Staples $15 off any $100 gift card

Thanks to Greek2Me for this tip:

Staples sent out coupons to their favorite customers via email on Monday.  One of the coupons was this $15 off your $100 or more purchase:


Greek2Me’s tip was that this coupon works for gift card orders!  So, check your spam filter to see if you have one.  I did the following:

  • I searched my email and found the coupon.
  • I clicked “Redeem now” to add the coupon to my shopping cart
  • I went to TopCashBack and clicked through to Staples (5.5% cash back!)
  • I bought a $100 Visa gift card.  After the $5.95 card fee, the total came to $90.95 thanks to the $15 off coupon.
  • I used my Ink Bold to get 5 points per dollar from the purchase.

If the TopCashBack trick works, I should get back $5, so my total spend will have been $85.95 and I should get 455 Ultimate Rewards points from my Ink Bold (thanks to the 5X office supply bonus).

You can save an additional $5.95 by buying merchant gift cards instead of Visa gift cards: Marriott, Southwest, Starbucks, etc.

If you haven’t yet signed up for TopCashBack, please consider signing up via this referral link: Sign up for TopCashBack

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    • Gary: The Ultimate Rewards points come from using the Ink Bold card to make the purchase. The Ink Bold gives 5X for office supply purchases automatically. You don’t need to go through the UR Mall for that.

      Dave: Not that I know of

      jim: Hmm. They do seem to send different coupons to different people.

      bf: I bet if you try it anyway, it will work. I don’t believe that Staples would try to claw back the $15

  1. i am subscribed to their emails and buy a lots of staples stuffs online and see daily coupons in email but not this $15 off thing.

  2. Got the same email from Staples, but the T&C on the coupon state “not valid on gift cards.” May want to check to make sure your offer does not have the same restriction.

  3. For that matter, one CAN use the 25 off 75, 25 off 100 or 30 off 150 that are available ‘online’ on gift cards – to the extent the order will ‘go thru’. Only caveat being that you’ll get a phone call from Staples giving you the option to cancel the order or not apply the coupon.

  4. If you do this too many times staples will blacklist you and you will no longer be able to place online orders. It happened to me. So you could be risking your participation in future FAR deals. Tread carefully.

  5. I was wondering about that, too. Does anybody know how long a pending transaction (earning) will be confirmed on TCB? In this case it was for Staples purchases.

  6. I was told 3 months from TCB
    Feel that’s a lot longer than expected.

    Is this the “going wait” for these cash back sites?

  7. I have received payouts from TCB. It takes a while to go from pending to paid because they have to wait until the merchant pays them. Each merchant will be different as to how fast they pay.

  8. Took me a while but I finally got payouts from TCB. I was vocal in comments here for how long it took – but I’ll wait now for payment because they give the highest percentages most of the time.

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