Sears 15X: Results so far

Earlier this week, the Southwest Airlines shopping portal (Rapid Rewards Shopping) offered 15 points per dollar when shopping at  In the post “Sears 15X: Leveraging the deal” I showed a number of ways one could capitalize on the opportunity.  In the post “Sears 15X: Free Southwest Companion Pass” I showed how one could (theoretically) earn a Southwest companion pass by buying and selling gift cards.  And, in the post “Sears 15X: Shopping for 110,000 points” I showed how one could earn 110,000 Southwest points by double-dipping: buy gift cards for 15X and then use them to buy merchandise for another 15X.  It’s not easy, but it is possible to find merchandise that can be resold at an acceptable loss.

The 15X deal is no longer available, but let’s take a look at what we’ve learned so far:

The double dip worked!

A number of people who bought eGift cards and then used them to buy merchandise have reported that their points have already posted within the portal!  My points showed up this morning:


Reports from those who have shopped this portal before suggest that it will be a while before the points become real.  We will likely see these points post to our actual Southwest accounts by early July.

Purchases of physical gift cards worked!

There was some concern that physical gift cards wouldn’t get 15X because of a message that said they were sold and shipped by KMart (not Sears).  At least one reader, though, has reported getting all 15X points from their purchase!

Not all went well

Here are some issues that have been reported by readers:

  • A few people received messages from Sears that the ordered merchandise was out of stock.  These messages arrived too late to get 15X by buying something else.
  • Sears outright cancelled some orders without explanation.
  • One reader reported trouble from PlasticJungle.  When he tried to sell his gift cards, PlasticJungle canceled the order.
  • One reader received less than 15X for a part of their order.

As a result of some of the issues listed here, some of you are stuck with lots of Sears’ gift cards.  I’ll follow up later with suggestions for how to get the most out of them.

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  1. To those who had trouble with Plastic Jungle. They need further information if what you are trying to sell is over a certain amount. I sold them 5,000 worth of Walmart gift cards in order to make my Inc Bold minimum spend which was stupid in retrospect. It was a long ordeal. I had to give them my license number and a bunch of other stuff but they eventually took my gift cards.

  2. My double dip points posted as well. Transaction 1: $2000 in gift cards = 30K points. Transaction 2: Use of gift cards $1915 = $28,725. Thanks all. Now if I can just explain to my wife why I need to sell this crap on Ebay …

  3. if your points are in the account for May they should post to RR in July. That has been my experience. 2 month lag on purchases, and everything in a month timeframe posts to RR in one shot.

  4. Small potatoes here. I bought a ping pong table for my husband for Father’s Day. I got 8% cash back by using a gift card purchased through our school’s fundraiser (16% rebate, split between me and the school) plus 5700 Rapid Rewards points, plus about $8 worth of ShopYourWay Rewards.

    • Dana: One reader has confirmed that in the past points from the shopping portal (including at promotional rates) did count towards the companion pass. You never know if they’ll change that, though, so I don’t think we’ll be able to say so with 100% confidence until we see it ourselves in July.

  5. July? It reduces the use value of my companion pass. I plan to fly with my partner in late June. We should have bought the tickets two days ago, but didn’t because we expect the companion pass to come soon. Perhaps I should buy the tickets before the prices fly higher than planes do.

    Here’s a quick question. Is it the first time for the Southwest portal to have a Sears deal like this? I remember similar deals were available on Chase UR Mall and AAdvantage eShopping Mall more than once in the past 12 months. I expect such deals to come again on different portals on rotation.

  6. MY double dip posted this morning as well. The e-gift card transaction posted exactly as expected. Oddly enough, the merchandise transaction reported but for amount about $40 less than the pre-tax total. But hey !02k points later, I’ll let the few extra points slide. Thanks FrequentMiler!

  7. Double dip posted here as well with similar slight price discrepancies. Got the right number of points for the gift card, but the second transaction where I use the gift card only reported ~80% of the purchase amount.

    Either way an awesome deal. Thanks again!

  8. My gift card transaction posted as “pending” even though sears cancelled the order due to some problems “verifying my identity”. It’s safe to assume that these points will never go from pending to posted, right?

  9. What type of items were purchased for resale? I looked through some of the electronics and couldn’t really find anything that made sense without losing ~20% for each. Maybe this is worth it if you value your pass at $600-800 but not at all if it’s less.

    What did everyone choose to buy for resale?

  10. I expect to lose in the $500-$600 dollar range for my purchases. In addition to the companion pass, a 100k Southwest points can purchase over $1600 of southwest flights, so there is value there. If I wish to reduce my out of pocket expense to 0 then I can cash in 50-60k points for gift cards to cover spending i would do anyway (gas/groceries). In which case still left with 40k or so Southwest points at no cost.

  11. Points for physical gift cards, eGift cards, and purchases made using eGift cards posted this morning. Amazon won’t let me list the condition of the item I am trying to sell as “NEW”, so looks like I’ll have to try selling stuff on eBay.

  12. Does anyone know if there’s some way I can turn an egiftcard into a physical card? I foolishly ordered a few $500 egiftcards not knowing that plastic jungle only took up to $300 per sale for etransfer.

    Also, my points have posted. Looks like everything is correct. Spent more than I needed to but I figured it’s better safe than sorry.

  13. @Alan I have not tried this, but maybe purchase something at Sears and then immediately return it? I would imagine that they would give you a physical gift card as credit.

  14. Sucks so far – ordered quite a few Sears Gift cards on evening of 22-MAY, received physical gift cards today (25-MAY). No transactions showing up in my RR shopping portal so far.

  15. Sam: yes, I expect we’ll continue to see similar deals in different portals in the future (I hope so, anyway!)

    Allan: I haven’t tried this, but I bet if you take your egift cards to Sears customer service (in person) that they can exchange them to physical cards for you.

  16. @Alan A few months ago, after doing this with the similar UR Mall promotion, I was able to just go into my local Sears store, and tell them I wanted my eGiftcards put onto plastic giftcards, and they did it for me. I had to wait around for some senior manager to approve it, and show the clerk how to do it, but the manager was really nice. I’m not sure if the fact I was hitting on her was helping or hurting my case. Anyway, I feel better about doing it that way, than returning stuff, because returning stuff is more work for Sears. Ideally, I want Sears to win on this, too, so they keep doing it. My guess is, Sears wants to show better revenue numbers, so they offer promotions like these that are probably a little thinner on profit, but beef up revenue.

  17. @FrequentMiler Thanks this, and all you do. Also, thanks for posting ideas in the future, on what to do with a boatload ($4,500) of Sears eGiftcards. 🙂

  18. Interestingly, my 5/23 purchase of eGiftcards posted to the RapidRewardsMall today, AND my 5/23 merchandise order also posted, that was later canceled by Sears after the promo was over, because Sears was out of stock. I doubt these points for the canceled order will stand, but I can dream! 🙂

  19. @Mark: I tried exchanging a printed e-gift card for a physical gift card at three different stores last December but failed. Eventually, a friend used it up for me during Christmas and paid me back.

  20. my order of $1800 gift card is caqncelled by sears but the points showed on RR mall. Similarly a order for camera is partially fulfilled but all the points are posted on RR mall.

  21. It does look like the double dip will work, but I would be cautious about claiming that it worked with 100% certainty until the points are actually credited to your sw rr account. At this point, I’d consider them pending review. The main reason I say this is that I’ve heard from friends who have 10k+ point line items displaying that are for orders that were either declined because of a declined credit card, etc., and you would expect them to not post. I would doubt that those will actually get credited to the sw rr account, only time will tell. I think the double dip gc purchases, while more likely to post, still aren’t 100%.

    At any rate. FMiler did a great job laying out the details of this promotion. Just another reason why he’s the only blogger who I look forward to reading. I also appreciate the fact that he kept the item he planned to purchase to himself.

  22. @Alan: How do you know that Plastic Jungle only takes gift cards with value not more than $300 electronically?

  23. I see that rewards portal credited my order with less eligible amount then I actually paid. Now I short a few hundreds points towards companion pass. Does anyone know what number should I call to correct this situation? Or maybe there is an easy way to get a small amount of points without paying, like email subscription or Facebook like?

    • Vadzim: Just look for a “contact us” link or phone number on the Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal

      Ford: For some reason not everyone’s points are getting posted immediately. I’d wait a few more days before worrying too much!

  24. I was able to buy physical sears gift cards using physical sears gift cards. This I did to consolidate the $10 gift cards I bought as part of United Mall “Month of Miles” promo. I wanted to buy dish washer for ~$800 and I gave them 80 $10 gift cards. There is 15 card limit per transaction. Manager came and showed the sales guy how to consolidate the gift cards. He rang $100 gift card as sale and used 10 $10 gift cards to pay for it. Did it 8 times and used the 8 cards for the washer.

    So sears in store system allows it. Most of the cashiers may not know it.

  25. Anybody looking to sell some gift cards, I am willing to pay 80 cents on the dollar for a 500 card. Can paypal money right away. Email me at atl3695 at yahoo dot com if interested.

  26. I have other Shopping mall purchase that have posted to my account and are listed as companion pass qualifying points.

  27. I should remind everyone that’s it’s probably not a good idea to badger Rapid Rewards about this until the points actually post. They might not like the idea of giving out so many CP’s via a glitch they’ve previously ignored.

  28. Ks1: it’s probably not a glitch — more likely SW employees don’t understand that the mall points are supposed to count. But, in case it is a glitch, it’s a good idea not to rub it in their noses

  29. I called Rapid Rewards Shopping and they confirmed that the points earned count toward companion pass but NOT A-plus status.

  30. Bought 5 items that are $20 cheaper now. Does anyone know if filing for a price match will nullify points?

  31. I went to two Kmarts to upgrade my Sears cards to prepaid Mastercards. The first cashier wouldn’t let me but the second one would. Phew. You have to pay 5.95 for the activation fee but you lose less than if you sold it back to Plastic Jungle.

  32. I noticed today that Sears dropped the price on one of the (8) tablets I purchased by $20. Their stated policy is that they will match the sales price if you submit the claim within 14 days. My question – do you think that they would refund the entire purchase (thus wiping out all the points I received!) and re-process the order? Or do you think they would credit me the difference? I’d love to get back $160, but am a little hesitant to risk losing everything!

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