20% off Lowes and iTunes gift cards

The following offer is valid until June 16th.  At Michael’s stores (in person, only), you can buy $50 Lowes and iTunes gift cards for $40.  Hat tip to readers Jason and Mitch.


Things to consider:

  • Gift card resellers currently buy Lowe’s gift cards from individuals for 82 cents to the dollar, so it may be possible to make a nice profit on this and pump up your credit card spend.
  • iTunes gift cards have almost no resale value.  Buy these only if you plan to use them yourself or to gift them.  I’d consider buying one or two personally to take the sting out of iTunes video rentals and app purchases.
  • You may have trouble finding these in stock.  This FatWallet thread has been active for a couple of days now.  People have already been actively buying up every card they find.  If the store is out of your way, it would make sense for you to call before going.  They are likely to receive another shipment before this deal ends so it might pay to call daily.
  • According to the same FatWallet thread, not all Michael’s stores allow purchases of gift cards with credit cards.
  • I’ve had a to-do (for quite a while) to publish a set of Lowe’s savings tricks from FlyerTalker and reader Sam_Goh.  I’ll try to get this published in the next week or so.  By combining 20% off with some other tricks, you can expect some really nice savings at Lowe’s!

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  1. I hit this up on Sunday ….. Do not push it using michaels gift card , I bough close to 2 k and they had no issues with it but I did get some looks like I am nuts. Register only can do 20 cards at a time so they could try and restrict you to one purchase ymmv

  2. So each card is 20% off and you can sell them online (which site?) for 17% discount so you make 3% per card. Can you go thru a cash back portal and earn more than that?

  3. Just got 35 of the Lowes GC at Michaels yesterday. Also got 15 of the cheap Tide detergent at Lowes too. Cheap GC plus mover’s coupon plus TCB = phenomenal savings! Now I’m all ears to hear about more Lowes tricks! Also wondering how many Lowes GC one can apply to single purchase.

    Used your link to sign up for PlasticJungle, btw! One question with PJ, if I select PayPal as payment method (them paying me), would my PayPal Premier account take a cut like they do when I receive payment for something I sold on eBay?

    Also, preference between PJ and Giftcards.com? Do you mostly do mail in or electronic exchange?


  4. Mike: wow, that’s surprising! So I you use a credit card that gives bonus points or cash back at grocery stores or office supply stores you might be able to buy Michaels gift cards at one of those locations and then upgrade to Lowes gift cards. Sweet!

  5. Ted: I don’t know how many gift cards you can use at Lowes. You may need to ask a a manager to consolidate them if there is a limit. I don’t know the PayPal answer either. I do prefer plastic jungle. I love the extra cash back from topcashback and I love that pj pays very quickly

  6. @FM There’s no limit to GC use in person at Lowes (that I have seen). I will post a picture of the longest Lowe’s receipt I have when you get through editing. Sorry for the length 🙂

  7. I used a credit card to purchase at michaels I was ready with my Id and they did not even wince twice thu were really cool …. I just would not push the limit by using michaels cards … These gcard sites are suh a pain to deal with ughhhh so slow and sell orders cancel

  8. Funny part about this one is they could lower the payment rate on PJ and it is still a winner when you factor in TCB.

  9. Grant, it’s 87.15% if you choose to be paid in Amazon GCs (it’s misleading in my opinion). Giftcardgranny quotes are for checks/Paypal but be warned, they only update weekly and PJ sometimes changes daily.

  10. FM, you’re my hero. Had to go to three Michaels but I snagged 100 cards. The first store was out. The second had 60 cards — I bought them all. The third store had a lot of cards but I just took 40. Altogether that gets me $4000 of the way to a 10K spend on an Am Ex Business Plat card I just got. Any idea how many cards the re-sellers might take at a time?

  11. Founf $2800 but store would only take cash or debit, grr. Wonder if $500 prepaid debit cards purchased at OD would work?

  12. Even though with PlasticJungle you get extra 4% with TCB yielding 86.32% back total, Giftcards.com gives you 86% straight up without TCB.

  13. @Mark – neither. Go get a visa gc from a grocery store to get 5% back if you still have it on a Chase Freedom (and earn bonus fuel points) or do the “one card to rule them all” mentioned here for Ink Bold bonus. Then use the GCs at Michaels.

  14. Bought 14 Lowe’s cards today and tried to sell them on PlasticJungle through electronic exchange. I could only get 6 at a time under electronic exchange, so I had to do 3 seperate orders. They were confirmed then I received an update via email that these were all cancelled. Has anyone else had this problem?

  15. Have now completed the required spend for one of my cards…and will actually use a few of the cards for Father’s Day gifts. Thanks so much for letting us in on this

  16. Just cleaned out the local Michaels of 75 GCs. Felt like the Grinch as I took every last one of them.

  17. In for 80! Another store emptied… In case anyone is near an OSH, there is a $10 off $30 coupon floating around that is good until 6/10 and many Lowe’s will match it. With enough patience you could spend $14 for every $30 in merchandise… I won’t go into more as it sounds like Sam_Goh will be center stage on the opportunities in a day or two. Can anyone say bathroom remodel?

  18. Beware of plastic jungle on this one.

    I am mailing mine to cardpool instead. Will send with tracking since $2K worth of cards. Miler, cardpool been reputable?

    • THEsocalledfan: My experiences with Cardpool have been good, but I haven’t mailed to them at all. I’ve only sold electronically. Note that after $1000 in transactions with them, you will not get cash back (through any portal)>

  19. I had to do the mail thing as electronic redemption cost you 2.5% putting you in the red for cash value. Further, since TCB in considered on unreliable on this (they actual have a disclaimer they make you read that they may not pay you), I did not want to risk losing money as I am trying to get the points for free.

  20. @THEsocalledfan: I see on TCB saying that Cardpool has been reported to be unreliable, not PlasticJungle. I just did one electronic exchange with PJ through TCB last night. Will do more if all goes well.

  21. Great find, TFM! Managed to pick up a measly 5 of these at my local store. One more to check out this weekend.

    I’ve pretty much written off PlasticJungle. I just don’t trust them to handle the transaction smoothly.

  22. But nothing truly definitive on whether you can go into Lowe’s and use Lowe’s gift cards to purchase other gift cards. Anyone? Most reports are saying no- Lowe’s will not allow GC purchase with Lowe’s GC. But I did do this 3 weeks ago. It was only a single $50 card though. Anyone? Any current reports on this?

  23. I’m having trouble w/ Plastic Jungle. They limited my sales to 6 Lowes GCs (anything more made the confirmation link go gray). When I did 6, it seemed to work, they sent me a confirmation number of the transaction, but when I go into my account, it says all the transactions status of numerous transactions is “cancelled.” Why? Do they have any sort of customer service phone number I can call? Thx.

  24. All my cards that I put on PJ got cancelled too with the exception of one which is pending review. Waste of time and energy using plastic jungle.

  25. Day 2: My “test” sale on PJ with electronic delivery and payout via PayPal is still “Pending Review.” Let’s see if they can keep this “within 1-2 business days.”

  26. I went through PJ with one card and it was successful.

    Seeing reports here will keep me from trying too many.

    060612 at 1:53 am sell $50 Lowes card for $41.50 (Paypal)
    060812 at 12:37 pm received money in Paypal account.

    58 hrs and 43 minutes 🙂

  27. Here’s a data point on trying to use Lowe’s GCs to buy other GCs. Tried to buy a Shell GC today at my local Lowe’s, their computer won’t allow the transaction. And their “customer service” desk confirmed it’s a no-go.

  28. Has PJ contacted anyone else through the resolution center and asked them to become a volume seller? Does anyone have any feedback on being a volume seller with PJ. I guess this is what happens when you load up on Lowe’s cards….

  29. Hello. Thought I would report back with my final results. I bought six Lowe’s cards (starting small since it’s my first gift card buy/sell) on June 6 and sold them electronically to Plastic Jungle the same day. Status was “Pending” for a while. Got a call on Friday, June 8 from PJ to confirm my physical address, and status changed to “Processing.” Got an email today, Monday, June 11, telling me that the funds had been transferred to Paypal. I imagine the payment would have happened more quickly if I was not a new PJ seller and the confirmation did not happen so close to the weekend. So it was a successful learning experience. Put some spend on the card and netted more than $18 between Topcashback and PJ. Thanks.

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