Breaking News: Today only buy Target gift cards 10% off!

Put a $100 gift card in your basket and checkout.  With an electronic gift card, you should see this:


And then on the checkout screen, you’ll see this:


If you read Frequent Miler much, you know what to do.  Working on minimum spend?  Go to it!  I’ll update this post as this deal progresses. 

Thanks to Steelsnow for tipping me off to this deal!  Please read the comments to see how people are leveraging it.

Using a bunch of physical gift cards lying around, I just bought a dozen or so $100 e-gift cards.  Yes, Target allows you to buy gift cards with gift cards.  I have yet to actually receive the e-gift cards though (4:56 PM).

UPDATE 2: 10:39 EST
The deal now appears to be dead.  Congratulations to everyone who got in on it in time.  Let’s hope Target doesn’t pull a “United Airlines” and cancel our orders!

UPDATE 3: 10:51 PM EST
Reader Jason reports that the Foam Finger gift card still works.  I just tried it and found that the physical $100 card does appear to work.  You might be able to get e-gift cards to work in lower denominations than $100 (e.g. 4 X $25).

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  1. says it takes 4 hours to get giftcard code. can anyone talk on this? dont want to try and churn if i wont get my gc code till after midnight.

  2. my local vons had target gift cards on the rack. bought a few of them to use on with plans on re-selling. not a bad way to get some spend and “free” points.

  3. Ordered mine at 4:28 today and haven’t received anything. I elected for a mobile gc. This was my first attempt at this kind of thing, so I only ordered one to start with.

  4. @marZ. They can’t cancel the orders legally because the T&C on the promo does not limit the amount of orders, nor the amount per person/household. I would escalate that right away.

  5. Over? I can’t get anymore with the discount..and i’m two short on my total order i was submitting to ABC Giftcards…not that it matters. I’m in for…well, a lot…a script is your friend 🙂

  6. 🙁 I got nine spread across mail, email, and mobile, and even though it says “spend $100 save $10,” it no longer seems to be applying the discount. Will post back at 12:02AM when I expect my e-mail and mobile cards to arrive with whether I can get a plastic card for it! (…but will wait to do so in store to save the $2!)

  7. Just bought 3k worth of physical giftcards. Decided to move quickly. Whats my best use of them? I don’t know yet. I guess at worst I can resell them for a slight loss, and make minimum spend.

  8. Thanks again Jason for letting us know one was still alive and Thank you to FM for giving us a heads up as well as the gentleman who informed you of the information.

    Was able to finish off all my physical gift cards.

  9. I was about to get 2.5k worth of physical cards. Did it to meet minimum spend on two cards.

    Would have met the minimum spend on one card, but had thought the the $10 off was done for until Jason mentioned the foam card. DANG IT! WOULD HAVE GONE 10k!

  10. quick update to my earlier post…my gc’s were mysteriously cancelled but i was able to un-cancel them through my account. sorry for the false alarm.

    I would like to point out my sapphire card was shut down temporarily for fraud alert after 4 purchases (continued on my freedom without issue). Anyone else get flagged?

  11. More than 12 hours later and the egift cards that were to be delivered in 4 hours still have not shipped. My order has not cancelled, but it is concerning that they hsve not shipped yet. It was a small order.

  12. Plasticjungle sell rate is down to about 85%….so a big fail for anyone planning to go the TCB route. Cardpool/ABC will be a loss after the Target shipping fee. This is a good example of how big volume can kill a deal…I wonder if PJ will ever revise the Target rate back up.

  13. Just called Target to ask why 14 of my 24 (physical) gift card orders were cancelled last night and was told that they were cancelled due to a “quantity limit”, and that “it would make sense that they cancelled 14, as 10 is the limit”.

    I wasn’t able to stay on the phone to press the agent further (had to take another call), but it doesn’t make much sense to me. Has anyone else’s orders been cancelled? Did anyone read about a quantity limit while ordering last night? Why would Target even want to limit gift card purchases?

    • If you can afford to wait a bit before selling, I’d recommend that. Target gift cards have huge value so you should be able to get over 90 cents to the dollar when selling them. Or, read the comments in this post carefully and see if you can figure out another way of using those gift cards. Sorry I’m not spelling things out, but some opportunities will go away quickly if I advertise them.

  14. Has anyone else gotten the mobile GCs delivered yet? I ordered around 6-7 PM last night….said they should be delivered within 4 hours — haven’t seen anything yet. You apparently get a text but can then combine the GCs into one large GC on your phone.

  15. I still didn’t have my eGiftCard show up as of this morning. Since I bought $1.7k worth of physical gift cards, I just cancelled it. Screw them…if they don’t want to send it out, they can now take less sales. I hope anybody else who ordered both physical and eGC’s cancelled their eGC’s as well.

    Also, if you don’t have the time to sit on a couple $k worth of gift cards, maybe one shouldn’t be playing these games in the first place? Just my $.02

  16. I just got my first of two mobile GCs delivered. I loaded it into my target mobile app for in-store use without a problem. I should be able to buy a physical giftcard in store with it and avoid the $1.95 shipping fee.

    Still waiting on the second. I ended up canceling the other e-giftcards that I ordered because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to convert them to the mobile app after reading the T&Cs.

    • I called earlier and was told that there was a limit of 10 per customer. So, of my 15 orders, they cancelled 5 of them. Most of the successful orders were made with gift cards.

  17. I ordered 10/$100 via CC through PayPal which went to a different email address. Haven’t received the mobile GCs, but no cancellation.

    Ordered 15/$100 with GCs through a different email. 5 came back as cancelled. Still haven’t received the mobile GCs for these either.

    Where in the T&Cs is there a 10 transaction limit? Seems shady to me.

  18. For those with cancelled orders, call into Target and escalate and ask them where this 10 gc limitation is listed. That’s all I am gonna say…

  19. Just FYI – PJ has been a lot quicker about adjusting rates on the fly, so be very cautious if there’s any deal that gets lots of traction. And ABC has been pickier as well. As mentioned from FM before – these are regular companies, they’re not huge corporations. So with all the craziness lately they and are making adjustments so they don’t lose money. Their core business model was to buy/sell giftcards from people actually wanting to use the cards or to sell unwanted ones – they are not really setup for the churning that’s going on. All 3 PJ,ABC,CP have their quirks – so tread carefully if you’re not ready to be stuck with LOTS of GC’s

  20. @delta points… I have seriously been on Facebook too much… was looking for a “like” button to like your post 😉

  21. Had my 17 of the 27 cancelled. Called and I was pointed to LIMITATIONS ON QUANTITY under terms and conditions

    So the conflict at this point is should we be shown that limitations on qty when we are ordering? The answer which I received is that while they process the order after the order is received the limitations are applied afterwards.

    At this point I am happy I had my 10 come through.

  22. None of mine have been cancelled, and i’ve received one electronic card, which is all I ordered. None of my physical gift cards have been shipped though.

  23. Well I got 16 of 42, so I guess I should be happy ;). 12 egift cards came through and 4 mailed ones are still active but not yet shipped. I used the mobile app to combine the egift cards into 1 for 1000 and 1 for 200. I’m planning on taking these to the store to try out the Amex for Target thing and if that doesn’t work see what profitable ones for resale they have. Or I guess I could just keep them and actually buy stuff too.

  24. I am still missing my mobile gift cards- anyone still not gotten theirs, or is a problem with just my phone?

  25. greek2me:

    I received only 1 text message with card details. I called them and had them de-activate all my issued cards and have them sent me replacements via email.

    Check if your mobile orders show shipped. If yes, then you need to call.

  26. I had commented (#129) about how I got 14 of my 24 cancelled. That was on my credit card. I also used my spouse’s credit card (and a different address) to order another 24, and I just received the slew of shipped emails from that order, all 24.
    So imposing the 10 limit on some, but not on others?

  27. I have emails that all but 4 of my physical gift cards have shipped. The other 4 are delayed. Guess they don’t have the foam fingers in stock right now. Anyway, they definitely didn’t impose the 10 limit on me.

  28. I went the simple way – bought 4x$100 e-cards sent to different email addresses. They took much longer than 4 hours to receive, but I got them and sold them through CardPool for $91.35 each (Amazon GC, as good as cash to me!) and went through TCB. At this point, the TCB money would be a bonus! Though I’ve not received any TCB for a CardPool transaction from June so…

  29. @Ryan
    I got the delayed shipment on the foam fingers as well. Although I ask you this…you sure they’re not “delaying” your shipment to attempt to enforce a 10 limit rule? I ordered 17 over 2 accounts (lucky for me, 10 in one, 7 in another). I have EXACTLY 6 delayed (and one cancelled). Which leads me to speculate that perhaps they’re trying to cross reference and impose a 10 limit on me?

  30. @gabriel…It seems the only ones I have delayed are the foam fingers…I purchased 52 total (51 physical, 1 ecard)..meant to only order 50 physical, but must have lost count somewhere. All are showing shipped except for the four, and i’ve already received the electronic one. I’m planning on selling all the physical ones. $5.50 for 5K Spg points…i’ll take it.

  31. I bought 50 gift cards for $92.11 each(shipping and tax). I have already submitted a bulk order request to sell them online for $92 a piece, so I lose $.11 per gift card. So my loss is $5.50, and i’ll get 4600 points cuz i used my SPG card. I didn’t have a minimum spend and I value SPG points pretty high, so that is why i chose that card. Sorry, I was using the original price of $100 when I came up with 5k…i forgot I only paid $92.11 for each card.

  32. Thanks for clarifying Ryan. I purchased only $500 on Target cards and filled out a bulk order for ABC gift cards. Is there a time limit for them to receive the cards before they change the offer price?

  33. @grant…I’m not aware of a timeframe, but I think the last time I did a bulk sell, it was a good week before I actually mailed the cards to them after submitting the selling request. I think once you submit the order and get the order number, you have locked in the price.

  34. That’s what I thought too. I was planning on sending the cards first class mail, insured for $500 and getting signature. How do you normally mail in bulk orders?

  35. 10/10 says shipped. Bought physical gift cards using physical gift cards bought at grocery store. No email yet, but just logged into my account and says shipped.

  36. @Ryan, card pool is now paying $92 for target gift cards, I think I will send them there because I trust them more than ABC.

  37. I sent $500 worth of Target gift cards and got a check for $460 from Card Pool ($92 per card), what a perfect way to knockoff $460 from my card. Wish I purchased more cards…

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