TopCashBack: what works, what doesn’t?

A while ago I suggested to TopCashBack that they double their Radisson cash back rate in conjunction with the big Club Carlson summer promotions (see “Breaking News: TopCashBack to double Radisson rebate”).  Since then, many people have received their 10% back, but many others have not.  For recent news about this, see this Deals We Like post: Club Carlson and TopCashBack.  Personally, I’ve had mixed results with TopCashBack, so I thought it would be worth sharing my experiences and asking readers to contribute theirs.

Club Carlson

My first reservation and stay at a Club Carlson hotel booked via TopCashBack went without a hitch.  The full 10% cash back appeared in my account as pending about 4 or 5 days after my completed stay.  This was a stay at a Radisson hotel in which I used my Club Carlson business ID to get a 5% discount.

My second reservation was at a Country Inn & Suites booked with points & cash.  It’s been about 10 days since my stay, but so far nothing has posted from TopCashBack.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from Natasha at TopCashBack regarding Club Carlson cash back issues:

There was a tracking blip between May 31 and June 22 but we have been promised by Club Carlson that all the cashback will most definitely be paid out.

Well, my second stay was booked in that time frame, so the “tracking blip” seems like as good of an explanation as any.  I see this response as a positive step and I’m hopeful that we’ll all get the cash back we’re due.

Plastic Jungle

I clicked through TopCashBack to PlasticJungle on Monday evening and by Tuesday morning TopCashBack already reported my 4% cash back as pending.  Nice!


Cardpool is a weird merchant.  They stop giving cash back through any portal once a customer has reached $1000 worth of transactions (regardless of whether the transactions were through portals).  TopCashBack worked without a hitch for me until I exceeded $1000 in transactions with Cardpool.  As expected, I stopped receiving cash back after that.

Coupon Trade

I’ve conducted a series of experiments in buying and selling gift cards through Coupon Trade.  Generally my experience with Coupon Trade itself has been good, but TopCashBack has not been working.  Early on, I received the expected cash back for two sales I made, but didn’t receive anything for a third.  After I submitted a ticket, TopCashBack credited me manually for the 3rd sale.  Since then, though, I’ve made quite a few purchases and sales (including 5 last week), but none have received cash back.  Once I get around to it, I’ll file tickets for all of these missed purchases and sales.


TopCashBack continues to list Staples at a flat 5.5% cash back for all purchases including gift cards.  They have a strange notice about purchases made with a gift card not being eligible.  I find that strange because Staples gift cards can’t be used online anyway.  So, I think it would be impossible to run afoul of that condition.  Since they moved to this flat 5.5% rate, I bought one gift card and received the full cash back amount.  At least one reader, though, has reported trouble with this.  Any one else?


TopCashBack has been running a promotion in which you can earn $10 by referring a friend to TopCashBack (normally, the rate is $5).  TopCashBack gives you a referral link like this one: and when a friend uses the link to sign up, you get $10 once they themselves earn $10 of cash back.  While I have no way of knowing if all of my referrals are working, I have received quite a few.  Thank you, by the way!!!

Reader Experiences

Have you used TopCashBack?  If so, what has worked, and what hasn’t?  Comment below.

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  1. I made several sales of gift cards through TopCashBack. I have not been paid on any of them. Currently I have tickets open on several of them. I will ge the rest in but they make it so cumbersome to do so. I do have my Radisson and Country Inn stays as pending and one out of two Cardpool purchases as pending. Seems they are hit or miss. Almost like they don’t know what they are doing half the time. Their customer service is very responsive but have provided no solutions except put a ticket in and wait for months. I think I am going to stay away from them going forward. I have had much better success from Mr. Rebates.

  2. I didn’t get anything because I used a promo code when purchasing a Country Inn and Suites room BOOOO

  3. So far so good for me, I bought some dog food at a place called Cherrybrook which just became available a few days ago. also changed from pending to confirmed the other day.

  4. My Country Inn stay has not credited and I submitted a claim – Still waiting. TopCash’s higher payout took me away from Bigcrumbs for several purchaes but if they don’t track, I’m going to be back to 100% Bigcrumbs.

  5. Staples –
    Bought gift cards + envelopes and supplies – only the latter were credited. Ticket pending.
    Bought gift cards + Starbucks gift cards – total amount credited.

  6. Guessing staples gift card caveat is related to kiosk orders (ie place online, pay in store). Have tried myself and did not receive CB for kiosk order paid in store with GC.

  7. My wife and I stayed at a Country Inn and the cashback was reported by TCB maybe 3-4 days later. The TCB Radisson page has a couple of interesting notes now such as not to worry if the Payable amount moved to $0.00 which is what has happened with my upcoming Radisson stay.

    I have another stay at a Radisson coming up where I used the 30pct off code. Can someone point me to where cashback will not be earned if a coupon code is used?


  8. Any current recommendations on getting deals on Carlson hotel stays across all properties (Park Inn, Country Inn, Radisson Blu)?

    Any coupon codes out there worth trying in the US or Canada for example?

  9. My radisson stay posted and paid today. My Country Inn stay posted corrected initially but then today when the transaction moved to Payable it went to $0.00. Strange…no saving codes were used except as the usual Early discount rate (same as my b00king rate with radisson.)

  10. I just completed a stay @ CI&S with the 30 percent off code and it just posted to my account. Booked June 2nd, stayed June 23rd, checked out June 24th and 10% posted as pending June 28th.

    I can’t seem to get my funds to move from pending to confirmed so I can cash out. I’ll give it until the end of next month…

  11. My June 12 Radisson stay has not paid and I have a claim pending. My June 22 Park Inn stay never showed up on the TCB website.

  12. Been using Topcashback since June 6. All my transactions have posted into the “pending” category, but nothing has been paid yet. How long does it usually take to move through the different stages pending -> confirmed -> payable? My transactions have been through Cardpool, Plastic Jungle, and Staples.

  13. You can see how your referrals are doing by clicking the “tell a friend” tab in the my account section and then clicking the “view performance” tab therein.

  14. I stayed June 9 at a Radisson and did not get the cash back. Wrote to topcashback today to follow up after not seeing anything in my account.

  15. @Mattolo – my IHG stays will post to topcashback in about 5 days. The stays will post to my IHG acct in 4 days then seem to post to TCB about 1 day later. Not sure if that is similIar to other hotel chains though…

  16. I booked two rooms at CI and two at Radisson this past weekend. Today I see one posting for each property, but not the second rooms. Maybe they’re just late posting. I’ll be watching.

  17. I had transactions from Club Carlson and Plastic Jungle – both reported fine and I got paid too. Thanks to TopCashback.
    Thanks to FrequentMiler – for talking them into giving 10% on Club Carlson purchases..that helped a bit too.

    I had a transaction on – I did not get paid for this – so I raised a claim for this.

  18. I made some Radission and Park Inn reservations via’s 10% cashback link and have finished my stays. However I have not seen any cashback in TCB. FYI i did Best Rate Guarantee claims with Club Carlson. I suspect Best Rate Guarantee with Club Carlson will invalidate’s cashback?

    also, it seem TCB does not track Park Inn reservation made through their Radisson link at all? so basically no cashback for Park Inn?

    anyone can confirm these two observations? thanks.

  19. I sold gift cards through Cardpool – under $1k. The transactions showed up as “Pending” fairly quickly, but now under “Payable” is shows $0 in bold lettering.

    Any idea what’s going on here? The original is still showing up as “Pending”

  20. Signed up for TCB, sold some gift cards thru Plastic Jungle. I went to log into my account yesterday and it no longer exists. It’s like I never even signed up, despite the welcome letters.

  21. @Tony: my TCB acct no longer seems to exist either and I cannot login. What is the deal? I think TCB is a scam.

    FM: I would suggest you start a post asking who used your referral link. I certainly used it. My guess is that TCB is stiffing you out of over half your referral money. Those TCB people seem to be a bunch of crooks!!!!!!!

  22. If you use Ad Block Plus, or other ad blocking software, disable it when you use TCB or many transactions won’t post.

    And TCB do pay out – I’ve received over £1000 in the past two years from their UK site.

    • Ted F: Are you sure you can use Staples’ gift cards online now? When I try to check-out online I only see two options: 1) Staples Coupons & Reward Checks; or 2) Select a Credit Card

  23. I just looked online for staples gift card T&Cs, and the one I saw still says “May be used only in Staples U.S. retail stores.” The icon under Select a Credit Card is obviously only my assumption.

  24. For those who found your account deleted, it’s because of TCB’s anti-scam procedure for a referral sign up abuse.

  25. Max and FrequentMiler – any futher info? I have had pending referrals sitting around for multiple weeks and never moved to payable. (FM – used your referral)

  26. Topcashback is the worst cashback site i have used. I submitted missing cashback and they keep saying it takes 2-3 months to even post.. Usually post right away and then i wait 2-3 months to receive cashback..but now their system that i might have cookies not enable. i havent had any problems with other cashbacks..damn

  27. FM,
    I am about to sell gift cards to cardpool via topcashback.
    I am getting this message like shown on your post:
    Once a unique user has reached the threshold of $1,000 in purchases and sales, in total across ANY reward or cashback sites, they are not eligible for any more cashback from Cardpool and your transactions may stop tracking or go on to be declined.

    Is this $1000 per selling transactions of accumulations of all the gift cards selling to cardpool?
    If per transactions, it is not an issue, but if accumulation, $1000 is really easy to reach.

    What methods do you do to sell your gift cards now?

  28. Love topcashback. I Use topcashback to get money back on online shopping . They have a very extensive offer list and credit your account in a very timely manner. Please sign up using my referral link #money #free #rebates #cashback #deals #discounts #cash

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