Yes, up to 2450 more free points from Staples!

This deal is good until April 14.

This tip is thanks to a FlyerTalk reader who contacted me.  File this under “unbelievable, but true”.  The same exact product that has been available for “Free after Rebate” the past few weeks is available yet again with a new rebate number!  Since it has a new rebate number, you can order up to 10 more copies even if you did this last week and the week before.  If you’re unsure about whether this would really work, feel free to contact Staples and ask.  This is not one of those deals that will go away if Staples discovers it.

I’ve been using these deals to help work off my $10K of required spend for a 100K Amex bonus offer I was targeted for.  I don’t get as many points as I would with the new Ink Bold, but I still have the Ink Old which doesn’t have office supplies as a bonus category.  That’s OK, any way to increase credit card spend for free is great.  Thanks Staples! 

Since this is in all ways the same as last week’s deal except for the rebate number and the valid purchase dates, I’ve simply copied and pasted last week’s post here:

Did you buy 10 copies of the Free after Rebate Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus last week? A reader tipped me off that the same deal is back this week, but with a new rebate number. This means that you can buy another 10 copies of the same software for free! I know, it sounds improbable, but I called Staples to check. The rep who answered confirmed immediately that as long as it was a new rebate number I could go ahead and order 10 more copies. I asked him if he was really, really sure and so he put me on hold while he talked with the rebate center. When he returned, he said that the rebate center had confirmed the same thing. He even gave me the rebate center rep name and number in case anything goes wrong.

The idea here is to go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Once there, buy 10 copies of this “Free After Rebate” downloadable software product for $35 each. You will get 2 points per dollar from the Ultimate Rewards Mall and another 5 points per dollar if you pay with your Chase Ink card, or another 1 point per dollar if you pay with a standard point earning credit card. This means that you will earn 2,450 Free Ultimate Rewards points with your Ink card or 1,050 points with another card. See Preparing for Miles for more info about the Ink and other cards.

Staples has an amazingly easy “Easy Rebate” system. Once you purchase the software, they send you a rebate link via email. You click the link, fill out a little bit of info and you’re done. Note that you will have to wait a while, though. It may take as much as 6 to 8 weeks to receive your check.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Staples via the Ultimate Rewards Mall:


Step 2: Add up to ten copies of “Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + 2012 (1-User)” to your cart:

TIP: Search for item 368658

Step 3: Check out

TIP 1: If you have a Chase Ink card that gives 5X for office supplies, use it!

TIP 2: Your state may charge sales tax. If you know someone in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax for downloadable internet orders (CA, NH, etc.), then set their address as the delivery address and no tax will be charged. This is a download only purchase anyway, so nothing will really be delivered. I picked “deliver to store” and picked a store in New Hampshire. Of course, there won’t really be anything to pick up.

Step 4: Submit Easy Rebates

You will receive an email from Staples with a link in it for submitting the rebate form. It’s easy!

TIP 1: Even though you bought 10 copies, you only have to fill out one rebate form. Note that it can take 6 to 8 weeks (or longer) to get your rebate.

TIP 2: The software rebate can be changed from a Visa gift card to a check! See screen shots (taken from a prior order):


Per Household Limit

  • Q: How do you know that we can buy 10? I don’t see that restriction anywhere
  • A: See “Can I really buy 10” for a walkthrough of how to find that information.

Per Household Limit, Question 2

  • Q: Can I buy 10 copies for every friend I know?
  • A: I don’t recommend it. I know at least one person who tried to buy two sets of 10 that way, but Staples did not approve the second set of rebates. I don’t know how they figured it out.

Status = Researching

  • Q: The status of my order says “researching”. What’s up with that?
  • A: Staples needs to verify your order. Sometimes this happens if you have the wrong email address or phone number on file. Simply give them a call or do an online chat with them to verify the information they need. Once that is done, they’ll confirm the order.

Promotional Items

  • Q: The Staples’ Terms and Conditions in the Ultimate Rewards Mall says that promotional items are excluded. Aren’t these free after rebate items “promotional”?
  • A: I’ve done this many times now, and my Ultimate Rewards points posted quickly each time. So, either these items are not considered promotional, or Staples doesn’t enforce that restriction.

Do I have to use a Chase credit card?

  • Q: If I go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Staples, do I have to pay with a Chase credit card in order to get bonus points from the mall?
  • A: No, you can use any credit card. For details and information about risks involved please see Ultimate Question.

Number of Rebate Forms

  • Q: I bought 10 copies of the software. Does that mean I have to fill out the rebate form 10 times.
  • A: Nope. If you buy multiple copies of a single item in one transaction, you only need to fill out the rebate form once. Really. I promise.

Rebate Time

  • Q: How long will it take for my rebate to arrive?
  • A: The Staples web site says to expect 4 to 6 weeks. My first rebates arrived after about 5 weeks so it looks like Staples’ estimate is fairly accurate.

Number of Checks

  • Q: I bought 10 copies of the software. Will I receive 10 small checks or one big check?
  • A: One big check.


  • Q: Do I have to download this software so that I can qualify for the rebate?
  • A: No! I didn’t download any of the software I bought, but the first rebates processed successfully.

Do Good

  • Q: I don’t need this software. Is there someone I can send the license keys to that could make good use of this stuff?
  • A: Check with your local schools or libraries. If someone can make good use of this software, then great!

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  1. Hello

    Thanks again for those tips. Wonderful wonderful and thanks ! 🙂 ..

    I am assuming it’s again different from April 1st thru the 7th deal rebate

  2. Just a heads up. I was able to also a apply a $30 off coupon code to my order so it came to $320 instead of $350. Staples always has coupon codes out there for free goodies and discounts. Thanks again for the tip and I will be sending some of the license keys to your charity.

  3. I have always received my. Some companies take longer then others. When I bought peachtree accounting last year it took nearly 4 months. You just have to be patient and keep checking back on the easy rebate site.

  4. @ FM: Great find yet again! Thank you!
    @ Perryplatypus: What’s the advantage of applying a discount code? Don’t you want to charge as much as possible, since your rebate will only be for the amount you’ve paid? Or are they rebating you $350 on a $320 purchase…?

  5. I got a $15 off coupon from Would have loved a $30 coupon. I met my spend for the ink bold so now it’s just gravy.

  6. By the way, I think we’re now totally covered for software for our computers at Shanti Bhavan, so we don’t need anymore for the moment. If that changes, I’ll let you know.

    Thank you to everyone for sending your license codes!

    • Ajit: Great! I removed your contact info from the post to try to eliminate the flood of emails to you.

      Sil: Yes, my points posted

      HikerT: I agree, it’s worth a shot. Don’t over do the use of the coupons, though: there have been rumors of Staples noticing and not liking that (I can’t remember what the rumors claim Staples does about it, but there’s no reason to risk this gravy train)

  7. Awesome. All these staples purchases have added $2k to my spend so far this year. I might be able to move on to a different card sooner than I thought.

  8. Did anyone received UR points for the rebate offer last week? Mine was on 4/4/12 but no points given. Also, for the rebate submitted on March 20, 2012 for the Internet Security software for total of $450, it finally went from validation is processing to validation completed on Friday. How much longer for the check to arrive?

  9. Been tempted to use a coupon in the past but worried it might invalidate the rebate or portal points. I suppose now that the Chase UR portal is down to 2x it might be worth the risk.

  10. Hmmm, well I don’t see anything in the rebate T&C that disallows it so worst case they might undo the coupon. Seems like you could do 3 separate orders of $105 with 3 different $25 off 100 coupons. I’ve always bought my coupons at – here’s just one of the sellers on e-junkie:

  11. I received my rebate check for a 2/29 purchase last Tuesday.
    I’m waiting on my 3/4 purchase – should be soon I hope.

  12. OK, I shelled out $1.50 for one of the $25 off $100 coupons. I tried it on an order of 3 ($105) and while it didn’t reject the coupon, I decided not to use it after reading the following generic coupon restrictions at I don’t think it’s worth the risk of getting your order rejected. If anyone wants my coupon just send me a PM on FT and you can have it for free, lol.

    Not valid on downloadable software, services, business service provider or custom–printing service provider web sites, gift cards or postage stamps.
    We reserve the right to charge credit cards for the amount of the coupon.
 also reserves the right to reject orders that use a coupon code that [snip] are in violation of any coupon restriction listed above.

  13. FYI now that the Staples UR is down to 2X, if people want to pad their AmEx MR points, their portal multiplier is 2X (total of 3X spend) for staples. If you get bumped out of the UR portal, it might easier to prove your case if you used your AmEx card.

    Re: the Staples coupon, yeah there are lots of rumors on about people getting their rewards accounts there closed. Not sure what else they could do to you though.

  14. thomas- same boat as you. one validation completed, 2 validation in progress, and one I just submitted today. No check as of today. I think i better at least wait for one check before continuing next week. ( i have a gut feeling this will be a weekly winner for us)

  15. Am I the only one??

    When I go to Staples through the UR Mall and enter my Staples Rewards#, I now get a price of $33.25 per copy and STILL am showing a $35.00 rebate. (This is their new instant savings as of 4/1)
    Are they paying me $1.75 per copy to take this deal?

  16. You have to sign in to Staples Rewards to see this price.

    It comes up:
    Your Exclusive Savings
    Reg. $39.99
    Save $ 6.74
    Now $33.25
    Rebate -$35.00
    Total Savings: $41.74

    I know I am not getting the maximum # of UR points since I am paying less. I don’t have the Ink Bold card so am only getting 3x the price and am losing 53 points on 10 copies($332.50 vs. $350) on the deal.

    But I prefer to think that Staples is paying me $17.50 to fore go those 53 points.

    Don’t know how much you value you put on an UR point. In my case, if my math is right, that’s 33 cents per point.

  17. @John, still in stock – search for item: 368658

    @Dennybob – I’m not seeing that discount when I log in. Probably because you were targeted for the new Staples rewards promo. Kicking myself for not entering my rewards number for past purchases.

  18. Yeah… Like HikerT said:

    According to Staples T&C…

    Not valid on downloadable software, services, business service provider or custom–printing service provider web sites, gift cards or postage stamps.

  19. thanks for confirming, I’m new to the game, and definitely don’t need to be stuck with $350 of software. Anyway, thanks for these great trips, I am well on my way to meeting the $3k spend for my new Saphire card!

  20. @HikerT: Thanks for the comment. I could not have found the “add to cart” button when I had first gone to the product’s page. After reading your comment, I reloaded the page and found it worked well.

  21. Just curious which Amex you got with the 100kbonus? I’m doing the same thing as you with the leap year day deal, business gold amex for 75k, is there anyway they bump up people to the 100k offer if they ask?

  22. Those of you worried about floating can purchase on a card that just started the billing cycle. That should give you 45 to 60 days total before your statement is due.

  23. So Staples in NH called me asking why I provided a store pick-up in NH for a download product – I said oops – my bad – then they sent the 10 download links @ licence keys – wonder how many times the NH store will get confused..

  24. For those of you new to Staples as I was, I just got my 1st check from Staples today, 1 mo. and 1 day after I bought and filed for rebate, so pretty good turnaround time. As someone has previously mentioned, it just looks like a postcard and is the check itself. Weird they don’t even have anything protective covering what is basically a check going through the USPS, but it got there.

    A bit nervous something will go wrong with this week’s “new rebate for same product” point deal, but pulled the trigger anyway.

  25. I made my $350 purchase 2 days ago and ever since, when I track my order, I get the messages “We’re sorry. Delivery of your order may be delayed.” and “We’re sorry, but problems with your order may prevent us from delivering it on time.” with a status of “Researching”. I’ve tried doing a live chat with them to clear this up, but they say it’s still processing. Anybody have any insight as to how long this can take, and when I will get my download links?

  26. On this offer I got a call from “Staples Operations Center” asking me to verify my name, email and order. Looks like they processed the order just now. (My order on the previous offer went through with no hiccups.) Perhaps NH orders from a customer with a CC billing address in a different state raises a flag.

  27. I see an offer for Free after Rebate on McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 (1-User) [Download]. Does anyone know if you can order 10 of these as well since they are a different product and have two rebates in process?

  28. So…has anyone actually gotten any rebate checks recently? No chance that this is a scam, right? I’ve done 4 now and haven’t seen 1 yet.

  29. I received my check from a previous FAR, showed processed for up to 3 weeks, still took 5-6 weeks to receive, just fyi. Dang, missed this ONE!

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