Staples ups the ante (targeted)

Staples has been giving us so much lately (see “Is Staples the perfect PPM?”) that it’s hard to believe they’ll give more.  However, it appears that they want to do just that.  Unless this is an elaborate April Fools joke, it looks like Staples is testing a new rewards program where they will give 5% back (in Staples Rewards) on all purchases.  Today, they only give rewards for certain purchases (ink and toner, for example) so most of the big Free After Rebate opportunities don’t qualify.  You can see their promo page for the new policy here.  Even though this page is publicly available, the extra rewards seem to be only given to people who were targeted.

Wouldn’t it be nice…

If Staples were to roll out this program nationally, think about what this would mean:  Staples has been averaging close to $1000 worth of FAR (Free After Rebate) software products each month.  5% Staples rewards would mean about $50 of free Staples’ stuff every month!  Or, you could use the Staples rewards from prior months to pay for part of each new month’s FAR deals.  When the check’s roll in, you would be making money on these deals!  Over the course of a year you could theoretically earn about $600!  It would be like Staples paying for a new iPad or laptop every year…

Please, Staples, please!

Please roll this out nationally!

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  1. Hey brotha, did some recon work…I went to OfficeMax and saw that they had Amazon gift cards. So with the Chase Ink (5x) instead of nothing. Also they had Sephora and Nordstrom, turning Sephora (10x) and Nordstrom (10x) to Sephora 15x, Nordstrom 15x.

  2. Amex open gives 5% back on purchases at officemax. Combine that with 10x with UR mall on Nordstrom will make it 15x.

  3. I was targeted for this but cannot find the email/mail circular darnit! I went ahead and signed up for Staples Rewards but it only shows 10% for ink/toner. What part of the country is this being piloted?

  4. Ryan from MA: Just make sure that Sephora and Nordstrom give points for purchases made with gift cards. Not all merchants do.

    bluto: If you figure out how to enroll, let me know!

    carwag25: Try calling or instant messaging with Staples to ask if your purchases qualify. I’m not sure which areas were targeted other than one person from New York reported getting this info in a postcard.

    Here is a SlickDeals thread about this:

  5. Dang… the spouse threw away the postcard we got from Staples. Called Staples Rewards but they said there is a specific offer code on the postcard that I must have.

  6. I received a card in the mail last week.
    It says: “As of 4/1/12 Staples Rewards members receive 5% Instant Savings when making purchases…Your Staples Rewards number is staying the same. Keep using your current card to take advantage of your new benefits.”
    There is no code to enter and it appears to automatically apply to all Rewards members.
    Check out to see if you are covered

  7. I tried adding previous purchases to Staples Rewards…it says that it takes 5 business days but its been at least 20. Any one have a similar problem?

  8. FM, i read the T&C and it didn’t say no to the use of gift cards…should i double check on that by calling Chase?

    • Ryan from MA: No, Chase reps won’t know. If the T&C doesn’t say, then the only way to find out (that I know of) is to try it. Usually if they don’t specifically say “no gift cards” you’ll be OK, but there are cases where that’s not true ( for example).

  9. @dennybob thanks for letting me know that there is no code on the postcard. Perhaps I should just use my rewards number on a few orders and verify if the 5% is there.

  10. @hao – I have that problem. I have purchases from Feb that haven’t posted. I’ve emailed staples cs to ask. I will report when I hear something

  11. Check the coupons for your Staples account. Mine had a $25 off coupon (3260827154122985) on delivery of an order over $100 that was good on my order for the above product. That means I will make $25 on my order after I get the rebate check.

  12. Hello, thank you for all the pointers! i’ve definitely learned a lot since i’ve started visiting this blog. i have been taking advantage of the rebates on Staples. The first one i submitted was on March 30th. Do you know how long it takes to receive the rebate? The status still says validation pending.

    Thank you!

  13. Sephora was at 20x via the Freedom portal today. The Sapphire Preferred portal still had it at 5x. Good time to stock up on nice sunblock and such for summer.

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