The Missing Ink

Why can’t I see Ink online? 

When I first signed up for the Chase Ink Bold card (back in the pre 5X for office supplies days) I ran into a little issue when the card arrived.

At the time, I already had several personal Chase credit cards and an online account for managing them.  Each time I signed up for a new personal card it would automatically appear in my online account once I was approved for the card.  The Ink, however, played coy.  It didn’t show up in my online account and I couldn’t figure out any way within my account to add it in.  Finally, I called Chase to get things straightened out.  In case you’re in a similar situation, here is what I learned:

You can add personal cards to a business online account, but you cannot add business cards to a personal account.

I don’t know why Chase has this rule, but there it is.  As a result, you can either maintain two separate online identities: one for business and one for personal use; or you can setup a business account as your primary account and add all of your personal cards to that.

In my case, I wanted all of my cards in one place AND I wanted to keep my usual ID and password.  Chase was able to help me as follows:

STEP 1: Chase changed my personal ID to something else

STEP 2: Chase created my business account and used my original personal ID

STEP 3: Chase added my personal cards to my business account

STEP 4: I changed the temporary password on my new business account to the password I know and love

Now I have my original log-in ID and password, but can see and manage all cards on one account.  Excellent!  I listed the steps above because I’ve heard from a few people who have struggled with this.  Give Chase a call and tell them what you want to do.  If the Chase rep you speak too can’t figure out how to do this you may need to call back again until you find someone who can help.  Good luck!

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  1. Quick question. I’ve hesitated on doing this because I’ve read that people see different things in the UR mall depending on which card they log in through. If all of your UR cards (like say Ink and Sapphire) are on the same log-in, is it possible to change which one you are using to access the UR mall?

    That’s the only reason I’ve kept separate log-ins to date.

  2. Great to see this spelled out for everyone. My wife had to jump through all these hoops just a couple days ago

  3. Danny, when you go to the UR mall you will be asked to pick which credit card’s account to use. This is true even with multiple personal cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points (eg Sapphire, Freedom, etc)

    • Kathy: Two log-ins is a perfectly good solution too.

      Mark: Good to know, thanks.

      JDF: Good tip about the secure message history!

      Churnity: I have personal checking, but no business checking, and I can do EFT transfers. I haven’t tried bill pay so I can’t vouch for that. I wonder why this was different for you?

  4. Yup, I had the same conversation with the customer service when I got my Ink Card.

    Just so you know, you have to use a PC to activate an account. I couldn’t do it with my Ipad

  5. I basically did the same thing, merged accounts. However, when you do so you will lose all of your secure message history, keep this in mind if they promised you something that you want to keep. For example, sometimes when you want to bump to a better offer you send a secure message, they will reply and tell you to message them back once you have met the spend requirement. That message will be gone. Also, I noticed only my business card shows up when I try to send a secure message. Normally, you select the card you are sending the message about but mine only gives me the option to send on behalf of the business card.

  6. If you have a personal checking account but not a business checkings, you will lose the capability for EFT transfers, bill pay, etc from your personal checkings.

  7. As far as I know, Award Wallet does NOT update Chase business accounts! Keep that in mind when you do this! Do it if you plan to keep the Ink Bold card for more than a year…I decided to keep two separate logins, it is not a big deal.

    • gpapadop: I am able to update my Chase info in Award Wallet. I can at least vouch for the fact that it can see points in my Sapphire Preferred account. I’m not sure if it can see points in my Ink accounts because I recently moved all points to my SP card.

      sam: thanks for the warning! Good luck!

      Grant Thomas: Yes, both the Ink Bold and the Sapphire Preferred have better options for redeeming points than any other Ultimate Rewards cards. So, transferring points from other cards to either the Ink Bold or the Sapphire Preferred is a great way to go.

  8. yes thats true, when i opened a chase biz checking for $300 cashback, the chase rep at branch wanted me to set up new userid and password, and a day later my existing chase personal products were merged.

    I applied for chase ink 60k offer, met 5k spend req already before april 28th, and still haven’t received my bonus points. i sent sm, some rep says there was no such 60k offer for me, one said might take 1 to 2 billing circle.

  9. For the Chase ultimate rewards mall, you can transfer points from other Chase cards to your Chase Ink bold card. I believe the Chase ink bold card has better deals and offers than other Chase cards do when you want to redeem your points.

  10. US Bank has the same rule about adding personal cards to business logins and vice-versa. I have no idea why.

  11. I have several Chase CC’s both Business and Personal. Personal accounts always show up under my personal profile automatically but I always have to call to get a new business account added to my business profile. FYI, Chase told me that I cannot combine personal and business CC’s unless I also have a checking account, which I don’t

    • Joe / Gene: Thanks for the info about Citi and US Bank

      caveman: Has it caused a problem for you to combine accounts? I haven’t had any trouble

      You.Dont.Know.Me: Yes, that’s my experience too. For each new business account, I need to call. Chase was wrong when they told you that you cannot combine accounts without a checking account. I combined mine before getting my checking account.

  12. good post…I just went through this when I got my (2nd) Ink Bold. I had no idea you could do this until I asked someone on the phone. However, I did not realize your personal account actually still exists, until I ran into another issue.

    The issue was that if you have a Chase QuickPay account (used to send/receive payments directly from others), it doesn’t get transferrred to your business account, and it still exists in that personal account (for which Chase has renamed the user for me, and not told me which it was). So basically I had to get on the phone again with them in order to get to my QuickPay account.

    If you use QuickPay, I’d recommend you deactivate your account and move that into your business account before you make the username switch.

  13. One frustrating thing I have found about keeping the same login ID (where Chase made my business card the primary and linked the personal cards) is that when you try to send a secure message, the only acct that shows in the drop down menu is your business acct. So if you want to ask a question relating to one of your personal accts, you don’t get your personal acct in the drop down and have to reference it by acct # in your SM and hope that Chase connects the dots. Not a big deal, but somewhat annoying.

  14. Can I transfer my Ink Bold points to my husband’s sapphire preferred account? I do not have my own Sapphire preferred and could like to consolidate our points in his account.

    • Frequent Flyer Collector: Thanks for the tip about QuickPay

      bf: I never noticed that issue with secure messages. You’re right!

      chum: Yes, you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points for free to anyone who has an Ultimate Rewards account. So, yes you can transfer your points to your husband’s SP account. This is one of my favorite features of the Ultimate Rewards program. It makes points earned on other Ultimate Rewards cards more valuable (e.g. Ink Cash, Ink Classic, Sapphire, Freedom).

  15. becareful with UR transfers to other people. CHASE CLOSES ACCOUNT FOR THIS. this is one of the many reasons chase closes cards.

  16. @FM: maybe I was told the wrong info. Can you EFT outside Chase (e.g. have utility company debit from your checkings, transfer to ING Direct)?

  17. just an fyi – I called in and was initially told this was not possible. after a ton of back and forth via the online messaging system, I was encouraged to call back and try again. the second call turned into a bunch of transfers until finally I spoke with someone who could do what I wanted – combine my personal and business online accounts. they told me I would lose transfer/ach/other personal features not available to business card-holders, but this actually didn’t happen.

    So the lesson learned – if you don’t like what you hear, call back 🙂

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