Ultimate Rewards Mall Awesomeness!

NOTE: Please do not miss reading my previous post, “One card to rule them all.”

Wow, thanks to HikerT for updating his website (lakebagger.com/ur/) that shows the Ultimate Rewards Mall payouts for different Chase cards, I’ve got some exciting news…

Ink Bold

If you log in with your Ink Bold account, you’ll find the following:

  • Staples.com now at 5X!  Oh yeah, I’ll be writing a lot more about that soon!  Sorry Sapphire and Freedom, you’re still at 2X.
  • Sony at 10X!  Time to run some Frequent Miler Laboratory experiments!
  • Overstock.com at 10X
  • Lenovo: 5X
  • LuggagePoint.com: 5X (I’ve never heard of it either)



If you log in with your Freedom card, you’ll find the following:

  • Sephora at 20X!  Holy cow, that’s a big number.  Someone with a Freedom card, please do a double dip experiment right away!!!
  • QVC at 10X!


Sapphire Preferred

If you log in with your Sapphire or Sapphire Preferred, you’ll find the following:


Happy online shopping everyone!  Enjoy the new bonus points while they last!

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  1. Currently, Sephora gc’s can be sold for 80% acc to granny. If you tack on 4%, that’s 83.2%. So ignoring the value of the spend on your cc, and assuming that the points post for gc purchase through UR, you’re buying points for .84 cpm.
    A cc with 5% cb would lower it to .59 per point.


    • Reuven: Great idea. As HikerT points out, though, it might not actually work. When store’s say “not eligible on gift cards” it’s always unclear whether they mean “not eligible on the purchase of gift cards” or “not eligible when using gift cards”. If someone was willing to try this with a small gift card purchase, that would be great.

      runnergirl: yes

  2. Haven’t tried it myself, but for Sephora the UR Mall does indicate GCs are excluded: “Not eligible on gift cards or egift cards. Not eligible on purchases made through Sephora Canada.”

  3. Can you use the Amex “credit card” just like a regular credit card and use it to make a payment to a vendor over the phone?

  4. Sephora gift cards available online at Staples. I do not have Freedom card so I can not try this experiment. Purchase Sephora through Staples 10x rewards use gift card through Freedom for 20X.

    • edog: We don’t know yet whether Sephora’s T&C mean “you don’t get points when buying gift cards” or “you don’t get points when using gift cards”. I’ve updated the Laboratory with those experiments.

  5. @edog, Sephora is available through freedom card doesnt mean you have to use freedom card. Am i right? Can anyone correct me if i am not?

  6. Correct, you don’t need to use Freedom. I suspect the most efficient strategy will be to buy GCs at Staples.com via Ink portal for 10x using Ink, then purchase at Sephora with GCs for 20x via Freedom portal and also use a coupon. I suppose that would be another test to see if using a coupon invalidates the 20x.

  7. I should add that this was my first Ultimate Rewards Mall purchase. Can anyone tell me how soon points usually post?

    • Mathew: Usually a minimum of 4 days to show up as Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel earnings. You won’t get the actual points until your statement closes. Thanks for kicking off the experiment too!

  8. Drugstore.com dropped from 10/$ down to 5/$. Bummer. I’ve been using them a lot (in conjunction with the Shoprunner membership from AMEX a few months back).

    • Chris L.: Yes, Drugstore.com drop is a bummer. Checkout topcashback which gives 11% back for drugstore.com orders.

      sam: Thanks for the data point!

      mommypoints: Please report back with what you find!

      yash: I’m usually not a big fan of online flower orders because they charge a huge amount for delivery and the delivery part does not earn 30X.

      johny: I don’t have specific recommendations, but see my post Save money almost anywhere for tips

  9. Hey bro , here is what i found it using the chase UR mall to shop at staples. I did 2 separate purchases, one with coupon and one without using coupon. I got extra points 5 per dollar for purchase on fhe later and got NO extra points for the purchase for which i use dollars off coupon. So using coupon voids the extra UR points which sucks . I always find and use coupon codes for any purchases.

  10. I’ll be checking Jcrew to see if it is still as friendly in the UR portal as it was a few months back. 😉 Gotta love the 1st of the month to see what the UR mall has in store for us all!

  11. Hi FM,
    Today I received Mother’s day offer from FTD for 30 united miles/$ spent.. how can I take advantage of this in addition to normally just buying the flowers?

  12. FM,

    About to make a Tempur-pedic purchase for many G’s. Aside from buying visa gift cards to pay any other advice? Dept stores, online?

  13. Still thinking I’d rather go through TopCashBack than UR for Staples gift cards initially. 12 cents for 530 points works well enough for me, better than $5.95 for 1060 points.

    • ArizonaGuy: It depends how much you value UR points. At 1 cent per point, yes stick with TCB

      james: I don’t know

      Reuven: buy gift cards thru UR mall and then go through again to use the gift cards

      LaoSifu: Yes

  14. @DGuy: If you have a Discover Card, their shopping portal offers 15% cashback. I used to go thru UR til they recently dropped to 2 pts/$, now I’ve switched to Discover.

  15. I haven’t used UR Mall for Sephora purchases with the use of a gift card. However, I did try that using Bigcrumbs. On the Bigcrumbs portal, portion paid by Sephora gift cards does not contribute to cashback. Sales tax isn’t counted towards it either. I don’t know if the case in Chase is similar.

    • Sam: Thanks, good info!

      jackiem: At a grocery store I presume?

      cdeb: It usually takes about 4 or 5 days for the points to show up under “Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings”.

  16. How long does it typically take for UR points to post after a purchase? I made a Sephora purchase on May 1st, but the points aren’t showing as pending yet and I’m wondering if I should worry.

  17. Do you know if Overstock.com qualifies as office supplies for the Ink Bold? Thinking of buying an office chair through it.

  18. I just received 5,000 UR points for my $250 gift card purchase from Sephora. I don’t think the 20x points works with a gift card because I didn’t get them through the UR portal but I had to send a message to chase.

    I told them that I made a $250 purchase on sephora. The purchase was on my activity so they could see it was legit and they manually added the points to my account.

    Thanks FM for the tip!

  19. The UR points still haven’t posted for my May 1st purchase at Sephora. I’m about to make another purchase today (last day of the 20x promotion) since my wife uses Clinique makeup. Hopefully I can call like CollegeStudent did and get the points to post.

  20. @cdeb & others
    my points from sephora purchases on 5/1 and 5/2 have started to show up in my Ultimate rewards account

  21. Update: I got an email late last night saying the my UR points for the Sephora purchases has posted. Sure enough, I got 200 pts for a $10 eGift card purchase and then another 200 pts for redemption of that gift card. Unfortunately, the email came so late that I was unable to capitalize on the deal bonus before it was reduced to 5x points this morning. It would have been simply amazing to get 10,000 pts for a $250 eGift card purchase and redemption. Well played, Chase. Well played.

  22. Yes, even on May 1 it was posted as only available through May 8. I didn’t notice that you hadn’t included that. Sorry.

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