Ultimate Rewards Mall July Edition

Lowes, Office Depot and more move to 10X!

Every month, the Ultimate Rewards Mall has new month-long specials. Last month, I wrote about the May specials in the post “Ultimate Rewards Mall June Edition” Today, I’ll show you how things look for July.

Thanks again to HikerT for updating his website that shows the Ultimate Rewards Mall payouts for different Chase cards. You can find his website here: lakebagger.com/ur/.

First the bad news

As expected, some of the goodies from last month went away Nyah-Nyah

  • Barnes & Noble, which was at 10X, has disappeared completely.  I expect that this is a temporary change and we’ll see them reappear soon.  A similar phenomenon happens regularly with Groupon.
  • Saks.com dropped from 10X to 4X
  • Microsoft Store dropped from 10X to 4X
  • Shoebuy dropped from 15X to 10X.  So much for the 30X double dip!
  • Yves Rocher US dropped from 15X to 8X
  • ProFlowers dropped from 15X to 10X
  • Brookstone dropped from 10X to 6X


July Goodies

There are some terrific positive changes for July:

Lowes: 10X (Ink Bold, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred)
According to the T&C, buying gift cards from Lowes won’t work (but you never know!).  When using gift cards, make sure that at least a part of your purchase is made with a credit card.  One reader reported getting no points when using gift cards for the entire purchase.  Another reader reported getting full points when using a combination of gift cards and a credit card.  If you snagged Lowes gift cards at 20% off last month (see “20% off Lowes and iTunes gift cards”) you should now be in a great position to leverage those cards!  Another T&C to watch out for is “Not eligible using promo codes that aren’t listed on this site.”  I’m assuming this means that 10% off movers coupons will invalidate the points, but I’d love to hear from readers regarding their experience with this.

Office Depot: 10X (Ink Bold only)
This is nice to see again!  By using your Ink Bold, which gets 5X at office supply stores, you’ll get a combined 15X for Office Depot purchases!  If you’re considering double-dipping, note that the website says “not eligible on gift cards”. I don’t know if that means not eligible for purchasing gift cards or using gift cards.  If anyone tries buying or using a gift card, please let me know the results.

Staples: 5X (Freedom, 4X other cards)
It’s nice to see Staples rebound back up from a low of 2X!

JC Penney: 10X through July 3rd (Freedom only, others are 6X)
The website states “not eligible on gift cards”. I don’t know if that means not eligible for purchasing gift cards or using gift cards. If anyone tries buying or using a gift card, please let me know the results.

Bloomingdale’s: 10X (Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred)
Not eligible on gift cards.

Magazines.com: 30X
Despite initial partial success in 2011, I have found that double-dipping with Magazines.com does not work.

Others of note:

  • Avis: 5X
  • Blue Nile: 6X
  • Drugstore.com: 10X (Freedom, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred)
  • eBags: 15X (Freedom)
  • Lancome: 12X
  • Land’s End: 5X
  • Restaurant.com: 15X
  • Snapfish: 16X
  • 123InkJets.com: 17X


Reader Experiences

Do you have any experience with taking advantage of the big payouts of any of the merchants listed here?  Please comment below!

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    • Dave op: Yes, log onto the Ultimate Rewards Mall, find Avis, and click through to book the rental. Points should post after you rent the car. You will get 5X points from the UR Mall + usual points from whatever credit card you use.

    • Randall: A recent test by MommyPoints showed that buying gift cards at Staples through the UR Mall still does result in points (despite recent changes to the T&C). Your mileage may vary.

  1. I’m having trouble getting my UR purchases to post for the last 2-3 months. I use Internet Explorer on a PC, and go thru the UR shopping mall, but they never post. I’ve tried it on all of my computers too. Can someone give a step by step method of their purchase process from start to finish? Should I disable the other miles toolbars (Delta/UsAir) too?

  2. I haven’t gotten points for Kohls gift cards through SkyMiles shopping on the last two attempts. Has anyone tried recently on the UR mall?

  3. One interesting thing about Kohls – Ink Bold dropped to 4x. I suspect the long standing Kohls 10x may drop after this month.

    • HikerT: Interesting. That would be sad — I love stacking at Kohls: discount for buying gift cards + 20% off coupons + Kohls bucks (sometimes) + 10X UR mall

      MCB: There is an IE setting (somewhere) to make links open as new tabs instead of new windows. I’m not sure that’s really the cause of your trouble, but it can’t hurt to try. Or, better yet, download Chrome for online shopping.

      Jennifer: Yep, HikerT’s page shows exactly that.

  4. This is exactly my issue… If you open the Shopping mall tab in the first window
    and complete the ?checkout” process in a new window, then
    the bonus points earned will not transfer from current
    window to new window.
    * You should use the same window/session while completing
    the checkout process in order to receive the bonus points.

    How do I stop Internet Explorer from doing this?

  5. I noticed yesterday that HomeDepot.com was 5x using Freedom but only 3x using Sapphire. Didn’t check Ink Bold.

  6. Does anyone have any experience with whether the Lowe’s 10 percent off moving coupon invalidates the points when using the UR portal?

  7. @Chris I’ve used the coupon, gift cards and a credit card for the rest of the order on a Lowe’s purchase a few months back and it credited me the full amount without the coupon part as I recall. YMMV though, since it’s against the T&C.

  8. I used 25 $50 GC, 10% mover coupon, and a put a little over $20 on Chase SP. I will report back in a few days if they post.

  9. This comment is probably a little out of place since it pertains to Metabanks Netspend pre paid card. When I received my card, which 11 days btw, I noticed that it included a bank routing and account from Metabanks. I went online to my mortgage company, BOA, and entered this information into payment options. The ACH handshake took 3 days to complete whic is normal. Next step: buy $2k in vanilla reloads using ink bold. ( 15.80 in fees for 10k UR points) and see if I can pay my mortgage as the bank sees this prepaid card as a normal bank checking account. I,ll try a $100 payment to principal and report back. Maybe this card isn’t worthless after all

  10. Can you say more about the “Magazines.com: 30X
    Despite initial partial success in 2011, I have found that double-dipping with Magazines.com does not work.”

    I did place an order on Magazines.com earlier this year and got a nice bump in Ultimate Rewards points. Are you saying you can only place one order there?

  11. since i cant buy visa gift cards on line through office depot. does anyone know if you can buy Office Depot giftcards on line for the X15 bonus and the use them to buy visa gift cards in the store?

    thanks, rob

  12. @rob, no, Ofice Depot will not accept gift cards for purchase of gift cards in the store. However, this does open up an opportunity to purchase UR points at $0.0084 per point (i.e. less than 1 cent per point). Buy a $100 OD gift card and sell it at Plastic Jungle for $84. Use TopCashBack for an additional 4% ($3.36). Result is 1,500 UR points for $12.64.

  13. For Staples, I noticed that it’s 5X for Freedom but 4X for others. Assuming one has both the Freedom and Ink cards, is it possible to go through the Freedom UR portal and pay with the Ink Bold card, resulting in 10X? That’s 5X for the UR portal and 5X for using the Ink card at an office supply store.

  14. Paul: I think that your plan to purchase UR points is dependent upon being able to get UR Mall points when buying gift cards at Office Depot, right? I’m not so sure that will work…

  15. Lowes 10x update

    I made a purchase using a combination of Lowes GC’s, 10% movers coupon and a small amount ( less than $25 ) on the ink bold card and received 10x points for the full purchase amount

  16. @FM, that’s correct. I’ll buy a $100 GC and let you know how it goes. Another data point for your lab…

  17. I bought $65 McAfee 3-User ($65 rebate) from Office Depot. This is 975 UR points for a penny (no tax in my state). Are there any other free after rebate deals? Where do you normally go to check for stuff like that?

  18. OD 15X update

    Purchase of gift cards failed, even house brand. On the plus side I went to the store, explained I was running an experiment so they didn’t think I was nuts or worse, bought a $50 OD card then used it to buy a $50 Vanilla reload card. Success. Of course this doesn’t get us any points other than the 5x to buy the gift card

    Next attempt will be to make a normal purchase or two along with the OD card but playing with firecrackers and BBQ comes first. Happy 4th y’all.

    @dreaming of points. I was so focused on my experiment I didn’t see the FAR. Great catch. What kind of rebate, how long to get check, etc. any limit on how many you can buy?

  19. McAfee FAR. This is mail in, 1 per household, 8-10 wks for check, etc. Anyone have a work-a-round for this limitation?

  20. How do you combine the Mover’s Coupon with UR 10X? Is the coupon used online or do you ask them to apply it in store?

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