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Regarding the American Express Prepaid card I wrote about this morning:  a reader who goes by Kroozer notified me that you are limited to loading a total of $2500 per month to the card.  I’ve updated the original post with this information, but also decided to post here in case anyone was planning to do more. 

Even though this limit may be inconvenient, I think it’s great in that it will help keep people in-check with this deal.  Note too that $2500 with 5X earnings is still amazing:  $2500 X 5 X 12 months = 150,000 points per year!

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  1. question i have is, how many permanent cards can you get via amex for the same person? my business spend is approx 10K/month.

  2. It’s people like Raymond who kills the deal b/c of their greed. Put the rest of your spend on your Ink Bold normally, instead of killing the goose.

  3. Seriously Raymond – why do you want to kill something so fast? Do as David says and put the rest on your card normally.

  4. They requires you to provide SSN to activate the card so it’s easy for AMEX to shut down folks like Raymond who abuses the system.

  5. HEre is my idea, tell me what you think please:

    I want to get this card, and then recharge it with about $500 a month. Then I want to use it mainly as a debit card and secondly to pay for my everyday expenses. I am only interested in using the ATM feature once or twice a month…the rest will be with it as a credit card.

    Potential Issues:

    I am currently living abroad, will the ATM feature work…?
    As such, I am not able to go into an office depot (or whatever store) to purchase the refills…how will I get them(online?)

    Tell me what you think…Thanks

    • Dominick: the refill cards are not available online so there is no point in your using it that I can think of, unless you simply really just need a prepaid card.

  6. Is $50k on INK in office stores limit per calendar or membership year? Also, just in case someone does not have INK, United Business card gives 2x at office supply stores.

  7. My business has multiple member cardholders. If I have my employees(family business members) do it so I have a stack of cards to use for bills, then it would be like each PERSON once. I see now harm in that.

  8. If this works overseas at atms it would be great for traveling without having to travel with my regular bank card.

    I would be curious to see how long till we see users being shut down cause they withdraw four to fives times a month, while mixing in normal spend. This will be fun to watch as I do not have INK which sux

  9. I predict that within 3 weeks of this post someone will post about Chase shutting down their ink bold for abusing the system.
    Mark the date and time of this prediction;)

  10. It wont take three weeks. They are already “investigating” this issue. They are “taking it seriously.”

  11. Filabuster, how do you know? Not that I doubt you, but I’m curious if this is insider knowledge or web gossip or what?


  12. i am confused, what is amex temporary prepaid card and what is amex permanent prepaid card?

    i have one amex prepaid i got from amex website 2 months ago. there was a deal where if you fund $25 to the amex prepaid card, amex was supposed to give me $25 bonus.
    I am not sure whether the prepaid card i got is the temporary or permanent ?

    any link for the permanent prepaid amex card?

  13. ok, so all i do is just buy any amex gift cards at office store to load to my amex prepaid card?

    or it has to say VANILA AMEX CARD ?
    I have bunch of visa gift cards, can’t load these right?

  14. another question please. my wife and i both have amex prepaid card we got from amex site with our name on it.

    is there a SAFER trick I can play here? let’s say I load $500 to my amex prepaid card and another $500 to wife’s amex prepaid card. that way less chance of GETTING FINANCIALLY REVIEWD by amex? we have only one INK BOLD which is in my name.

  15. Tom: look at the picture in the earlier post– it shows what the reload cards look like. As long as you use the Amex for regular purchases there should be no fear of financial review.

  16. I don’t know why you wrote about this. This isn’t new and will just ruin the deal for everyone without a doubt. Nice way to kill a good thing. If people couldn’t figure this out on their own that’s their own problem but now you shared it with everyone and will ruin it.

  17. jason, dont worry, many here are not stupid to get SHUT DOWN by chase. they will do this sometimes not every week or day!

  18. I do question everyone’s reaction to Chase and getting their accounts closed. The whole point of this card is to spend a lot of money AT office depot/staples/Office Max. What if the Chase Ink Bold gave 5x rewards for US Mint purchases when the mint was around. Would people be running scared and not purchase coins?

    I am just not sure where all of this is coming from?

  19. What is the security on these cards? Say I lose my regular Amex card. I call up and they freeze the account and issue me a new card with a new number. What happens here?

  20. dan: I agree, but at the same time it can’t hurt to be over cautious

    Lawrence: Yes, I believe that if you call Amex they’ll freeze the account and issue you a new card. I haven’t tried it though. Look through the Amex/prepaid site to see what they say.

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