Shoebuy double dip 30X. Is it worth it?

imageThrough the Ultimate Rewards Mall, you can currently get 15 points per dollar when shopping there.  By itself, that’s pretty good!  However, it’s worth noting that gift card purchases count too.


Double Dip for 30X

Two readers independently contacted me around the same time with information about their Shoebuy experiences. Both reported success in this double dip.  That is, you can go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall once to buy a gift certificate for yourself, and then go through a second time to use the certificate.  This results in 30X bonus points!  By using a Sapphire Preferred account, you also earn the usual 1 point per dollar for all transactions and the 7% annual dividend.  Altogether that brings this deal to 33.17 points per dollar.  Given the Fair Trading Price of Ultimate Rewards points at 1.31 cents each, this amounts to a 43% rebate!  If you need to buy shoes anyway, this could be a great option (assuming prices are reasonable).

Caution: It’s not all good

It’s worth reading Shoebuy’s gift certificate policies before buying.  In particular, note this one: discounts (including Promotional Codes) cannot be used when purchasing or redeeming Gift Certificates on the website.

It’s common for stores not to allow promo codes or coupons when buying gift certificates, but it is very unusual not to allow them when redeeming certificates!  And, they really mean it.  One reader tried to use a $10 off coupon in conjunction with his gift certificate, but it didn’t work.  He called and spoke to a supervisor to see if they could apply the gift certificate and the coupon.  Nope.  Could they refund the gift certificate?  Nope.  In the end, I think he got more value from the double dip than he would have gotten from the coupon, so it wasn’t a total loss, but it probably wasn’t worth his time and aggravation.

Reader experiences

Have you bought anything from Shoebuy?  If so, what did you think about their products and services?  How do they stack up against a popular merchant like Zappos?

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  1. I’ve used Shoebuy plenty of times – they’re totally legit, have good customer service, and are usually cheaper than Zappos to boot. (Heh, I said “boot” – I’m so punny!… ok, bad I know)

    Anyway they have a good discount for customers who have ordered in the last 30? days (could be 60 or 90, I forget). It gives you like 15% automatically when checking out, though I don’t know if they will still allow it when buying with a GC. In the past, I’ve placed an order for a pair of shoes, then placed another order for a second pair or have even re-purchased the first pair in order to get the discount. They have great, fast, free returns.

  2. I have used Shoebuy in the past, though not through any rewards link, with no issues. I would proceed with some caution here though. last month I went through the Avios Mall to make a purchase on Shoebuy for 12 avios per dollar. It was a Plain Jane purchase with nothing out of the ordinary. No discounts applied, item was bought at regular price, and no stipulation where listed in Avios or Shoebuy about item ineligibility. The transaction recorded the click through in Avios fine. days later it showed up in my shopping history in Avios fine, with a pending status. 2 weeks later I looked and it was marked as Declined by retailer as ineligible. I knew this to be untrue so I sent a message to customer service at Avios and Shoebuy for an explanation. As expected Avios takes thier sweet time to respond and note on the site that it takes 1-2 weeks for a response. I got a response in 1 week and replied back to them with all the information they requested to research my request. However I have tried to reach Shoebuy with the same issue and have not received a single reply in three attempts to reach them over a 2 week timeframe. More research into this shows me that Shoebuy’s customer service is horrible if you have any issues beyond your initial order. I am expecting this points issue to drag on for months, and have no idea if it will be resolved appropriately. I am very leary of Shoebuy now and probably would not use them for any other purchases unless they make right on this issue. I wanted to let your readers know this before they decide to double dip with Shoebuy. As this may not work out that well. I am feeling a bit swindled on my purchase, as I decided to go ahead and pay a little bit more and use Shoebuy to get the points.

  3. I don’t think it is the rewards mall, as they indicate that the retailer denied it. So from the information I know it is Shoebuy that is causing my problem, which leads me to believe that this could happen to others via other rewards mall click through

  4. I’ll echo Tara’s comments in #1, especially for toddler shoes (we’re addicted to Stride Rite for our child) – used a 10% off coupon and went thru the UR mall about a month ago – it was also the last pair in a size, so it was marked down 15%. no problems. Sometimes they don’t have the inventory access of a or zappos, but they do lower their prices when they have a pair or 2 left of a certain size/style they discontinue, which is very often in the shoe biz.

  5. Well I was in the market for shoes anyways so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try! I usually buy through Nordstrom as they frequently do the 10X or higher promos through UR mall and stock my size 14 New Balances haha. However a shot at 33X was hard to pass up. I’ll let you know if it goes through!

  6. Oh — forgot to mention. The shoes I was after were actually less expensive at shoebuy before any discount codes than they were anywhere else online by about 10$. All in all, even if I get “just” 15X I’ll be very happy.

  7. Darnit, found the shoes/size I needed last night, bought & waited for gift cert to be emailed. Took 12 hours and now the size is sold out. You must have alot of readers taking advantage of this offer!
    Anyone know how often they restock?

  8. Unlike Tara and James, I have to disagree about Shoebuy– AVOID SHOEBUY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

    I had a similar experience like Scott, but worse. It took over 11 months of dealing with Cartera Commerece [at the time called Vesdia], which was a ordeal of unresponded claims/countless emails with no reply, to finally be told directly from AAdvantage– not Cartera– that ShoeBuy had denied awarding miles. Thus, another case of the merchant, ShoeBuy denying miles– like Scott’s experience.

    My second reason for avoiding them is that they’re owned by IAC— InterActive Corporation. IAC founder Barry Diller believes that all web content should have a charge to users. Thus using his mentality, FlyerTalk, BoardingArea, MilePoint, and countless others shouldn’t be free, but a paid subscriber service. To, me that’s reason alone to avoid Shoebuy. Do a web search to see what other websites that IAC owns, and also avoid those.

  9. I have dealt with Shoebuy in the past and not had any problems getting 10x AA miles via Cartera mall. That said I read Max M and Scott’s problems with concern. I would take some solace that Chase “covers” problems with UR Mall though. (That said I don’t care if Barry Diller thinks web content should not be free – I mean why not? These are businesses not charities after all)
    One thing to note is they don’t just sell shoes. I used them to buy ski clothing at a really great price vs the usual suspects

  10. In for a pair of shoes. Valuing Chase MR at 1.67 cents each the 30% equates to a 50% rebate in my book. As ever thanks for the heads up

  11. So far the double dip has worked for me. I needed a new pair of trail runners, so now I am looking at 3,500 points for a pair of shoes! Thanks.

  12. I’m a little confused by this. When clicking into shoebuy through the UR Mall, it states you must use your chase card in order to get the extra points. So, it seems like going back in and using the gift certificate would not generate the 2nd 15 points. Am I missing something?

  13. Whew! Thanks for clearing that up. I didn’t notice the chase card verbage until AFTER I had used my reloadable Amex from Office Depot for the certificate. So I really thought I was out all 30. Maybe not! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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