American Express loves to give us money

Several readers alerted me to this one.  If you have one of the American Express Prepaid cards that I wrote about in the post “One card to rule them all” you should see this notice when you log into your prepaid account:


If you owned your prepaid card by May 31, 2012, you will be eligible to receive a free $25 gift card once you load $200 or more onto the card between June 1 and June 30.  Here are the terms & conditions:


Even if you have been unable to find reload cards for sale at Office Depot, it may be worth loading $200 to the card from your bank account.  It’s like getting 12.5% interest on your deposit.  Not bad!

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  1. i went to the office depot located in NYC and they have said that they stopped selling the cards.(maybe due to uses like this) Is this allowed if office depot still carries them at their other stores?

  2. Does the officemax reload work with all amex prepaid cards (non gift cards)? Or just the version of amex prepaid cards obtained at officemax?

  3. @ HikerT
    The Reload is a Vanilla Network reload so it should work w/all cards that work w/the Vanilla Reload Network. Not sure but there’s only 2 prepaid Amex (the regular one and the one for kids w/colors & pics) but they both should work w/the Vanilla Network.

  4. FWIW, I got my merchant statement today, and it appears that someone in May used a prepaid reloadable card at my business (and it wasn’t me, I don’t cross pollinate), and the fee is only 1.65% for me. There’s another line for Prepaid, and that rate is 1.64%. I do have some negotiated rates, but it is a lower rate than a typical Am Ex, so it should be a business friendly card.

    • greek2me: No, I think that was a slip of the tongue/keyboard by HikerT. Just wishful thinking 🙂

      DrSifu: Thanks, you’re right! I just put out another post about that.

      Eric: You’ll see the offer talked about here after logging in.

  5. the offer is good for EXISTING card holders as well as NEW card holders. if you go to order a new card, you’ll see terms similar to the one above, mainly load $200 or more and get $25.

  6. I don’t get the same T&C. For me, its on new prepaid card purchases and loading min $200. Is this targeted?

  7. Just got my permanent pre-paid card in the mail and loaded it up with $1500 today. Noticed this deal when I logged in to register the permanent card. Amex certainly does love giving away free money, $25 at a time!

    • Curtis: That’s great!

      THEsocalledfan: Good luck!

      Sergey: I haven’t found any place that will let you use a credit card to buy MoneyPacks. Let me know if you find a place.

  8. Good, friggin grief, Miler, it is there when I log in. I am heading to Fargo again next week; hope they still have them!

  9. Does anybody have an experience with MoneyPack reload? I see that AMEX prepaid card can be reloaded using MoneyPack, which can be found in 7-11, Walgreens. I was wondering if 7-11 allows to purchase MoneyPack using a credit card. Next Q3 for Chase Freedom, 5% bonus is gas station, so if 7-11 allows buying MoneyPack using CC, it is a good deal.

  10. I got a permanent AMEX prepaid card in late May, uploaded it for $2500 using Vanilla Reload packs. Am I correct, that I have to reload my card (for example, using $500 Reload pack) in June and I automatically get $25 prepaid card?

  11. I loaded a $500 vanilla reload card last night but did not notice the free $25 gift card offer. Do you think an external load from the vanilla website will qualify for the gift card or do I have to perform the load transaction on the Amex site?

  12. I signed up for 4 of the pre-paid cards a while back (2 for me +2 for wifey) so must dig them out and collect – love Amex and there never ending offers – thanks for the heads up!

  13. Is this offer good only once or every time you load at least $200?

    My card is at $2,039.23 and when I try to load a $460 card through Vanilla Reload I get an error message. I know $2,500 is the limit for the card, so maybe it is trying to load the $640 + $25 and rejecting it because my card will have too much loaded. Anyone else have problems like this?

    • Grant Thomas: I believe it is only once per prepaid card. Also note that the $25 doesn’t go onto your prepaid card — you get it as a separate gift card. The problem you are probably having is that there is a $2500 card limit for the month (rolling 28 days I think one reader said). So, if you’ve loaded $2500 in the past 28 days (even though you don’t have that much now), it won’t let you load more just yet.

  14. @Grant, sounds like Siri thought you were talking about some different card from the very “green” part of California, ha!

  15. Are there NO nyc Office Depot locations that sell the Vanilla Reloads? I keep seeing ‘the’ nyc store, but aren’t there more than 1?

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