Sears 15X: Companion Pass Success!

Wow, that’s a nice sight!  My Southwest Airlines points posted today.  Based on one day of online shopping, it looks like I’ve met the criteria for a free Southwest Airlines companion pass that will be good for the rest of this year and all of 2013!


Interestingly, some people who previously reported disappearing points have received those points anyway.  So, check your Rapid Rewards point balance and let us know how you fared.

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  1. Under my Rapid Rewards Summary it shows I have achieved 100% of the points necessary for the CP, but the status shows “Not Yet Earned” and “Not Active”. Does this just take a few days to change?


  2. Thanks for the reminder! I just checked and got it too.

    @JW – I think it’s because you haven’t declared who your companion is yet. I’m assuming there’s some paperwork they’ll send in the mail to get that all done.

  3. Of course thank you @FrequentMiler for sharing such an awesome idea (and it’s risks) but also thanks to all the commenters who shared their experiences.

  4. Miler…this is one of the most awesome perks of any airline out there. I have saved literally thousands of dollars using this. Awesome job man.

  5. @JW For me it took a day to go from 100% points to companion pass status as shown in the photo above to the point where I could actually submit the information needed for the companion pass.

  6. Yay!!!! My 60,000 point chunk for buying $4,000 in giftcards posted today! I was muy concernicus, because some smaller point chunks (for buying cameras with the giftcards), had already posted several days ago. That was weird, since my first act was buying the giftcards, and yet my second act (using them) posted first.

    As you may recall, some of my orders were canceled by Sears the next day, after the promotion had already ended, because Sears was out of stock, but showed phantom inventory on their website. It appears though, that one group of points from a canceled order still posted. I’m still concernicus that those points will be clawed back, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they stay.

    So, if those points stay, my haul is 88K points. I’m only 22K points shy of the companion pass now! Obviously, if my orders hadn’t been canceled, I would have had more than enough (about 120K).

    So, I will be waiting excitedly for the next Rapid Rewards deal you find!!!

    I’m not doing any credit card apps for another year, so I’ll need to earn the points another way.

    Thanks again for this FrequentMiler!!

    I already used about 7,000 of those points to fly my best buddy to an awesome wakeboarding opportunity next week. Cash price for the ticket was about $131 as I recall, but at my tentative cost of about $0.0071/point from this deal, I only paid about $50!!

    Yay me! Yay FrequentMiler!

    These miles are going to help me so much with positioning flights. Especially flights to Boston Logan, to take advantage of the 25K Avios BOS-DUB deal on EI.

    I can’t even tell you how stoked I am, that I can now take my whole group of friends to Europe for like $900 all-in for flights. Hehehehe.

  7. Congrats!

    Even if Cartera does one of their famous “adjustments” hopefully Cartera can’t take away you earning the CP!

    Well done!

  8. Thanks again FM! My points all posted today. Due to my forgetting that taxes don’t count for the purchases I ended up 1500 points short, so I’m forced to sit here at 99% while you all do a little companion pass jig (tongue in cheek of course 🙂 )

  9. @c0ldlimit You do realize that Cartera tracks returns and takes back the miles for returns, right?

    Today I had something similar happen when Cartera decided that the Sears ShopYourWay Rewards points redeemed in conjunction with a bonafide merchandise resulted in Cartera taking back/away miles.

    It may not happen immediately, but Cartera is VERY good at taking away miles.

  10. Thanks a bunch for your blog. It is one of my must reads every day. I ended up with 189,000 SW points, the companion pass, 25,000 UR points, and well over a million SYWR points (15X since my birthday was in May) and hit some spend targets for an extra 10,000 Avios to boot. It is really incredible the opportunities that stacking a few promotions at once can provide.

  11. Hurray! Two friends and I have companion passes available to set up! Our about 280000 points have just shown up today.

  12. @Max M That’s what I would have figured. Phil had shared his fiasco with Sears and items not being in stock. However, it seems that Phil had a good overall result and was curious if maybe Sears resolved it.

  13. @Jimmy @TravelByPoints – does that mean that you can earn the companion pass just by transferring points into Southwest from other programs? I think you mention Choice – could you do that with UR points too?

  14. I ended up with 215k SW points.
    I bought physical cards, but they were too slow coming, so I also bought the email kind. Bought and sold items on eBay, amazon, cl, etc

    I didn’t know taxes didn’t count.

    All in all, lost probably 400 bucks. So my companion pass run actually cost me some.
    I can always buy more go from my points, but I’m going to save them on family trips

  15. mine still haven’t posted to my southwest account, but they’re sitting in the mall confirmed. should i be worried?

  16. Ah ok, that makes me feel better (they still haven’t posted as of this morning). I’m expecting a lump sum of 114,000 points from a bulk physical gift card purchase, which were bought on May 23rd and posted on the 25th. Here’s to hoping today’s my day 🙂

  17. I did, sadly they said “can take up to 90 business days, sorry”

    really unfortunate because now I have to pay cash for a Southwest flight that’s coming up 🙁

  18. Hallelujah, my points finally posted. I was one whose purchases never even showed up in the mall(did GC +purchase 2x), I had to submit a ticket after waiting 45 days and was told it could take another 6 weeks, luckily it only took a week from submitting my order number to Cartera before they forwarded it to Sears finally who credited the points. FINALLY!

  19. To anyone still short of points, it appears the 50k credit card offers are back now. I’m going to save my apps for 2014, and pray that the bonus points for credit cards still count towards CP.

  20. so FINALLY after the 90 days passed, Southwest admitted they had coded the date of my purchase incorrectly and manually pushed the points through. Was such a pain but totally worth it in the end.

    One question – I’m planning to keep some points for future travel, but would like to redeem some for Walmart gift cards as well to reduce my OOP. When I go to add them to my cart, it says I have to login, and takes me here:

    Any idea what my account number is? Nothing is working!


    • Nicole: I’m glad you finally got the points! I don’t have experience with redeeming for gift cards so I don’t know the answer to your question. Have you tried calling to ask?

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