Ultimate Rewards Mall Goodies

Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall has some nice bonuses for July!  Check back tomorrow for full coverage.



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  1. I’m too lazy to scroll the sites myself. I’ve been waiting for your inevitable post. Uh oh! I think I may be one of the people they rant about on flyertalk.

  2. Anyone located the FAR deals at OD? Frys has almost $2500 in FAR deals at the moment, although no bonus points or cashback that I could find.

  3. I just bought a washer and dryer from Lowes using my AMEX prepaid card. That turns out to be 15x points on about $1,900. You do the math. SWEET!!

  4. I got a stack of Lowes Gift Card that I plan on using to renovate my home, I’m looking to get the most points or discounts on it.

    Have anyone gotten UR points via Ultimate Mall using Lowes Gift Card? If not, what about making $1 (partial purchase) with Sapphire card on top of Lowes GC purchase to get the full reward?

  5. I don’t see 10x when I log into UR. Does one need to have the Bold card? I have the Sapphire card………

  6. I don’t see 10x when I log into UR. Does one need to have the Bold card? I have the Freedom card………

  7. @ikonos, do you know if your able to apply the 10% moving coupon that you get at the Post Office for online orders through UR Mall?

  8. If I use my ink bold to buy something for $1000 (laptop for example). I will have racked up 15,000 points… Now could I EXCHANGE (not return) the product for office depot credit / gift card, then use that credit/gc to purchase amex/visa/vanilla cards and be getting 15x points anywhere? I said not to return to the transaction will still appear the same to chase…

  9. @CrazyGreek

    There is a difference between store credit/exchange card and gift card…correct? If that is the case, then I suspect, gift card will allow for that flexibility whereas store/exchange card does not.

    I’m be interested in knowing.

  10. I ordered a laptop for just over $1100 for in store pick up tomorrow! I will let you guys know if it works out!

  11. F”n lowes. Ordered Fridge and stove online last night and they said would be delivered by 7/20. Today I get a call saying early August. Then went and ordered microwave through the UR mall and said I could pick up same day. I then get a call 15 min later that it will be three weeks.

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