Sears 10X: Leveraging the Deal

10 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar is a great return for Sears purchases.  In this post I’ll list numerous ways to leverage this deal. 


This month, Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall is offering 10 points per dollar for Ink and Sapphire cardholders when shopping at  The deal is good through 8/31/2012. 


Leveraging the Deal

This is almost too obvious, but it needs to be said.  If you have Sears’ purchases you were going to make anyway, shop through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to earn 10 points per dollar (in addition to the points earned automatically with your credit card).

Tips for saving money:

  • For free shipping, you can usually select “pickup in store”.
  • Look for coupon codes before you shop.  One great one available today only is “AUGUST35” which will give you $35 off a $350 order (hat tip HikerT).  Note that the code will not work for buying gift cards.
  • If a competitor (with a physical retail presence) has a lower price, fill out the online Price Match form.  Sears will match the lower price and take an additional 10% off (hat tip MSPDeltaDude)
  • Make sure to signup for Sears’ Shop Your Way Rewards program.  You will earn points worth the equivalent of 1% of your order.

Buy gift cards
If you do not currently have a need to buy stuff from Sears, consider buying Sears gift cards instead.  The beauty of this is that you will get 10X now and have plenty of time to make purchases later.  The other big advantage is that Sears’ gift cards can be used in a variety of additional shops: Lands’ End, KMart, Sears outlet, My Gofer, Crafstman, Kenmore, etc.  If shopping at KMart, checkout Cuckoo for Coupon deals for some great bargains (hat tip IrishTiger).

Does the purchase of gift cards count for 10X?  YES. In the recent 15X deal via the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal many readers bought physical and e-gift cards and received points for each.

Buy gift cards and upgrade
I have used Sears gift cards many times in Kmart and Sears to buy other gift cards.  In the past I’ve bought BP cards and EBay cards, although I noticed recently that my local Kmart no longer carries EBay.  Note the risk: some people have reported being unable to use gift cards in-store to buy other gift cards.  Your success will depend on the policies and cashiers at your local Kmart or Sears store.

Double Dip for 20X
This is one of my favorite tricks which I’ve done successfully at many times.  The idea is to go through the portal once to buy gift cards (physical or email), then go through the portal again to use the gift cards for buying merchandise (no, you can’t buy gift cards with gift cards online).  The net effect is that you end up earning 20 points per dollar for your purchases!  The downside is that you won’t get purchase protection or extended warranty coverage that is given by many credit cards.  Caution: one reader has stated that Chase revoked their points for a purchase made with gift cards. I’ve never had anything like that happen so my guess is that it was a one time fluke, but be prepared for the possibility.

Double dip, buy and sell merchandise.  By finding deals at for merchandise that can be easily resold via EBay, Amazon Marketplace, or Craigslist, you can potentially get Ultimate Rewards points at a very low cost.  The idea is to first double dip (buy gift cards for 10X), then buy re-sellable merchandise with the gift cards (for another 10X).  The last time Sears was at 10X in the Ultimate Rewards Mall, I earned almost 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points by doing this trick.  See “Mileage Run Shopping: Buying 162,000 Miles for $500” and “Mileage Run Shopping Results.”  In that adventure, due to the costs of buying and selling (taxes, merchant fees, shipping, etc.) I lost 17% of the money spent, but the points earned more than made up for that.  If you are a member of Sears’ Shop Your Way Rewards program, you’ll earn 1% back in the form of Sears credit!  Caution: many things can go wrong when buying and selling, so this option is not for everyone.  You may have trouble finding buyers, you may find merchant fees and other costs to be higher than expected, buyers may return items that can no longer be sold as new, etc.


My Take

I find Ultimate Rewards points hugely valuable so I will definitely play the “buy and sell” game.  I’ll follow up with tips about how to find re-sellable items as well as some of the dangers and headaches involved in reselling.  I’m heading out for vacation today so I don’t have time to jump in yet, but when I’m ready I’ll probably target earning 120K points or so.  That would mean purchasing and then spending $6K worth of gift cards.  Luckily I have all month to get this done. 

How about you?  What are you going to do to leverage this deal?

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  1. T3pleShot, was it just the Max shipping program that got shut down, or did they shut down your shopyourwayrewards, too? Like Jay, I’ve got a boatload of SYW points after all of my purchases this month.

    I was lucky enough to hit VIP Gold this month, and August happens to be my birthday month, so I *should* be getting 10% rewards on all my Sears purchases in addition to my double dips with UR 🙂


  2. @Jay, @Anita,
    They have only revoked the SYW max shipping previlege. My account, SYW account/rewards still show up as available (As far as I can see in the profile, I havent tried applying them towards any puchases).

  3. Anyone receive points for Craftsman products? Just saw it is excluded in the fine print…just like gift cards…?

  4. I made a $4000 purchase at via the UR Mall on 08/24 and paid for it with a Chase Sapphire cc and a $6000 purchase at JCpenney via the UR Mall on 08/25 and paid for it with my Amex card.

    On the 25th when I spoke to a Chase CSR about my purchase, she said that she could see my AND my JCpenney purchase being tracked.
    Heck, I didn’t even mention the JCPenney purchase.
    So, all’s well in my world.

    Fast Forward to 3 hours ago. I haven’t received any email confirming the points, so I decide to write a Secure Message to Chase.

    Get a reply back saying that
    A. NOTHING tracked.
    B. The didn’t track and since I didn’t use the UR mall (according to them) I wouldn’t receive any points.
    C. Purchase made with a NON-Chase cc were not eligible for UR points.

    So I call Chase.
    The agent listens to everything that I have to say and then tells me that point C is 100% correct. I begin explaining that it’s not. I point out a $11.99 purchase made with a gift card that I received points for.

    I’m placed on hold.
    She comes back and tells me that there’s NO way I used the UR mall. I tell her that I did.
    She get this… IF I use the UR mall, then when I checkout, it would automatically checkout using the Chase cc. The very fact that it let me use any CC means that I was on JCpenney NOT through the UR mall. What….!!!???
    I try explaining to her that that’s not true. And she gets very upset at me because I’ve been telling her that (“that’s not correct/true) in reply to almost everything that she’s been telling me.

    I’m placed on hold again.
    She comes back and tells me that it says right there on the UR mall “Check out with your Chase card and your extra points will automatically appear on your statement.”
    I tell her that that’s just a recommendation and that nowhere does it say that NOT using the card will result in me NOT getting the points. And that there’s nothing mentioned in the T&C.
    And that I have proof that Chase has given me points before…
    She’s getting frustrated now with me.


    I’m placed on hold again.
    She comes back and says that She can’t help me any more and that she refuses to discuss this topic any further!!!!!

    So, I tell her- forget about the JCpenney purchase. I’ll deal with that later.
    I ask her how come I didn’t get any points for the purchase?
    She says to wait till the end of my statement and IF I don’t receive the points by then, Chase will “look into it”

    Things don’t look good.

    And what really interests me is how did that first CSR see BOTH the purchases? And what happened to those tracking tickets.

  5. okay…that was formatted differently when I was typing it.
    Can the Gods please create a few paragraphs in there? 🙂

    Anyway, TL;DR- I’m having problems with Chase. Again.

  6. Jay: it sounds like you got a rep that I talked with once — she was quite adamant and heartless. I called back the next day and got a nice rep who credited me points. I tried to fix your formatting, but WordPress keeps deleting the changes

  7. That’s actually the third rep I’ve spoken to today.
    And they’ve all been telling me the same thing.
    What’s REALLY pissing me off is that the first agent I spoke to, a couple of days ago could see both purchases and now suddenly they’ve BOTH disappeared.

  8. Data point: Ordered a gift card August 25. Bought some clothes using said gift card on August 30. Value of $67.xx each time, and got 20x back.

  9. @harvson3- what browser do you use?

    I’m out of ideas.
    Chrome doesn’t work for me.
    Firefox doesn’t work…

    What the hell am I supposed to use?!

  10. Party time 🙂

    My August Chase statement just closed and a nice bundle of points posted based on my many purchases in August 🙂

    I got a refrigerator, dryer, grill and mattress. In addition to good prices on a bunch of stuff I wanted anyway (I hesitate to say needed), I have $230 in SYW Rewards and 100K+ UR points.

    Happy, happy, happy!

  11. @jay – I use the Internet Explorer on our home computer that deletes all cookies when you close it and is used for nothing else but online portal shopping. I clear the cookies and start from scratch once I find what I want using Chrome.

  12. Gabriel,

    I have not gotten my 10% bonus on my August purchases. I became VIP Gold halfway through the month, but I should get 10% on everything after that. I’ve emailed them twice but no answer. I think it is time to call them.


  13. Regarding SYW Rewards birthday 10% bonus, I called their special VIP phone number today 🙂

    Rep immediately said “yes, I see you’ve received your 10% birthday bonus”. Unfortunately, he hadn’t taken more than 5 seconds to look at my account and he was incorrect – I’d received 10% for a single item because I used a coupon they mail you when you hit VIP. I’m hoping to double up on that one purchase.

    After a 10-15 minute hold, he contacted their support team who will look into it and get back to me within a week.

    I’m sure I’ll get the bonus after they review. Will post back.

  14. SYW Rewards birthday bonus (10% on all purchases) just posted.

    Note that when I got my welcome email to VIP Gold SYW status, it included a one-time use 10% SYW coupon code. I used that on my mattress, so I’d already gotten 10% bonus on that.

    When they gave me the birthday bonus, I got ANOTHER 10% SYW Rewards on the mattress purchase (essentially 20% cash back) in addition to my UR double dip.


  15. Double dip broken? So far my 10x for $10K of gift cards has posted, about three weeks later. But my 10x for the tablets has NOT posted.

    • @STvr: I think you’ll have to fight with your points. I’m currently trying to get my $6000+ worth of points from them right now. I purchased part gift card/part CSP. They manually credited points paid w/ CSP but are giving me grief for the gift card use….

      Anyone able to get points manually or after the fact when using a gift card?

  16. So many guys call to chase in turns, is it possible that all the CSRs and supervisors know what is going on outside and makes more restricted rules?

  17. Here’s my data. I’m really starting to get anxious.

    August 21: Two $5K gift card purchases
    August 22: Two $5K electronics purchases with gift card
    September 6: Gift card purchases points post
    ???: Electronics purchases points???

    I have called Chase asking if those purchases tracked and they act like I’m crazy.

  18. CaptainCool: I haven’t tried that in quite a while, but I was successful in the past after multiple calls.

    pointsmachine: It’s possible, but I think they would be making a mistake if they do so. Chase gets paid when people use their portal so customers should get their points

    Stvr: I’m getting nervous too — also regarding a large merchandise order. My guess is that for some reason large orders are requiring manual approval somewhere along the line (Sears?) and whoever is responsible is getting hammered with work.

  19. I had to call Chase to get my points yesterday. This was for a purchase made on August 17. When I called, I was told that they do not have a record of my purchase. I informed them I went to UR portal, and specifically clicked on Sears link which then took me to and made my purchase. I asked why that was not tracked, and they had no idea why but proceeded to credit me my points.

    This experience has me nervous about future opportunities similar to this one. I know it works for other folks, but it isnt working for me

  20. I called/emailed finally got 10x points for the $1500 gc purchase. Did not get any double dip though. Also, with a second purchase the $185 e-gc did not track and the second dip purchase with the gc did. So got credit for the e-gc as well. A third purchase did not get credit for order placed using e-gc, but got credit for the order that contained the e-gc purchase. Everything done on each order was the same, so it totally beats me as to what tracks vs does not.

  21. All of my Sears double-dips have now posted. I’m now only waiting for credit for more gift cards I ordered at the end of August. I plan to use those to buy gas gift cards at Sears & Kmart.

  22. I made a $4000 purchase at via the UR Mall on 08/24 and paid for it with a Chase Sapphire cc and a $6000 purchase at JCpenney via the UR Mall on 08/25 and paid for it with my Amex card.
    Just received the email telling me that I’ve received points for the JCpenney purchase. This was made through My Chase Freedom UR mall and paid for with my Amex card.
    No word as yet about the Kohls purchase that I made through the UR mall and paid for with my Chase Sapphire credit card!!
    Points posted for the JCpenney purchase 20 days later. And this is AFTER ALL THE CSRs told me that they COULD NOT see any transaction and nothing had tracked. Guess it just took some time.
    Hoping that the Kohls purchase posts when my statement closes in 5 days.
    Will Report back with further updates…
    P.S- I used Firefox. Cleared the cache and cookies before using. And I disabled ALL add-ons.

  23. Congrats Jay !

    Would you mind sharing what you bought from JC Penny? Was that something you really needed or there is some nice thought behind that 🙂

  24. Actually this was an experiment. I bought platinum earrings. I wanted to see if the points would post or not…because the last time I used UR mall for Sears, I didn’t get the double dip.
    No points posted for the purchase made with the gift cards. I lost about $600 on that deal.
    So I decided to make a large purchase using a different browser and see if the points would post or not.

    So far the results are successful. I am going to return the earrings. If the points get deducted, I don’t mind because I don’t deserve them anyway. If they don’t get deducted, I shall consider that Karma. 😀

  25. Thanks for sharing Jay!

    Quick question – when you return u’ll get 6K worth of gift cards…wat do u plan to do with that..or is there a neat trick with that too 🙂 guys rock!!

    • Oh as I mentioned earlier…I made both purchases using a credit card.

      So when I do the return, it’ll go back to the credit card.
      I’m 99.99% sure that the points will be deducted. let’s see.

      I do NOT recommend buying things JUST to return them in order to earn points. It’s selfish and bad karma as far as I’m concerned.

  26. I agree Jay buyig for returning is def not a good practice at all.

    question though…how did u get the double dip if u bought using ur CC. I understand u first bought GC using ur CC and then bought the product with some portion of the charge on ur CC again.

  27. @Gmash: It wasn’t a double dip. It was a straight up purchase to verify 2 things.

    1. Do points from large purchases through the UR mall using the intended (in this case Chase Sapphire) credit card post?
    Result – Sofar NO… Haven’t received any notification. Chase says nothing tracked.

    2. Do points from Large purchases through the UR mall using a DIFFERENT credit card post?
    Result- SUCCESS! Used my AMEX and the points posted.

    • HAH! I now find myself in the boat of my first transaction NOT posting in the UR Mall Earn Activity after 3 days. And go figure, it’s for some sizable purchases (but nothing larger than i’ve already done). A $850 e-GC and a $1100 camera on 9/13 (the purchase on 9/12 posted). My question to everyone here, what’s the biggest gap you have in Sears purchases on your UR Earn Activity log? I.E. the difference between “Transaction Date” and “Posted Date”. Obviously some people have had to wait 3 weeks to get their points to show up, but is there still a 3 week time frame displayed in the UR Mall? I also wonder if this has anything to do with any previous orders being cancelled. I just recently had one cancelled (not by my own doing…by sears’s idiocy) and wonder if that is what’s affecting some of the points posting.

      • Gabriel: Yes, I have one that shows 20 days between the transaction date and the posted date. That was my first gift card order. And, I have one that shows 16 days between the transaction date and the posted date. It was a large order in which I paid with gift cards. There were no cancellations involved.

  28. I made two purchases in August last week. 2.5K each, first for sears gcs and second with gcs and a small amount. Both with Inkbold. No points. Enquired 2 times by phone and 2 times by SM and now they are asking me to send written letter to consider as “You have exasperated your phone and SM limits”? What?

  29. I was surprised too. Looked through the whole page here and no one has been asked for that. I will try and call again hope for a better CSR.

  30. Not sure if anyone is following this thread anymore, but thought I would post my final results as I just sold the last item I bought today. In August, I bought 9 Nikon cameras when there was a 10% off online promotion on cameras (4x D5100, 3x D3100 & 2x D3200). I bought $5K of gift cards and then spent $5,377.28 on the cameras (I missed out on almost 4,000 points by not buying enough gift cards). There were delays in seeing the points post, so I waited to sell until September, then I got busy with work, then Sandy hit (I live in NYC). I sold the D3100’s through Amazon fulfillment which I thought worked very well. I sold the other 6 through Craigslist which was a pain, but turned out OK. In hindsight, I should have just sent all the cameras to Amazon. Demand was strong for the D3100s and the D5100s but the D3200s really hurt my average. Final results: Spent $5,377.28 on cameras. Sale proceeds were $4,445,57. Loss = $931.81 plus $49.98 of Sears Shop Your Way Rewards = $881.83. I earned 95,689 UR points or essentially paid $0.9216 per point. Will I do it again? Probably.

  31. Has anyone received SYW Rewards points for purchasing gift cards, or just for merchandise? I saw the T&C state not eligible on GC purchases, and haven’t read explicitly where people did receive SYW points for these purchases.

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