A point of confusion

When logging into the Ultimate Rewards Mall, you may see something like this under the section titled “Online Deals of the Week”:


The image appears to indicate that Home Depot is offering 5 extra points per dollar, but only through November 6, 2012.  Right?  Wrong.

Search for HomeDepot and you’ll find this screen:


In tiny print at the bottom, it says “Please note these terms & conditions: Special increased earnings now through 12/31/2012!”  In other words, Home Depot will stay at 5X until the end of the year. 

So what about the text in the top image that says “Valid through Nov 6. 2012”?  I’m pretty sure that’s referring to the free shipping offer.

I bring this up only because it is a constant source of confusion.  The “Online Deals of the Week” section confused me when JC Penney was first 10X.  On July 2nd I wrote that JC Penney was at 10X, but only until July 3rd.  In reality, JCP stayed 10X throughout the month (and beyond).  The confusion reappeared in September when it looked like the Sears 10X deal for Freedom cardholders would only last until September 4.  In both cases the correct information could be found in the tiny red print at the bottom of the offer details page.

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