Dropbox increases free space to 16GB!


I love the FREE Dropbox service.  When you install it on your laptop it creates a folder called “Dropbox”.  When you save files to that folder they are automatically synched to “the cloud” so that they are available anywhere.  You can access your files through the Dropbox web site, or via the Dropbox app on your smartphone, or via any other computer that you install Dropbox on.  It’s also really great for collaboration: you can easily share folders and files with friends and colleagues.  They can work on those files on their own computer and their changes will automatically synch across to yours.

One innovative way I use DropBox is to use it to watch TV when I’m on the road.  I have a Tivo and a computer setup with Tivo Desktop.  Via Tivo Desktop, I automatically copy my favorite shows to the computer and automatically convert them to iPhone/iPad format and save them in my Dropbox folder.  When on the road, I use either the Dropbox app or Goodreader on my iPad to watch the shows.  Sure, it’s not as good as SlingBox, but with Goodreader I can copy the shows to my iPad to watch without an internet connection.  Very nice!  The downside?  You start off with only 2GB of space on Dropbox.  That gets eaten up very quickly with TV shows and movies!

Luckily, Dropbox gives you extra free space when you invite friends to signup.  Even better, you can now get free space up to 16GB!  So, if you’re interested, please use my link below to signup.  Then, post your own signup link in the comments below.  Once I fill up to 16GB, I’ll post other signup links in the main page.  Fair enough?

Click here to signup (you will get 2GB of space plus 500 MB for using this link and I’ll get an additional 500 MB as well)

More free space: If you don’t want to hit up your friends and family (and blog readers) for referrals, another way to get more space is to beta test their photo uploading feature.  See this page for instructions.

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  1. You forgot to tell everyone about your extra free space you get for them using your link. Nothing wrong with that but just to be completely forthright and open you should mention this fact. Will you put my link up in a bit so I can get more space too please?

  2. Here is my link, I hope a few of your readers will use this link to setup a Dropbox account. I really really need some additional space. Both the new user and I will get extra free space for using this link- http://db.tt/Gw0dLYN


  3. I’m not sure if the promotion is still on, but i got 6gb free without referrals for using their beta version which automatically syncs photos when you connect a camera to your computer

  4. I’d like to post my sign-up but I won’t since I didn’t use anyone else’s. I’ve been using Dropbox for a couple of years now. So many Android apps directly support it.

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