Ultimate Rewards Mall June Edition

Every month, the Ultimate Rewards Mall has new month-long specials.  Last month, I wrote about the May specials in the post “Ultimate Rewards Mall Awesomeness!”  Today, I’ll show you how things look for June. 

First, though, another thanks to HikerT for staying up late and updating his website that shows the Ultimate Rewards Mall payouts for different Chase cards.  You can find his website here: lakebagger.com/ur/

First the bad news

As expected, the goodies from last month went away:

  • Staples dropped from 5X to 2X (oh no!)
  • Sony dropped from 10X to 2X
  • Overstock dropped from 10X to 3X
  • Lenovo dropped from 5X to 2X
  • Sephora dropped from 20X to 5X (this drop happened in May)
  • QVC dropped from 10X to 3X
  • J-Crew dropped from 10X to 3X
  • Ann Taylor dropped from 5X to 2X


June Goodies

While June doesn’t have as many great offers as May, there are some nuggets:

Barnes & Noble: 10X
Double dip opportunity: log in to the UR Mall with your Ink Bold, but pay with your American Express business card to get 5% cash back through OPEN Savings. Yes, you can pay with other cards (see “Ultimate Question”).  There are some really good opportunities with this one.  I’ll post more about it in the future.

Saks.com: 10X (Sapphire & Sapphire Preferred)
The website states “not eligible for gift cards”.

Microsoft Store: 10X (Ink Bold only)
Double dip opportunity: log in to the UR Mall with your Ink Bold, but pay with your American Express business card to get 5% cash back through OPEN Savings.  Yes, you can pay with other cards (see “Ultimate Question”).

Brookstone: 10X (Sapphire & Sapphire Preferred)
Note the fairly harsh Terms & Conditions: Not eligible for purchases on Deal of the Day items, Tempur-Pedic, Bose, Sony, Celestron, SkyScout, Panasonic & Braun, Canon, Cinemin, Optima, Panasonic, Power Plate, Sonos, Tempur-Pedic and TomTom products, gift cards or gift wrapping.

Buy.com: 5X
A while ago a reader reported success in getting 5 points per dollar by going through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Buy.com to purchase merchant gift cards (Home Depot was his example).  They do charge a small shipping fee ($2.99 for the first card, $.99 for each subsequent card), but they also give you 1% back in the form of “Super Points” which can be used for future purchases.  Thanks for the tip Pete!

NikeStore: 10X (Freedom), 7X (Ink, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred)
The Frequent Miler Laboratory has shown mixed results for double dipping with Nike (e.g. buying gift cards & then using them for a combined 20X).  Please let me know the results if you try this.

OfficeMax: 5X (Ink Bold only)
Double dip opportunity: log in to the UR Mall with your Ink Bold, but pay with your American Express business card to get 5% cash back through OPEN Savings as long as you spend $100 or more.  Note that the specifics of this OPEN Savings deal are supposed to change on June 15.

Home Depot: 5X (Ink Bold & Freedom)
In past experiments, buying gift cards did not result in points.  Using gift cards resulted in points only when part of the order was made with a credit card.


What do you like or dislike with the June changes?  Do you see any big opportunities here that I missed?

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  1. Ha ha. I was up early and excited to look too (like a mini-Christmas every 1st), but am not too excited on first glance. Thanks for making a great list! J Crew and I had a good run at 10x though. 😉

  2. Agreed. Sapphire preferred options are limited especially (our only card so far since we are since we are new to the game). You got me all excited when I saw Brookstone because we have been planning to buy new pillows. But no bonus on Tempur-Pedic! Boo. Thanks for putting up the list so quickly.

  3. Question for the Home Depot points that posted when using a gift card as partial payment. Did points post for the entire purchase amount, or just the amount not paid via gift card?

    • applezz13: The reports about Home Depot were that the entire purchase amount resulted in points as long as a part of the purchase was made with a credit card. Remember that buying gift cards through HD does not result in points.

      Chris: That’s correct. B&N does not pay points for the portion of the purchase made with gift cards. The double dip I referred to was to get the 10X points from UR mall and 5% back from Amex OPEN.

  4. On the Barnes & Noble terms it says “Portion of the transaction paid for by a gift card is not eligible.” Would that knock out the ability to double dip, or is it specific to certain types of payments?

  5. Not excited about the UR bonuses anymore. Guess they spoiled us with the uber-generous offers from late last year and early this year. Really bummed that Groupon is no longer on their mall.

  6. Office Depot is 4 points. I think it was 5 points before, so how does the math works out for vanilla re-loadable visas for amex prepaid cards?

  7. If you have an .edu email, you can get a free xbox console with purchase of a PC over $699. Combined with
    10x points and 5% amex business card. it looks like a great deal.

  8. The Nike Store terms say that gift cards are not eligible fort he 10X bonus. Has anyone confirmed that gift card purchases do in fact qualify?

  9. @caveman I was wondering the same at first, but the vanilla visa cards are in store purchase only and if you use Chase Ink Bold you would still get 5x on the vanilla cards as it’s from an office supply store

  10. Doh-sorry @caveman question was answered already. By the way thanks to @HikerT for a great chart showing the latest offers!

  11. Question–If you use Ink Bold at OfficeDepot.com does it result in 10x points (5x for Ink Bold + 5x for UR mall)?

  12. Gotcha. Given that, does this work–buy Office Depot gift cards online thru UR mall (for 9x points) and use the gift cards in person to buy Vanilla AMEX reloads?

  13. do you think purchasing Home Depot cards at Office Depot with my Ink bold card for 5x, then going online and purchasing something that is 95% giftcard and 5% credit card will result in a double dip?

  14. FM,

    Thanks for your posts. I have benefited a lot from them. I have tried to do my first double dip experiment with Kohls. I bought a few gift cards yesterday from Freedom card’s ultimate rewards mall (@ 10x).

    My question to you is that where can I see the pending points on the site? Is there a click-by-click detail available like the one provided by Fatwallet?


    • milesfan: you can’t see click by click detail, but you can look to see if points have posted yet. Log into Ultimate Rewards and look for the “Rewards Activity” tab on the right. When you hover the mouse over it you’ll see a link for “Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings”. Click it. Then select the month in which you made your purchase to see if the purchase has shown up yet. It usually takes at least 3 days for anything to show up here.

  15. Pat, I purchased the AMEX/Reload with Ink card (5X) and went to Safeway (Lucky is w/Shell) to get HomeDepot cards (Fuel rewards at Safeway gas pump is roughly 4 to 8X depending on the size of your gas tank). And went to URM for 4X with a very little payment with Chase Sapphire card (for trying out various ways!). The full points posted a few days later! That is what I call triple dip.

  16. JW: You can’t purchase gift cards (of any kind) with gift cards at Office Depot. Certainly won’t let you purchase Visa/MC/Amex…Noob

    • John Doe: JW’s question was perfectly valid. Some stores (but very few) will let you get away with buying gift cards with gift cards. Unless it was tested at numerous ODs, we can’t be 100% sure it wouldn’t work. I do agree that it is extremely unlikely though.

  17. I have used other “rebate sites” that work like the URewards works. You click through and make your purchase and you get the 1% or whatever the rebate is. On these sites there is a way to see what stores you have visited to help make sure you are getting your rebates. Does Chase have anything like this? Also, how often does Chase post points to your account? Is it when your statement cycles or does it happen through out the month? Thanks for helping this rookie!!!!

    • Quigs: Unfortunately, you can’t see your click-throughs in the UR mall. Points show up under “Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings” in about 3 days to 2 weeks, but they aren’t posted for real to your account until your statement cycles.

    • thomas: Agreed!

      katleg: When using your SW Chase Visa you will always earn Rapid Rewards points for any purchases. As chuck says, if you want to earn extra Rapid Rewards points you can shop via the Rapid Rewards portal which is very similar to the Ultimate Rewards portal.

  18. I’m new to this..Is there a way to get Southwest Rapid Rewards points if I use my SW Chase Visa? I’m also trying to get some United points if there is a way through the Ultimate Reward Mall. i tried to register but git that stupid error message. Thanks

  19. Too bad there’s no visa gift cards for OM.
    Hard to find any resale valueables at OM.

    You find anything good FM?

  20. Thanks for your answers. But what I’m trying to ask is if I can use my SW Chase through the Ultimate rewards portal because I noticed above that you posted a card next to each reward. I’m trying to build up points for United for future travel to Europe. I use the SW portal now but that only gives me SW points that can be used for domestic flights. Really, I’m looking for the best airline company to travel to Europe with. Thanks

    • katleg: Yes, you can use any credit card when buying things through the Ultimate Rewards Mall, BUT you have to own an Ultimate Rewards earning credit card to be able to log into the mall. You will need one of these cards: Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, Ink Cash, Ink Classic, or Freedom. The Sapphire Preferred has a nice sign-up bonus (40K points) so you might want to consider signing up. See my “best credit card offers” page.

  21. just wanted to report back that buying a $100 nike gift card did in fact result in 1000 ultimate rewards points. So, gift cards do seem to earn points.

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