Freedom 40X, here and gone

On May 1st, I described some great new bonus opportunities in the post “Ultimate Rewards Awesomeness.”  Among other opportunities listed in that post, I wrote:

Sephora at 20X!  Holy cow, that’s a big number.  Someone with a Freedom card, please do a double dip experiment right away!!!

One reader reported that the experiment didn’t work, but another named Matthew reported complete success.  He wrote:

Update: I got an email late last night saying the my UR points for the Sephora purchases has posted. Sure enough, I got 200 pts for a $10 eGift card purchase and then another 200 pts for redemption of that gift card

Great news, right?  This means that Matthew earned 40 points per dollar at Sephora!  Unfortunately (and unbeknownst to me), the 40X deal only lasted until May 8th.  Matthew went on to write the following:

Unfortunately, the email came so late that I was unable to capitalize on the deal bonus before it was reduced to 5x points this morning. It would have been simply amazing to get 10,000 pts for a $250 eGift card purchase and redemption. Well played, Chase. Well played.

Oh well.  Easy come, easy go.

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  1. I should not that I used my Freedom card for both purchases. The 1st purchase was just the eGift card. The second purchase was a $10 item and $6! shipping, so the shipping was billed to my Freedom card.

  2. Glad I was able to get in for one small order of $90 and 1800 points(I didn’t try the double dip though).

  3. why waste money on SEPHORA which is a women’s store even if it gives 20% back and secondly you said “Sure enough, I got 200 pts for a $10 eGift card purchase and then another 200 pts for redemption of that gift card”

    how do you get points for using gift cards?

    that’s unheared of!

    • sanju: If you go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to a merchant and you pay with a gift card, you often get points from the UR Mall. Success varies from merchant to merchant.

    • Steventravel: I don’t know of anyway to get these as emails from Chase. Each month some of us check the Ultimate Rewards Mall to see what’s new and I do my best to publish it.

  4. sanju: Not to mention, some of us ARE women and therefore wouldn’t mind spending money at a so-called “women’s store” …. they carry plenty of stuff for men, too, though.

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