Win a chance to win a seat on the MegaDO

BoardingArea is giving away two seats on the upcoming Star MegaDO 4. The winners will get a reserved aisle or window seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo 2012, hotel accommodations, and $250 for personal expenses!  Details of the MegaDO can be found here.

How the contest works: One person will be chosen by me based on comments made in this post. Each participating blog will have one winner. (Other BoardingArea blogs will also be giving away an entry this week.)  Two BoardingArea winners will be drawn from the individual entrants chosen on each blog.

What You Need to do: Tell me something interesting.  It can be a travel tip, a great way to get points & miles, a creative use of points, or really anything.  Whoever tells me the most interesting thing (I’ll be the judge) will have a chance to win one of two MegaDo seats.  Enter by 11:59pm Mountain time on October 7.

The Prize: A reserved aisle or window seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo 2012, hotel accommodations, and $250 for personal expenses. There will be a total of two total winners chosen at BoardingArea.

Additional details on the contest can be found here. You must be 18 to enter and will be responsible for your own positioning flights (to San Francisco for the start of the MegaDO and back home from Chicago).

disclaimer: Some of the text for this post was copied from Gary’s contest post (because I’m lazy).

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  1. I have a way to earn 750pts for $0 out of pocket (buying/selling electronics through portal/Amazon), but does take a little time and effort.

  2. Take the guidance and insight of BA bloggers (plus a few others)…add in my own pluck, initiative and individual circumstances and I was able to leverage $30,000 of spend over 6 months into 5-6 international business class tickets, a house full of new appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer/dryer) and $30,000 of profit (I’m a reseller with a wasabi twist – hint#1). And all of that was before I came upon you – Frequent Miler, a man after my own heart:-) So to you and all the others, thank you…or as my peeps like to say…Domo Arigato Mr Robato (hint#2). Seriously, thanks for all you do!

  3. Second in a row…one for the practical. Earned 150,000 Club Carlson points last summer (family friendly bed runs, Hat Tip to the BA community:-) Was redeeming in Norway…had booked three consecutive nights at a total cost of 132,000 points – then on a whim checked those same nights individually and two could be had at saver rates of 22,000 per night – cancelled and booked same exact three nights individually for a total of 88,000 points (savings of 44,000 points). A quirk of their system, don’t know…but it was very user friendly and seemed “crazy” to me but it worked and was easy…and as a final related note – the Club Carlson online booking system is very good, user friendly…and their footprint and service is more than adequate for Europe (not so sure elsewhere?). Cheers, BT.

  4. Just occurred to me that I won’t be able to afford RT airfare for my family to Europe next summer, so am now on a mission to read all mileage blogs, cash in on deals presented, enter all sweeps, or do whatever it takes within 7 months so we can get ourselves to Europe on points instead of spending $1400/ticket!!!!!

  5. The Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge in Seattle still serves hot pancakes for breakfast. And their bartenders donate all tips to charity.

  6. I think it’s interesting that “pilot” is posting on every boarding area blog why he’s excited about the United 787 (Gary’s question).

  7. Alot of my friends and family do not understand my love for collecting and learning about miles and points….Although I am a rookie, I enjoy reading the logs as well as the comments. Many people express that they don’t have time to follow them. I teach high schoolers, have taken over my fathers cattle operation after he suffer a massive attack and stroke, have two children and still manage to make time to follow the blogs. Traveling was something I didn’t get to experience as a child and I want my children to have that opportunity! Thanks so much bloggers for helping us all learn how to make travel a possibility (especially on a teachers salary). We ALL can do it!!

  8. I’d post my hint for bypassing the humongous queue for re-entry at PHL when arriving from TATL (when you have to go back through security) but if I did then everyone would know and do it….then I’d still be stuck in a long line 😉 Keeping that one to myself….unless we chat in person, that is.

  9. In the Denver Airport outside the window of the end of the main terminal (by the 4 US Airways gates) there is a soccer ball on the roof. There are no windows or doors anywhere near, so the question lies in how did it get there. I hope someone else has seen it, but every time to fly through, I run to the end of United Terminal and check and still there. Gates ~10-20 or so.

  10. The current Freedom 5x airline purchase bonus seems to be able to be combined with the travelocity UR portal bonus. Here is the email from one of the Chase reps:

    Dear Y.Jiang,

    I have received your e-mail regarding the 5% cash back

    After activating, rewards are calculated from the start of
    the offer time period. It may take our rewards processing
    a few days after purchases are posted to include them on
    your monthly statement. When you make a purchase during
    the last few days of this credit cards monthly statement,
    it may not be credited into your 5% bonus until the next
    statement closes. Therefore, we advise all of our
    cardmembers to wait 6-8 weeks for all of your rewards
    points to appear on your account; because we want to make
    sure you receive all points that you’ve earned for your

    The bonus rebates on the United Air charge for $345.60
    dated 10/04/2012 will post on the 11/04/2012 statement.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    Rendell Fernandes
    Customer Service Specialist


    Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
    serviced by its affiliates.

    – Gain instant access to view and download your credit
    card information.
    – See and pay your bill online
    – Transfer balances
    – Change your address and much more….


    Original Message Follows:

    I checked my Oct 4th statement and noticed that I received
    no Oct Dec 5percent bonus. But there is a United Air
    charge of 346 dollars there is another of 326 dollars but
    that one is refunded , so I wonder why.

  11. TSA pre check lane at dis will get you ahead of clear card holders even if you don’t have pre check or don’t get three beeps good shortcut for all at an airport with enormous lines.

  12. Each time this year that I have checked in online with Delta and asked for a Mobile Boarding pass to be sent to my phone, I have received Sky Priority status for the security line and boarding (and I have no status with Delta).
    Maybe they are rewarding customers who go the “electronic route”?
    I’ve never questioned it, but I sure appreciate it!

  13. DON’T DELAY – I should have been collecting miles/points for years but never realized the JACKPOT it can be. I started only about a year ago and have almost 350,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, 125,000 United points, etc. I could have had MILLIONS by now if I hadn’t procrastinated – DON’T WAIT. Get going now. And it’s actually fun =)

  14. Pipe cleaners keep kids from 5-21 busy and quiet on planes!!! They can make mobiles, trap in their sleeping parents, and have contest w/other kids. Oriental Trading Co is a great source. For younger travelers-babies and toddlers an air actived hot pack like handwarmers for skiing or thermacare and an air activated cold pack the kind kids use for soccer injuries are GREAT weigh nothing additions to your carry on. Babies with ear aches typically feel better with one or the other. Happy travels!

  15. You can book hotel rooms via Harrah’s Total Rewards and get some pretty sweet deals in many cities across the country.

  16. I am addicted to all kinds of points – 10% return at Corner Bakery, free popcorn at the movies, Cookies and Coffee at Panera but am still torn at the best points redemption – the J ticket to NZ for a month? the fantastic safari in SA on SAA in J? the SHOES at Nordstrom, the P&C at the W in Santiago where Richard Branson came into breakfast? everything is memorable and exciting – a great myriad of points opportunities to compliment a great life

  17. The current Hyatt promotion (5 nights is 5,000 Hyatt points, and every 5 nights afterwards is 10,000 Hyatt points) is truly phenomenal, and when combined with other promotions, such as the Freedom card’s 5 points per dollar on airline or hotel spend, and Platinum or Diamond status, it can be quite lucrative!

  18. I got into the point mileage game after seeing “Lost in Translation”. I wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo so badly that I began researching economical ways to make my dream come true. I have stayed there and I now have enough Hyatt points to stay 20 nights with Diamond status. I can also fly first class several times to Tokyo. My life changed 3 years ago. All things are possible.

  19. Pay attention to how the various merchants are coded with the credit card company in order to ensure that you are using the right credit card for the appropriate bonus. ie: (in Canada at least), Costco doesn’t count as grocery spending. So rather than use the Amex Gold card and expext 2x the points when you will only get 1x, you should use the Platinum card and get 1.25. Other expenses that you might not think would code as travel, like my time share annual fee’s, and should be paid with the Amex Gold card in order to maximize points.

  20. I have not done a lot of reading but I hope United use 787 to Europe and/or Asia. Yes, I am very excited about this!!! Count me in!!!

  21. Just returned fron Rangon on after taking advantage of the “mistake” fare. Burma is beautiful country and highly recommend travelers check it out.

  22. The best tip I have about travel is that being nice to people and simply asking for what you want(upgrade or whatever) is always better than being a jerk.

  23. “Something interesting”. OK, just kidding. In my experience the best guiding logic to getting ahead at earning points and miles is being aware of all the best sources of info are on the various programs and deals…This blog and the Boarding Area blogs being a good starting point. From credit card churning, to survey rewards, the scope of earning and redeeming is incredible!

  24. Since drinking laws are state laws instad of federal law, there is no minimum drinking age on the plane. While airlines can enforce a drinking policy, it’s not against the law for <21 to drink on the plane. Even then, law/policy doesn't matter if there's no one to inforce them. I take advantage of this frequently;)

  25. Try to live life with no regrets. Yes, we all make mistakes, but don’t ever give up the hope on making better choices and living live to its fullest. Even if you have to do it from your chair, do what you can to explore.

  26. Here’s a factoid that I guarantee not a single other person who commented on this post would ever be able to tell you:

    The world’s longest wooden pedestrian footbridge is located in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. If you’re trying to run across it and back, GAMBATTE!

  27. my trick for hitting high spending limits for sign up bonuses: personally pay for reimbursable (via insurance) doctors visits, dentists, hospitals, etc. Need to have 1) good insurance and 2) some float potentially to cover in case reimbursements don’t come in time for due date. But, I’ve successfully spent a few thousand this year on me and my wife that would have been paid directly unless I asked to pay and submit the insurance myself…doctors office will love you for it too.

  28. obviously you’d find a good points deal interesting, but the thing is, I read your blog b/c you’re the one always finding the best way to maximize points through shopping! I, on the other hand, am still a noob stumbling in the dark. so I can’t think of a great deal that you wouldn’t already know about. ok, maybe i got one: just found out that if you want to return starbucks cards that you purchased on your credit card, you’ll get your refund by check. if you already knew that, then how bout this one: cats can die from eating tylenol.

  29. The best kept secret in all of aviation travel: if you fly on Korean Air they will make you a hot cup of Shin Ramen at any time throughout the flight!

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