pack AA: $12.99

    Limit 2.  In store only. Available until March 31.

  • HamerMill Copy Paper: $5.99

    Limit 2.  In store only. Available until March 31.

Free after Mail in Rebate

Personally, I hate dealing with mail-in rebates, but here you go in case you’re interested:

  • McAfee AnitVirus Plus: $30, Free after mail in rebate

    Limit 1 per household.  Available until March 31.

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  1. Are the staple rewards items (batteries and paper) in store only? i am online and do not see anything about the staples rewards. Thanks.

  2. How long do the cashbacks from TopCashback usually take to show up ? I was thinking of going through them but don’t want to wait too long since the UR mall is very fast in that respect. Thanks

    • Rajesh: With one purchase worth of experience, I’d say TopCashBack is much faster than the UR Mall. I made a purchase a few days ago and saw the recorded transaction (with the amount of cash back I was to earn) the very next day on TopCashBack. That wasn’t with Staples though (I haven’t tried that yet). Right now, it’s actually a little unclear what % back you’ll get from TopCashBack at staples for software so I’d either wait for clarification (which I’m working on) or use the UR Mall for now.

  3. How long do you normally give UR points to post before contacting chase? I still haven’t ha the points from the last staples FAR transaction to post. But I have had another staples transaction post that I made a few days later

  4. What are sales-free tax states? I live in FL, and today I was charged $2.45 in taxes. I wasn’t charged taxes before (last week) for similar software.

  5. Are you sure that the in store free after rewards items (batteries and paper) are only available through Wednesday? The flyer for my area states they are vaild through 3/31.

    • This is weird. The online ad says the paper products are available until March 31, but my local physical ad says “Sunday through Wednesday only!” I don’t know what is right…

      Jenny: If you search for those exact words, you should be able to scroll down until you see a copy marked FREE after rebate.

  6. Could you please provide the Item # for Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus? I cannot find the one that is for $ 35… Thank you!

  7. Last time I purchased Trend Micro and shipped to the CA store there was no tax, but this time I shipped to the same store, there is tax added, wondering why?

  8. Bill: I had the same problem today – last time I purchased Trend Micro there were no taxes (I live in FL), but today I was charged $2.45 (ridiculous thing is that I didn’t see this charge until I got a confirmation e-mail, taxes on check out page were $0). I chatted with Staples’s rep and he wrote that he checked with his supervisor and was told that “law was changed and they have to charge taxes for all taxable states even for downloadable software”. I don’t know if we can trust his words. He also told me that for my current purchase taxes will be refunded, but I am skeptic that they will eventually do it.

  9. Sergey, I did not even notice it until you brought it up. I have a print-out of the receipt that clearly showed the final price without taxes. I am going to call up AMEX and ask for a charge-back.

  10. @Bill and Sergey: same with my order today “shipped” to my friend’s place in CA. Tax showed up in order confirmation and order history. My order was also in “researching” status. I called in, a not-so-happy lady told me order is “processing”. I asked her about tax and she said it’s normal, I then asked her to look at my two previous orders to CA, then she said she’ll need to contact tax team and have them contact me. REALLY? I cancelled order. Now I’m wondering if I should re-order but ship to store in NH or DE…

  11. Not sure if people already know about it. Amex facebook likelinklove has promotion for $10 statement credit with $50 purchase on staples. Can be used with these items.

    I also see the problem of tax showing up in final order.

  12. I just checked the Trend Micro, and you can now add 10 to the cart, and the rebate still says 10 per address/individual, so it looks like we’re good to buy 10 again!

  13. I bought one Trend Micro Download yesterday, with a CA “delivery” address, and was charged tax. I e-mailed a link to Staples Customer Service ( showing that sales tax is not charged on electronic deliveries in CA, and had a note back this morning crediting the sales tax amount. Just went back and bought the other nine, and the tax amount was zero!

  14. Chase rep told me I will not earn points when using a different credit card than my Chase Freedom even through I went through UR mall. In my case, I went through UR to Staples and used my amex to pay.

    “Thank you for contacting Chase about your ultimate rewards mall inquiry. No, you will not earn points for these purchases as you have used other credit cards besides your Chase Freedom
    card. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Thank you,

    Alpa Shah
    E-mail Customer Service Advisor”

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