Sears 15X Southwest Rapid Rewards

A reader who goes by Ford Prefect alerted me to this limited time offer.  The Southwest Airlines shopping portal (Rapid Rewards Shopping) is offering 15 points per dollar when shopping at  The deal is only good through 5/23 (Wednesday).

Here is an excerpt from an ad Ford Prefect received via email:


The ad seems to imply that Sears has increased from 3X to 5X as the standard bonus, but is 15X for a few days.  At least, that’s the best translation I can come up with without the help of a Babel fish.

Here is an image captured directly from the shopping portal:


There are lots of great ways to capitalize on this! 

I’ll follow up Tuesday morning (a bit later than usual, though) with a post detailing some of my ideas, but feel free to comment below with your own.

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  1. Transalation: this offer is for 5 times the standard points. Standard is still 3x. This special offer is 3×5 = 15.

  2. Any idea if we will get points for shopping with a gift card? I still have some I got for 10x Chase points.

  3. Any fine print excluding Sears gift card purchases? If so, this is essentially a 25% savings (1.66×15) + if one is able to use the Sears gift cards @ K-mart to buy generic gift cards, the possibilities could be pretty amazing.

  4. According to the fine print, only items marked as “Sold by Sears” in the shopping cart apply. Gift cards are technically listed as “Sold by Kmart” so I doubt they would qualify.

  5. It’s also worth noting that Kenmore and Craftsman purchases do not qualify…I was hoping buying gift cards would act as a work-around but it appears they planned against that.

  6. I have gotten points from both AA and the old UA portal when puchasing gift cards, they had the same sold by sears language. (Which is there to keep people from getting points from the other vendors they list items for)

  7. I have purchased using RR shopping mall three times during last 4-5 months. The bonus extra points didn’t post to my RR account on every single occasion. On missing third time, i sent a request to Chase via secure mail. As usual, a quick reply came back. But they asked me to contact Southwest. I contacted SW, they asked me to contact Chase!!
    I made a small GC purchase one of the time. I would/should have known. But I don’t. Oh well.
    By the by, you can purchase $10 GCs and test it. And in the meantime if anyone succeed in automatically bonus points deposit, let me know how!

    • All: Yes, I believe that gift card purchases qualify

      vr: Do you have a shopping toolbar on your browser? They can mess up shopping portals.

      BritSteve: It’s been years since I’ve read it, but I definitely loved the series!

  8. FM – nope. I don’t have anything fancy on my firefox. this browser is purposely kept plain. I do get chase ur points automatic (miss some occasionally). RR mall is still work in progress i think.

  9. Also be aware that you may NEVER get any points if the retailer doesnt post the charge to your form of payment immediately – I am still trying to resolve getting the points from a large purchase from Feb ’12 that still have not posted – the retailer did not complete settlement of the purchase until the item was ready for shipment a few weeks later. SWA RR Shopping Customer Service e-mail keeps telling me they are investigating, and admit to seeing the online purchase, but cannot explain the points not posting, and have given me no hope. Other purchases have posted with no problem, but they all settled immediately to my payment form – Be aware of this trap if you are planning any major purchases.

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