Ink Plus now publicly available!

For quite a while Chase has offered another Ink business card besides the publicly available Ink Bold, Ink Classic, and Ink Cash.  The Ink Plus was available only to people who received targeted offers.

This afternoon a reader who goes by tenzin alerted me that the Ink Plus is now publicly available.  It appears in all ways to be identical to the Ink Bold, except that the Plus is a credit card whereas the Bold is a charge card.  In other words, the Bold requires that you pay off your balance each month whereas the Plus lets you run the balance over time (and pay hefty interest charges).  I don’t recommend ever taking advantage of this feature of the Plus if you can help it.


Exactly like the Bold, the Plus offers:

  • 50K bonus points after $10K spend in 3 months
  • 5X for office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services.  2X for gas and hotel.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 2 airport lounge visits per year
  • Point transfers to popular airline and hotel programs

Click here to see more about the Ink Plus.  I do not receive a referral commission for this card. [UPDATE: I do receive referral commission now]

Can I get both?

I do believe that this is a different product than the Ink Bold, so it should be possible to signup for both cards and get both signup bonuses.  Conservatively you may want to wait 6 months between applications, however it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you could get approved in a much shorter time.

Is this the New Bold?

In the post “Exciting credit card rumors” I described hints given by Million Mile Secrets that indicated a new Ink Bold credit card was on its way.  Is the Ink Plus that card?  It certainly fits the description in that it is identical to the Ink Bold other than being a credit card.  On the other hand, Million Mile Secrets suggested that this would be an Ink Bold, whereas this is called Ink Plus.  Also, the Plus isn’t new.  As far back as March I heard from readers who had received targeted offers for the Ink Plus.  Despite those exceptions, it seems unlikely to me that Chase would make the Plus public and release a new Ink Bold.  This must be it.

I’ll add the Ink Plus to my “Best credit card offers” and “Preparing for Miles” right away.  Just like the Ink Bold, this is a great offer.

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  1. So when a person’s annual fee comes up for the IB, apply for the Plus. If you get instant approval, cancel the IB. If not, phone recon and say you want to switch your credit line from the IB to the Plus and cancel the IB then with the CSR. Rinse, repeat every 12 months. New bonus each year, no annual fee each year, same benefits perpetually. Any flaws with this strategy that you can see?

    • Preacher: For the first two years, yes that’s a great strategy. In general, though, Chase won’t give a signup bonus a second time for a product you’ve had before. I wonder though if you signup with a different business name each time…

  2. i applied for chase IB in early april when there was 60k bonus for 2 days. I might go for IP if i am sure i can get the 50k bonus, but i feel 95% sure that since this is a different product although same benefits I would get the 50k bonus from this one as well.

  3. As soon as I saw your post on my phone I knew this is it!

    Big yawn really for most. I believe the trend for higher minimum spends & hefty annual fees is here to stay.

    I am not bothering with this one and neither with the Hilton Visa for a while as I concentrate on the several other smaller min spends I have to do.

    I am hoping AMEX shows some life here & fight to preserve its rapidly diminishing reputation in this space:-)

  4. Would you be able to transfer your CL on the IB to the IP? As I understand it, your IB CL is a fluctuating one dependent on your usage and need for the occasional increase in spend since it is a charge card.

    • Singapore Flyer: Even though the IB is a charge card, Chase does treat it as if it has a credit limit. I was able to move some of my credit limit from my old Ink Bold to other cards, so I’m sure you can do the same with the current Ink Bold

  5. You guys are sleeping on the 0% for 6 months. If you need to front load some of your expenses in the first three months, you get another 3 months to utilize, pay down and not mess up your cash flow.

    • Dave / Steve: Good point. I’m so conditioned to always paying off the full amount every month it doesn’t even occur to me to take advantage of 0% offers. As long as you pay in full before the 6 months are up, that can be a great way to go.

  6. That 0% for 6 months makes this easier than the bold. Front load prepaid cards and spend a few extra months draining them. Spending the $$ isn’t the problem for me- it’s unloading the prepaids fast enough.

  7. @ZZ: I have IB and Ink Cash at the same time for the same Biz. So why not Bold and Plus at the same time? Should work.

  8. I’ll wait for a lower minimum spend, maybe they will mail out special targeted offers for less spend…

  9. If i were to get approved for the card with the $10,000 spend requirement and then a targeted $5,000 offer came out, could I call chase and see if they could switch me over? Also, I did my first amazon payment of $800 to my friend for “rent money” but he cannot accept the payment in his account. my SPG card looks fine, any ideas?

  10. The two cards have slightly different wording for the lounge access:

    Ink Bold says Complimentary airport lounge access to over 350 VIP lounges worldwide ($150 annual value).

    Ink Plus says access to over 350 airport VIP lounges worldwide AND you’ll receive two complimentary lounge visits each year (MORE THAN $150 comparable value).

  11. I currently hold 6 personal and 2 biz. Every time I get a new card now I get it approved by closing one of my current ones.

  12. Grant: yes, that should work if you get the targeted offer within 90 days of applying

    Joe: Nice detective work. I don’t think there is really any difference in the lounge access though. They just used different words for some reason

    Chris: I have 2 biz and 4 personal. The main thing is that Chase doesn’t like to expand your overall credit line too much. So you will usually be given the option to move credit from other cards to your new card.

  13. @FrequentMiler: Thks. On this 2 business card, are the business the same name or different names. When applying for business card, it asked for a “login” to prefill the info, do you login or fill out application as it is.
    I do have a business. It is a sole-p, but the business is under my wife’s name, but I am pretty much 100% running the show.
    @binger: Wow…6 and 1 eh…

  14. so the question is can you charge 50,000 on both cards in year at certain kinds of stores? I’d gladly pay the annual fee if you can…..

  15. @Frequient Miler…what do you think of this plan.

    I currently have the free Sapphire card, and recently received the Sapphire Preferred ($2K spend in 3 months needed to get 40K points). I also have a Southwest Visa with the annual fee coming up in November.
    Do you think it’s possible to call Chase to close out the SW card, and apply for the Ink Bold as well as the Ink Classic? With both Ink cards, I would receive a combined 50K points, assuming I spend $5K in 3 months on the Plus card. I would probably not shoot for the extra 25K points by spending $10K in 3 months since I can only spend so much…
    Then, before the year is up, I could close out the Bold and apply for the Ink Plus to get another 25K points, and shoot for the extra 25K points as well.

    • Ray: I wouldn’t recommend applying for both Ink cards at once, but yes it makes sense to get both (wait 3 months between applications). Also, don’t close accounts until you’ve used them as bargaining chips. Here is the path I’d recommend:
      1. Apply for the Ink Bold
      2. Call the business reconsideration line for instant approval ( 800-453-9719). If they resist approving the card you can tell them that you’re willing to cancel the Southwest card in order to free up credit for the Ink Bold.
      3. Wait 3 months (or so) to apply for the Ink Classic. Call the reconsideration line and, if necessary, offer to move some of the Ink Bold credit line to the Ink Classic
      4. Wait until the Ink Bold annual fee comes due to apply for the Ink Plus (as you suggested). Call the reconsideration line and offer to close the Ink Bold if they’ll move the credit line over.

      • Great! Thanks so much for the advice. Still learning, you know…My wife and I both have great credit and pay off our cards each month. I’m so happy to have found your site which has shown me how to take advantage of our credit scores, due to us being responsible in our spending habits. Love to travel, but don’t like paying for it!! Your point strategy is genius!

  16. Miler, what would be the reasons people give chase if asked why they wanted an Ink Plus when they already had the Bold? Aside from separate spendings, which is kinda overused by now lol.

  17. Than P: actually very easy for this one. Say you may need to carry a balance sometimes (which you can do with a credit card, but not a charge card). Banks make more money when you do so, so they should be happy with that

  18. I got the InkPlus on 11/1 and already spent $5,000. When it is the best time to apply InkBold. ( Hope the spending is not $10,000.)

    What reason I can use when I call for Inkbold? I wish I applied IB first.


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