Breaking News: TopCashBack to double Radisson rebate

Late tonight, two of the three big Club Carlson promotions go live.  With Radisson’s Big Night Giveaway, you will earn 50,000 bonus points for one night’s stay.  With Country Inn & Suites you will earn 44,000 bonus points for one night’s stay.  And, a week from now you can register for the Park Inn promotion in which you will also earn 44,000 bonus points for one night’s stay.  To participate in these promotions, you need to register for each one.  Please see Loyalty Traveler’s post about these promotions for full details.

In an earlier post, I wrote about how to maximize points earned from these promotions (see “When 138000 points is not enough”).  In that post, I showed that you can earn 5% cash back from these stays by booking through a cash back site called TopCashBack. 

After writing that post, it occurred to me that TopCashBack might be able to use this opportunity to create some buzz and gain a bunch of new subscribers.  So, I contacted the head of TopCashBack’s US site Natasha-Rachel Smith.  I told her about the Club Carlson promotions and suggested it would be a big win for everyone if TopCashBack were to offer a larger promotional rate during the period of the Club Carlson giveaways.  Her answer came back quickly: Yes!

Shortly after midnight tonight PDT, TopCashBack will double their cash back for  Instead of the usual 5% cash back, you will now earn 10%!  This promotion, like the Radisson one, will run until July 15th.

Step By Step

Step 1: Register for TopCashBack (if you haven’t already)

NOTE: TopCashBack has just increased their referral $ to $10 until July 4th!

Step 2: Book your stays through TopCashBack

  • Go to
  • Click through to
  • If booking a hotel other than a Radisson, make sure to click the “All Carlson Rezidor hotels” radio button:



Q & A

Q: Will stays booked via TopCashBack count towards these promotions?
A: Yes

Q: Will I earn cash back for Club Carlson hotels other than Radisson booked through
A: Yes.  TopCashBack has confirmed that reservations made for other Club Carlson hotels through the site will count for cash back.

Q: If I go through TopCashBack during the promotional period, but book a stay that will take place after July 15th, will I still get 10% cash back?
A: Yes!

Q: How much cash back do I need to earn before I can withdraw my earnings from TopCashBack?
A: Unlike many other cash back portals, TopCashBack has no minimum.  Once your cash back moves from pending to payable, you can withdraw it regardless of the amount.

Q: How long does it take for TopCashBack transactions to show up?
A: Usually it takes just a day or two to get cash back listed as “pending”.  In the case of hotel bookings, though, we’ll have to wait and see.  It’s possible that it won’t show up until after the actual stay.

Q: How long does it take for cash back to go from pending to payable?
A: It depends on how long it takes each merchant to pay TopCashBack.  TopCashBack then passes along the money to you.

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  1. […] In yet another update by The Frequent Miler, we are told that TopCashBack is doubling the amount of cash back they give for Radisson bookings sometime after midnight tonight. Responding to a request from The Frequent Miler (he must really have some pull), they are increasing the amount in the hopes of gaining new users during the Radisson promos that also start tonight. Details HERE. […]


  1. So would it work to book Radisson reservations for multiple family member stays from one TopCashBack account?

    • Ron B: I expect that would work, yes

      Jeff G: Thanks!

      Joel: I prefer TopCashBack since unlike others like Big Crumbs, TopCashBack passes along 100% of their referral commission to their users. Plus, I don’t yet have any friends at Big Crumbs…

  2. After I signed up, I got an email saying they’re celebrating their 1/2 birthday by giving $10 per referral instead of $5… I hope you got this email, too!

  3. Used your link. thanks.

    using TopCashBack, will i be able book AAA rate and will i be able to book other Club Carlson’s hotels other than Radisson? thanks.

    • al613: Yep, that would have been an awesome deal!

      emily: The Club Carlson promos begin at 12:01 CDT, but the TopCashBack promo starts at 12:01 PDT

      rookie10: Thanks

      Jeff G, harvson3: Yep, I updated the post with a note about the $10 referals. Great timing on their part!

      allen: Yes to both. You can get TopCashBack credit when booking the AAA rate and for booking non Radisson hotels (as long as you book from after clicking through from TopCashBack)

      Mighty Mouse: Thanks

      Mark: Yes the Staples deal that al613 mentioned is only for Copy/Print

      Miles Momma: Thanks

      DavidAL: Thanks

  4. Sorry noob question… these pets that are being earned are they cash back and if so how much do u invest vs.
    Return … or is it just pets to get free stays ?

  5. Use the promotion portal first! The Country Inn & Suites link requires watching a video and then entering your ClubCarlson member email. Upon completing that second step (providing member email address) I was greeted with- ‘You are now registered for the SO GO! (Stay One, Get One) Event! To receive your 44,000 bonus Gold Points®, be sure to complete a qualifying one-night stay at any Country Inns & Suites location around the world by July 15, 2012.’ Making it seem like this step is a requirement for the promotion. Whether or not this is a hard requirement for the promotion isn’t clear, but seems like good insurance. I received a ‘Thank you’ email for registering for the SOGO event and used the TopCashBack’s Radisson link as instructed above to complete my booking.

    • Jeff H: Yes, you have to sign up for the promotions first. Once you are signed up, it is fine to go through TopCashBack to Radisson to book your hotel stays.

      DealsSeeker: When you go through TopCashBack to you will still get the 1000 point bonus (or more if you have elite status) in addition to the 10% cash back. Thanks for the referral!

  6. Yay, got this promo for both me and dh. If you book through their website you get 1,000 Club Carlson Bonus Points, I don’t know how much they are worth but I would prefer the 10% cash back. I will place your link on my blog and definitely give you the referral, you are awesome as always, looking out for your readers!

  7. Finally set up the TopCashBack account, another $ 5 for you. One more note u probably know: Looks like the OD purchases of reloadable cards do not earn the OD loyalty program rewards, boo!

  8. Does anyone know if Carlson’s ‘Advanced Purchase’ rates are excluded from this promotion- 15% rate discount typically, and states that it can’t be combined with any other promotional offer?!? This promotion T&C’s doesn’t list it other than it’s good for ‘qualifying stays’.

  9. I notice to reserve a room you just need a credit card to hold the reservation on Monies are not actually getting charged until the day of the reservation or cancellation period ends, whichever comes first. Is topcashback giving the rebate with just reservation holds?

  10. hi, i been trying to register for topcashback thru your link but after filling in my email and password to join i keep getting the following message An error has occured. Please try again or contact TopCashBack if the error persists.but theres no way to contact them unless your a member, is there a way you could email your freind that works there and tell them their is a problem opening new accounts?

  11. Referral showed as $5, which you’ve more than earned and should get as I’ve just signed up. Thanks for all your efforts making this happen for your readers!

  12. im still having trouble “An error has occured. Please try again or contact TopCashBack if the error persists.”
    member341454331 referred me, i dont know where to find the id. please ask them if they have a way for me to contact them and set this straight as i need to be a member to have any way to contact them and i cant register.

  13. Hey there!

    I just signed up to topcashback through your link… I’m only seeing a 5% cash back offer though.. is the 10% offer gone or am I doing something wrong?

  14. Hi FrequentMiler,
    You did a amazing job, but my problem is: when I book online, I cannot pay, because there is no in advance rate option, so I can only make reservation & pay at front desk when I check in.
    Will this be qualified for cashback? I doubt they have source to track my payment.
    It seems only a few can be paid online, most are reservation only, no payment when booking, so cashback sounds good but cannot get.
    What is your advice? Thanks.

    • james: You do not need to pay online to get cash back for hotel stays from TopCashBack (or any cash back portal, for that matter). Just go through the portal to make your reservation. You should get cash back after your hotel stay.

  15. Hi FrequentMiler,

    I want to report back my account has shown my transaction on Country Inns & Suites. I did the reservation through topcashback’s Radisson link, but it only shows 5% cashback pending.. And if you search “Country Inns & Suites” on topcashback, you can see its own link with only 5% cashback. Also they do not have cashback for Park Inn, which makes me wonder if there is no cashback if we book Park Inn hotel via their Radisson link. (BTW FYI they have 5% cashback for Park Plaza)

    Could you contact Natasha to fix this? thanks.

  16. I signed up via your link. I’m having trouble getting my confirmation email from them and have sent them an additional email. I did get silver elite match to hyatt gold status. Better than nothing. Am now trying to figure out how to do the stays, which, unfortunately don’t match with my travel plans. Do you think it is worth it to do 2 dummy stays( I can physically check in when I arrive at my European destination, and then move on to my “real” hotel)? My dh is traveling with me and I signed him up as well. We can get an ok rate of $86 per room per night at a park inn. Is that worth 88,000 cc points? $172 for 88,000 points? I know 50,000 was going for about $175 earlier with the daily getaways. hmmm thanks

    • GrouchMama: To me, the answer is “yes” it is worth $172 for 88,000 points. If you travel often to places like London, Paris, etc. you can stay in very expensive Radisson Blu hotels for 50K points per night. So, 88,000 points will get you close to two nights in a hotel that might otherwise cost $400 or more per night. If you just travel domestically in the US, then the answer is less clear. It can still be a bargain if you use the points to stay at category 1 or 2 hotels, but it really depends on the cost of each hotel compared to the points required for the stay.

  17. Using your instructions today, I went through TCB to book my Country Inn&Suites room. As this is my first time using a cash back site, how will I know that TCB will give me credit for my stay? I want to make sure that I get credit, so I will redo the process if necessary.

    P.S. I used your link to sign-up for TCB.


    • Eric: Unfortunately you won’t know for sure until after your stay. At that point (actually about 5 days after the stay), the cash back should show up as pending in your TopCashBack account. Thanks for using my link, by the way.

  18. Since you were the one to push this great TopCashBack 10% deal on us, do you think you can contact your friend Nathasha-Rachael Smith and ask her where all our 10% kickbacks are?

    Since I earned you $10 for applying thru your TCB link, and I’m sure boatloads of others also did who also were hosed out of there 10%, I’m sure we’d all appreciate if you spearhead the effort to make TCB actual pay out our money. See this thread for more details of TCB backing out of their committments:

  19. Hi everyone – and especially gregorygrady as I would like to respond to your comment and hopefully offer some reassurance.

    My name’s Natasha and I look after Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

    I’ve posted a message on FlyerTalk this morning containing information on the Radisson hitch we’ve experienced, which I’m guessing from your comment you’ve been affected by. For ease I am copying and pasting my post below. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in this blog post, if you prefer.

    I hope the information puts your concerns at ease.

    Best wishes,



    Hi everyone,

    My name’s Natasha and I look after

    FlyerTalk has kindly given me permission to respond to your comments, so I would like to keep you abreast of what has happened, what the current state of play is and what we are doing to remedy a hitch with a batch of transactions and stays that were made through our Radisson and Country Inns & Suites pages.

    This is a message we are sending out to all members who have made bookings via our Radisson and Country Inns & Suites pages since May 14th:

    “Hi there,

    We’re contacting you as we noticed you made at least one booking with Radisson and/or Country Inns & Suites since May 14th and we want to keep you fully informed about a small hitch that occurred with these merchants.

    The hitch happened between June 7th and 21st, resulting in any transactions/bookings made and/or completed stays during this time with these merchants automatically showing in TopCashBack accounts, and remaining, at $0 or declined.

    All other bookings with completed stays outside of this period should not be affected and should show at 10% cashback once your stay has been completed. If your transaction and stay occurred outside of this time frame but is not showing as expected, please submit a claim to us through your account.

    The blip was ironed out on June 22 and the hoteliers have promised that ALL valid bookings and stays during June 7th and 21st will still have their cashback honored. We have been working hard to organize a way to ensure our affected members are paid their cashback as seamlessly as possible and we will write back to you as soon as the method has been finalized. Hopefully it will simply be a case of the cashback automatically updating in members’ accounts.

    Please accept our apologies for this hiccup in service and the delay in relaying it to you. We appreciate your patience very much and will send a message with an update soon. Due to the 4th July holiday it may take until the end of next week to hear back from the businesses concerned, but we will give you further details – hopefully with final, very positive, information – as soon as possible.

    Very best wishes,

    The TopCashBack Team”

    I’m very sorry for any frustration, annoyance or worry that’s been felt, and that it’s take longer than I would have liked to get a full picture of not only what’s happened, but how we will resolve getting the missing cashback to affected members.

    As soon as we know how or when the funds will be reaching members, we will send out another message to accounts and I will post the update in this thread too.

    I did read in this thread that a couple of members were concerned that they had booked and stayed at Park Inn hotels but their cashback hasn’t appeared. It was confirmed to me verbally and in writing that Radisson, Country Inns & Suites and Park Inn bookings made via Radisson’s link would all earn cashback. If you have not found this to be the case with Park Inn, please submit a claim to us (to avoid confusion, the merchant name you will have to select in the claims drop-down list is Radisson) and we will take a look at what’s happened.

    I hope this information helps to alleviate your concerns, although I’m sure the best way for that to happen is when you see that the cashback has appeared and is ready for withdrawal. If allowed to, I’m happy to batch-answer any further questions you may have in this thread over the coming weeks.

    Many thanks for reading this,


  20. I had a booking and paid for 3 rooms at a country Inn about a week and half ago, only 1 room showed up on while all three booking still shows up, does it just take a while for the cash back of the other two room to show up?

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