MyPoints 150 points per dollar! Maybe. (Update 3)

This deal now appears to be dead for real


Update 3 (9/28 11:22 am EST): Deal appears to be back

MyPoints has put the splash screens back!

Update 2 (9/28 10:01 am EST): Deal appears to be dead

MyPoints has removed the splash screens and most references to OpenSky.  I was just about to order stuff too!


MyPoints is currently running a promotion for 150 points per dollar at Open Sky (a site with ridiculously overpriced items).  Despite the high prices, this could a great way to buy miles or gift cards at a low price and get some possibly useful junk as well.  Gary has the details here, and MileCollector has a bit here.

The problem with this promotion is the confusion caused by this screen:


Most of this is intelligible:

  • Limited to $500 in purchases per household
  • The 150X offer will go away after 9/30/12 or earlier if too many points have been claimed (they don’t say what “too many” is, though)
  • Points will be credited within 30 days

The confusing part is the final statement:

OpenSky points are different from Points earned in the MyPoints program and may not be used for MyPoints rewards

This seems to indicate that the points awarded are OpenSky points (not worth much!) instead of MyPoints which can be reasonably valuable.  This has raised a debate on SlickDeals where some people have argued that no, it is MyPoints that are awarded, whereas others have argued the opposite.

My Take

Even though the weight of evidence is on the side of this being truly 150 MyPoints per dollar, this has a feel of “too good to be true” to me.  I’m tempted to go for it, but I think I’ll sit out of this deal and wish good luck to everyone who gives it a shot.

Update (9/28 8:26 am EST)

A reader named Michael wrote the following:

I think this is legit, Open sky 150 points for dollar is even listed when you look at all merchants in mypoints.

This is the page that shows the merchants listed and the amount of points you get per dollar.

They also state

Get an unheard of 150 Points per dollar on your purchase with OpenSky!

Sounds like a Opensky fire sale

Thanks Michael!  I agree.  Somehow this looks legitimate.  I’m going to risk it and go for $500 worth of stuff.  As HikerT recommends (in the comments), I’ll use a personal Amex card with return protection just in case things go wrong.

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  1. […] A couple of months ago, an online store called OpenSky ran an incredible promotion through the MyPoints portal.  For a brief time, they offered 150 points per dollar for up to $500 in purchases.  At the time, there was a lot of confusion over whether the points earned were really MyPoints (which would be good) or OpenSky points (which would be bad).  The final conclusion was that the 150X deal was indeed for MyPoints.  Once we were convinced of that, many of us jumped in and bought up to $500 worth of overpriced stuff because the value of 150 points per dollar made the purchase basically free.  For more information about this prior deal, please see “MyPoints 150 points per dollar! Maybe. (Update 3).” […]

  2. […] Remember that time when you just missed out on a mistake fare or a deal and you just found about it at 9:00 am. Well that’s because everyone who was at one point or another between 12:00 am and 7 am got in on it, before you could ever wake up. My own theory is that most companies don’t have people on staff during the night to catch their mistakes, meanwhile that’s when most mileage hunters are searching for that one illusive deal. Is this unfair if you’re working a 9-5, sure, but then again you miss out on deals like this. […]


  1. I hit it up for 500 hundred …. I feel really confient that this is legit short term promo … My points .com even states its ” unheard of” ….

  2. It’s the real deal, I communicated with both mypoints and opensky staff — you’re in the clear. Not sure how they are paying for it though, but their customer service (and opensky) is fantastic. Feel free to give them a call if you’re concerned.

  3. I signed up for My Points and they send out 3-6 emails a day for earning points for clicking on links, taking surveys, and buy stuff. The surveys are an easy 10 points and clicking the links get you 5-10 points each. My Points kinda sucks, I’m trying to cash out for some miles eventually.

  4. I’m in for $500. Bought 2 of a $250 item that I know I can resell and a $15 jar of honey. Total was $503 with free shipping (after $10 sign up credit). Used my DL AMEX reserve which has 90 day return protection (just in case the points don’t post so no real risk). I figure I might have a $150 loss after resell but that’s more than worth 37K UA miles.

  5. Tried it, if it works out my Le Creuset pan will be free! That is a good day! Thanks for the heads up on this, almost as good as free travel.

  6. I have had a pretty bad experience with Mypoints in the past. I was one of the early members that singed when the site was announced and accumulated and rededed quite a few points as they “free” point offers were very lucrative and abundant. Then a year or so ago they sent me an email staing that I had abused their terms and conditions and were shutting down my account. They also included a threat to never apply again. No explaination as to why or what I had done. Emailed them and even called twice but all they could say was the same BS that I have violated their terms, but were unable to tell me what I had done wrong. I kept explaining to them that all I had done thru the years was simply click through their email offers/links. Very rude and unfriendly. Lost all the points in the account. Bad all around. Maybe just my experience as probably they were not making money on me, but wanted to let you know.

  7. I took the plunge. Got two wifi thermostats for $140 each. I could have bought them via Amazon Prime for around $100 each but they are something I can use and it was easier than buying something to resell. Plus I really like the product. Those thermostats have saved my work place between 20 and 30 percent on utility bills. I also got a Le Creuset casserole dish. The price ($210) was a bit higher than elsewhere online but not much. My wife’s birthday is coming up so the timing was right.

  8. It’s still linking for me when I use the broswer I had open when I originally saw the deal. But if I open a new browser I can’t get to the offer screen. Looks like I may have just got in under the wire.

  9. I only went in for $55 because I already had 2400 mypoints and will use them if I get the points for the 5000 United Miles. I had a hard time finding things I could use. I am not really interested in doing the resale thing. I did get a confirmation of my purchse. So fingers crossed and I will be 5000 miles closer to my business class seat to Asia.

  10. The points that you earn are not MyPoints they are
    OpenSky points. Don’t know what OpenSky points are good for or if they convert to anything.

  11. In the wording, the indicate a difference between “Points” with a capital “P”, which is defined as currency earned on MyPoints, versus OpenSky points with a lower case “p” which is earned on OpenSky. The offer states 150 Points per dollar are earned, indicating it will be MyPoints Points.

  12. FM, are you considering doubling up with a purchase in your wife’s name and account? I can’t decide if it’s worth it. My wife likes the benefits of my hobby but doesn’t care much for the footwork.

  13. @piecerate: Limit is $500 per household. I wouldn’t risk it. Now, if I could convince my Dand to sign up and buy me that kegerator for Christimas…

  14. i took the plunge & got 2 gel pillows & Microfiber Scrubber Cloths (5-Pack). total $131. It did not say anything about shipping – i wonder why. Pay with a card that has good protection.

  15. One thing that makes this deal sweeter for anyone on the fence: You could theoretically earn miles at zero cost by reselling items. Even if you lose money on the resale, you could redeem for Paypal/Visa gift cards to cover your losses.

    For example:
    -Spend $500, lose 50% on resale, thus costing you $250
    -Redeem 45k points for Paypal to cover your losses
    -Redeem the remaining 30k for United miles, which gets you 15k miles

    Net: 15k miles for $0 out of pocket plus a little legwork

    Of course, you could just eat the losses for the extra miles if you think that it’s worth it.

  16. If you signup using this link (from retailmenot coupon but you have to physically cut/paste the link into your browser to see the page) it will be $25 credit and if you sign up with FB, you will get an additional $10 and free shipping. I just spent my $25 credit :-).

  17. I called the CSR on Opensky’s site, and he confirmed 150 MyPoints/dollar spent on Opensky. He knew that it expired on the 30th. But he did tell me to forward the Opensky confirmation to MyPoints “support email” (he didn’t have an exact email for me) to get the points.

  18. @Tim, that’s just someone else’s a referral link. If anyone is signing up for a new OpenSky account, you can use FrequentMiler’s link (see comment 4). FrequentMiler, you might want to highlight this in your blog post as it will get most folks an extra $25 in free stuff. In my rush to get in on the deal last night I didn’t pay much attention to your referral link as you didn’t sell it very hard, and didn’t realize it would get me another $25 in stuff doh!

  19. Has anybody who has made an OpenSky purchase received an email confirmation of the order? I’m still waiting for mine. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but the CSR rep told me to forward it to MyPoints.

  20. FM: I see 10000 point for my 500$ purchase on the open sky website. I am worried if this would prevent me from getting the points on mypoints or is this how it happens? Can you confirm please?

  21. @Ram, the 10000 points on OpenSky are OpenSky points, which are separate from Mypoints. You will still earn Mypoints on your purchase. The OpenSky points are worthless however.

  22. I just made a purchase worth $535, $25 from FM’s referral link and $10 with facebook connect+ tax = $549.25 I’m a foodie so I bought a bunch of gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets. Good for christmas and treating myself since my bday is soon! I’ve been a member of MyPoints for 10 years but have just slowly accumulated points for lowish value gcs, really excited to get this deal and make it big.

  23. while in my experience mypoints tends to credit without issue, I am leaning away from doing this deal for two reasons. One is it is not clear to me who the points are from. two is because I cant make the math work and cant readily find GCs I would possibly buy (if they even exist and can count if bought) that I could use or sell, etc. In my math, which could be off, I find one would be spending like $500 to get like 35k UA miles, which is not good enough for me. If it were $500 for like $60k I might bite. Then again, I am not sure if I got this right so until I see otherwise, it’s a thanks but no thanks.

  24. @Allen: Thank you very much.
    @Jer: looks like so.
    @Marathon Man: I am planning to resell the items on amazon or eBay and still get paid back in the form of UA miles or amazon gift adds which makes this a money making opportunity, if things to seamless. Why would you think this is not a good deal. I am new to this area and asking you if I am missing anything.

  25. @Ram -I think Marathon Man is taking the goods purchased out of the equation due to simply buying ‘stuff’ in order to get the miles. I’m hesitant for the same reasons he is with the exception being receiving $500 worth of stuff, albeit overpriced. At any rate, I’ll be happy for all if this plays out and will wish I jumped on it earlier today but I’m not currently in a position to dump $500 on this without knowing for sure exactly where the points are coming from. On to the next one!

  26. Bad news… the deal is dead! There is no reference of this at There are talks in other forums that this may be a mistake on mypoints part – instead of 7500 points or $50 it seems to mistyped as 75000 or $500.

    Does’nt look good. Hopefully everything will clear out soon!

    • The deal does appear to be dead. My bet is that it will be honored, but for anyone who made purchases it’s a good idea to keep them ready for return (i.e. do not use the items, give them away, or sell them) until we have evidence that the points will post.

  27. I know the deal is dead now but to relieve anybody’s concerns about what points you will receive, I emailed MyPoints and this was their response:

    “Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Services.

    Please be informed that the Points earned from Open Sky transaction, will be credited to the MyPoints account. As per the bonus mail offer you will receive 150 Points per dollar for the transaction.

    If you still have questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you.


    Victoria C
    MyPoints Member Services”

  28. The email above was sent at 11:58pm MST last night. I don’t think anybody needs to worry about the Points being credited. In the email, she references the 150 point bonuses so it doesn’t appear to be a mistake. I wouldn’t be concerned.

  29. I made a large purchase on OpenSky yesterday early afternoon with my SPG card when the deal was still open. However, I still haven’t received my email confirmation. I called the CSR and was told thar the purchased had to be reviewed as it was >$500. The subtotal was a little under $500 but it was $507 after tax. My AMEX still hasn’t been charged. My concern is that by the time the order has been approved, the order will have been dead and I won’t get My Points credit for the purchase. I asked the Open Sky rep about this and she said that the order should go through. Any thoughts on how this works?

  30. I got a similar response from MyPoints:
    Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Services.

    Kindly be informed that, once you make a qualifying purchase of $500 you will receive 150 points per dollar spent; on your account.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Reny A
    MyPoints Member Services

    Looking good!!

  31. Is anyone seeing their purchase in the click through? I see a click through tracked but no purchases under it.

  32. Just wanted to alert you guys that you might have an email from OpenSky asking you to call in to confirm your order within 48 hours. It doesn’t say what will happen if you don’t, but I’m guessing that your order will be cancelled and you won’t get any points.

  33. I wrote to OpenSky
    Customer Representative replies:

    Hi Jiang,

    Thank you for contacting OpenSky!

    Our records indicate that you successfully placed your order through the MyPoints website, so you should expect to receive your 75,000 Mypoints within 30 days from the date that you placed your order.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance.



  34. Only went in for $100 (deal ended early before I could purchase the rest). My 15k points are showing pending as of this morning.

  35. oops, I guess they say “pending”, so we will wait and see. How did your purchases turn out? I was thinking of using this option:

    United Mileage Plus

    10,100 Points

    5,000 Mileage Plus Miles

    • I’m glad some people have their points pending! I still don’t see any in my account, but I’m hoping they’ll pop up soon. In the meantime, for anyone who can’t get enough of OpenSky, they’re now 50X through MyPoints.

      pointsandtravel: Yes, I think the United redemption is a very good one. Personally I would also consider Marriott gift cards because I know I’ll use them.

  36. I don’t see points pending, but I also don’t see a charge to my card.. and I received the merchandise almost a week ago. Anyone else?

  37. More data point.

    I made 3 orders via OpenSky.

    While placing the first 2 orders, it was quick getting the order confirmation email. And those orders were placed before 12pm PST.

    Then around 3pm PST (after OpenSky was taken down for a short while), I placed my last order, that order confirmation email was sent a bit later and the status of the order was ‘Reviewing’ for a good while.

    The first 2 orders shipped with no problems, and a few days to a week after receiving my shipped order, the MyPoints were posted at 150pts/$ as pending.

    Today, I inquired about my 3rd order shipment, it had experienced delay due to production, and while I had the CS I inquired about the 150pts/$ on this order. The nice lady told me that order WAS NOT PLACED SUCCESSFULLY via MyPoints shopping portal.

    I promptly cancel the order. B/c the order took so long to ship, the nice lady waived the $7.95 return shipping that they normally charge.

    While I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of the $500 purchase for practically free EARLY enough in the day, I still made out with 30k MyPoints that would pay for my approx $200+ purchase.

    And, the minute those points posted, I started using the things I received as I actually needed them.

    So, I am happy 🙂

  38. Tim J,
    I’m experiencing the same thing. I ordered 11 water bottles for resale from Opensky. The amount was preapproved twice over the course of 10 days because the first hold expires after so long. I got called twice from Opensky asking me the same question….”did you mean to order 11 water bottles?” The items finally shipped last week and are arriving today. No pending points in Mypoints, but also there is no charge on my credit card anymore (pending or approved) for the past 3-4 days.

    • @Greg: Did you receive an order confirmation email? I never received an order confirmation email but I did receive lots of shipping notification emails as the orders were being sent to me. I wonder if there is a correlation between not having received a confirmation email and not seeing points post automatically…I sent in an inquiry to MyPoints this evening so I guess we’ll see what they have to say.

  39. Posted! Did anyone get 300 points per dollar (i.e. new members get double points for the first month)? I “only” got 150 per dollar.

  40. Looks like I got my points! BUT can’t transfer to UA since apparently I already linked a past (different) mypoints account to UA account. Anyone know a way around this?

  41. 75k pending points posted and transfered to United. Another 75k are now showing as pending for double points for new members (!) If those post, this will have been a super-amazing deal.

    @HoKo, min remained pending for 2 days. There should be a date listed next to the transaction showing when the points will be posted.

    @econjon, rumor has it that MyPoints is suspicious of people signing up for second accounts to take advantage of the double points for new members offer. That said, I personally would contact them for help, and when asked, make it clear that you signed up for a new account because you forgot about your old account, etc. and not because you were trying to game the system.

    • @Tim J Yep, thanks for the info. My points only took 2 days to vest. I redeemed them today for $500 in Amazon GC’s. Did you have to contact them to ask for the double points as a new member or did those show up automatically?

  42. @HoKo, I requested the 150x about a week ago and mentioned that I thought it should possibly be 300x. Got the standard response about delays due to the hurricane. So yes I did ask them for the double points, but I’m not sure if that actually mattered.

  43. Does anyone know an easy process to convert the points to UA miles? Online it seems like you have to fill out some form with your address? And no MP #, do they mail you a certificate? I wanted to get the points ASAP for an upcoming flight – anyone have any experience on the smoothest way to redeem?

    Any blogger (that you FM :)) want to post a nice step by step?

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