Free points from Staples

This deal is good until November 24 2012 (Saturday).

Staples is back with a new FAR (Free after Rebate) software download. Usually, these are a great way to make progress toward meeting credit card minimum spend thresholds or to earn points for buying software you may or may not want. This week’s deal is small, but I predict that it is a harbinger of much more to come in the next few months. 

The idea here is to go through an online portal to Once there, buy only one copy of this “Free After Rebate” downloadable software product for $59.99. If you use your Chase Ink card via the Ultimate Rewards Mall, you will get 2 points per dollar from the Ultimate Rewards Mall and another 5 points per dollar if you pay with your Chase Ink card (since this is an office supply purchase). If you use a Freedom or Sapphire card, you will earn 2 points per dollar from the Ultimate Rewards Mall and another 1 point per dollar from your Chase card. This means that you can earn between 180 and 420 free points. See Preparing for Miles for more info about the Ink and other cards.

Staples has an amazingly easy “Easy Rebate” system. Once you purchase the software, they send you a rebate link via email. You click the link, fill out a little bit of info and you’re done. Note that you will have to wait a while, though. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive your check.

If you have questions, please see the Q&A section at the bottom of this post.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose a shopping portal:

According to HikerT’s website, the Ultimate Rewards Mall currently offers 2X for Staples purchases. Alternatively, you can go to TopCashBack for 5.5% cash back, or uPromise or ShopDiscover for 5% cash back. 

Step 2: Add one copy of “Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 for Windows (1-User) [Download]” to your cart:

TIP: Search for item 982927


Step 3: Check out

TIP 1: If you have Staples’ rewards money, use it! If you have a Chase Ink card that gives 5X for office supplies, use it!  Alternatively, if you have a Discover card registered for the quarterly 5% bonuses, you will earn another 5% cash back for this online purchase.

: Your state may charge sales tax. If you know someone in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax for downloadable internet orders (CA, NH, etc.), then set their address as the delivery address and no tax will be charged. This is a download only purchase anyway, so nothing will really be delivered. I picked “deliver to store” and picked a store in New Hampshire. Of course, there won’t really be anything to pick up.

Step 4: Submit Easy Rebates

You will receive an email from Staples with a link in it for submitting the rebate form. It’s easy!

TIP: The software rebate can be changed from a Visa gift card to a check! About 4 screens into the rebate process, you’ll see this:


Click on “or see other options for my reward” and you’ll see this:


Same Item

  • Q: In the past I’ve bought the exact same item for the rebate. Can I do this again?

  • A: Yes. As long as the rebate number is different from your past purchases, you should qualify for a new rebate. This rebate is different from any I’ve posted about in the past.

Per Household Limit

  • Q: Can I buy a copy for every friend I know?
  • A: I don’t recommend it. I know at least one person who tried to do something similar, but Staples did not approve the second set of rebates. I don’t know how they figured it out.

Status = Researching

  • Q: The status of my order says “researching”. What’s up with that?
  • A: Staples needs to verify your order. Sometimes this happens if you have the wrong email address or phone number on file. Simply give them a call or do an online chat with them to verify the information they need. Once that is done, they’ll confirm the order.

Ultimate Rewards Mall T&C

  • Q: The Staples’ Terms and Conditions in the Ultimate Rewards Mall says “Not eligible on promotional items, technology, software, and electronics”. Shouldn’t this deal be ineligible since this is software? And, aren’t these free after rebate items “promotional”?
  • A: In all past FAR deals, points have posted despite these terms & conditions.

Do I have to use a Chase credit card?

  • Q: If I go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Staples, do I have to pay with a Chase credit card in order to get bonus points from the mall?
  • A: No, you can use any credit card, but you may have better luck with a Chase card. For details and information about risks involved please see Ultimate Question.

Rebate Time

  • Q: How long will it take for my rebate to arrive?
  • A: The Staples web site says to expect 4 to 6 weeks. My first rebates arrived after about 5 weeks so it looks like Staples’ estimate is fairly accurate.


  • Q: Do I have to download this software so that I can qualify for the rebate?
  • A: No! I didn’t download any of the software I’ve bought in the past, but all rebates processed successfully.

Do Good

  • Q: I don’t need this software. Is there someone I can send the license keys to that could make good use of this stuff?
  • A: Check with your local schools or libraries. If someone can make good use of this software, then great!
Chase's 5/24 Rule: With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve your application if you have opened 5 or more cards with any bank in the past 24 months. Some exceptions that do not fall under the 5/24 rule include: British Airways, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott Business, and Ritz Carlton.
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  1. Lots of dis-qualifiers on the Shop Discover site including “not valid on software”. I have been having trouble with collecting Discover’s CashBack Bonuses, they can’t seem to do basic math.

    All RetailersSee All Retailers

    Earn 5% Cashback Bonus
    when you shop on

    Add to Favorites
    Earn 5% Cashback Bonus
    Staples makes it easy to find the business essentials you need, like office supplies, ink & toner, copy paper, electronics, office furniture and more. Get FREE delivery on most orders over $50.
    Offer not valid on gift certificate purchases
    Offer not valid on shipping, taxes, or other service fees
    Offer not valid on GPS devices and GPS accessories, PDA’s, cameras (including camcorders), scanners, and digital frames. Also not valid on computers, software, hardware, drives, memory, printers, copiers, fax machines, custom printed items, premiums and items sold on
    Offer is not valid in combination with any offers found outside ShopDiscover
    Must link to retailer site from the ShopDiscover Web page found at and use your Discover Card for each transaction
    Offer is subject to change, including termination, without notice
    Merchants may change their prices at any time; Cashback Bonus is calculated on the merchant site price if different from what is seen on ShopDiscover
    The promotional Cashback Bonus will be applied to your account within 8 weeks after the order has shipped

  2. Thanks FM! These are easily my favorite way to earn miles (and I have a few) wish I didn’t have to wait for you to spoon feed me them but things like this do keep me coming back for more.

    Keep up the good work, and enjoy the vacation!

  3. is there any problem to get the rebate if the delivery address and billing address are different? the rebate is counting on the billing address or delivery address?

  4. Is it possible to get a business address off the internet for a store in one of the no-tax states, and just put that on the order, since nothing’s really going there anyway?

  5. Thanks again. I’m looking for the max (10) copies promo. That and they need to bump up the Ultimate Rewards mall to 10 x at Staples.

    • @slooz,

      Unfortunately, that one requires activation in order to receive the rebate, so it makes it a little bit more difficult to obtain.

  6. You can also get the McAfee Internet Security free after rebate (mail in only) for $54.00 no tax/delivery valid thru 12/1/12. Item # 982947. Will get a check for $54.

    Also Quickbooks Online Simple Start 2013 (item 953839) $90 is FAR (but charged me tax of $7.43). Have to activate the software to enable rebate code so a bit of a pain.

    So $59.99 + $54 + $90 = $203.99 plus $7.43 tax gives 408 UR points via the UR mall (2x at Staples) plus 1020 UR (+37 UR for tax) using Ink card (5x) at Staples = 1465 UR points for $7.43 cost (and one stamp) = ~$0.005 per UR point.

  7. Thanks fm! I always liked kaspersky and needed to take the trend software off around now anyway.
    It was a bear to get all this done using an iphone but i eventually preloaded everything to each site and then did it (added a $2 staples rewards coupon and a $5 one i got in an email flyer on my staples acct first after loading the item). It was harder cuz phones dont want to use a full html site so it kept crashing out but it eventually worked. If all went well ill have the ur too!
    Cheers, mm

  8. I was forgetful however and neglected to choose pick up in store and use a NH store to save $3.31 in tax for MA but i did use a $5 off $50 i would not have used so oh well good enough

  9. I don’t need my code, so someone can use it.
    Item Number: 982927
    Quantity: 1
    Download your product from the following link.
    Product: Click to Download
    You may use the Product Key(s) to activate the product.
    Product Key: W8XY9-31257-54PJ5-PWGDE

  10. I got an email that my easy rebate for Kaspersky was processing so I went to check and got the following status for my rebate:
    Invalid UPC Number
    Since it’s an “easy rebate” there was no UPC . . . has anybody else had a similar experience? If so, what recourse do I have?

    • Alon: I got that email this morning too. I sent them a request for help and they told me they needed the delivery zip code in order to process the rebate. So, I gave them the zip code of the store I picked for Pickup. They then said that my rebate is OK and being processed.

  11. I had Invalid UPC, too after clicking the link from my email to check the rebate status. I clicked Help at the bottom of the page and then clicked Chat. I was asked for the order number and the SKU, and then told that my order was now updated and that the rebate check would be mailed in 15 business days.

  12. Hurry back from vacation so you can help us figure out what to do now that Office Depot has stopped selling Vanilla reloads.

  13. I had the same problem (invalid UPC). Everyone should check the email they received and check the status. If you get the same message, just follow the link to Help, and click the Chat button. Agent came on quickly, I pasted the link to the rebate in the chat window and explained the status said “invalid UPC” but that is was a downloadable purchase so there was no UPC. Agent just asked if the rebate was for $59.99, I said yes. Two minutes later, the agent said it was all set, I’d get my check in the mail within 15 days. Easy.

  14. I omitted one detail in my post above: phone agent did ask for the zip code of the place where the product was delivered. I gave it, and that was it.

  15. @FM – regarding the zip code email, it really helps if you use the link in your email after your purchase that links the easyrebate site – it already comes with zip prefilled in. If you go to easyrebates manually it’s easy to miss and get that email.

    Don’t forget the 20% 11/30 expiration coupons floating around, they work nicely with this.

  16. Unfortunately, my problem wasn’t fixed as easily as everybody elses. They said wait 72 hours and the issue would be fixed.

    • They also told me 72 hours … It’s a known issue with this particular rebate according to my “chat” with their help desk

  17. At the moment we’re experiencing an issue with this promotion (offer #12-28672) causing records to show as invalid for UPC due to the system not correctly verifying the purchase information. Please allow 72 hours for your record to be updated with your purchase information and the status to be updated.

  18. I didn’t call up/use chat, but after the first email saying invalid UPC code I am now showing ‘validation in progress’ on my rebate page, so perhaps they are fixing it without any action required… I’ll keep an eye on it for 72hrs then contact them if it seems stuck there.

  19. I’m all for free points but this seems like a lot of potential hassle for about $5 worth of UR. If they suddenly decide to enforce that “no software” thing, then where are you?

  20. Whoops! Bought the wrong version. Got the actual box and CD as opposed to the downloadable version. Just got a call from the San Diego Staples saying my order was ready to be picked up!

  21. The problem is I live in VA! But I called and they said my Easy Rebate will still go through. So no big loss for me. The question now is can I get another rebate for buying the download version?? 🙂

  22. No Chase UR Mall points have posted. Went through the mall to make these purchases but no bonus has posted. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

    • I think it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Rebates via Staples Easyrebates does expedite the processing. I’ve never had a problem receiving a rebate back with Easy Rebates. Mail-in rebates like the Intuit is a little more dicey. I’ve had mixed experiences with mail-in rebates. Lost envelopes, lost rebates, etc. It is much harder to rectify as more manual intervention is involved.

  23. I haven’t gotten points through the Ultimate Rewards Mall either. Maybe they are now enforcing the terms that say software is excluded. Has anybody gotten the points yet?

  24. I asked Chase where the Mall points were, and got this message:

    I have confirmed that the Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 for Windows (1-User) [Download] and the SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8GB USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive (Black/Red) shown in your attachments do not qualify to earn Ultimate Rewards Mall bonus points.

    The merchant disclosures state Not eligible on gift
    cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash
    equivalents. Not eligible on promotional items,
    technology, software, and electronics. Shopping cart must be empty prior to accessing Staples through this site to be eligible. Discount reward certificates and Copy and Print shop orders are not eligible. Staples Business Advantage orders are not eligible. Contact with Staples for price matching, sales assistance, etc. will likely cancel eligibility. Any return, exchange or other adjustment made at a physical store location for an on-line purchase may result in your purchase being deemed ineligible for reward.

    Because the items you purchased were software and
    technology they would not qualify to earn Ultimate Rewards Mall bonus points. Please be sure to review the merchants terms and conditions before making a purchase through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to ensure the items will qualify to earn bonus points.

    Another one bites the dust (partially)!

  25. I also have a reply from chase about the points through UR:

    I have received your e-mail regarding non-receipt of
    additional bonus points for making purchases through
    Ultimate Rewards Mall.

    Upon review, I do not see that the transaction made
    towards for $59.99 qualified
    to earn the additional bonus points.

    Further, after the transaction is successfully processed,
    you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your accelerated
    earnings purchase through Ultimate Rewards website.
    Hence, I request you to provide us with the e-mail
    confirmation that you have received after making the
    purchase through Ultimate Reward. You may send the e-mail
    confirmation as an attachment or fax the information to
    1-888-643-9628. Once received the details, either I, or
    one of my colleagues will be happy to review your inquiry
    further and take appropriate action.

    It seems that the staple free points are dead, at least for non-ink card holders.

  26. I submitted the mail in rebates at the end of the November. Shouldn’t we get some sort of confirmation that they received the mail in rebate forms? This is making me uneasy.

  27. Just had UR bonus points post for a software purchase from on 10-Dec-2012 – this was not a FAR deal, but it was electronic delivery. There was a small Easy Rebate.

  28. The purchase that I did get UR bonus points for was TurboTax + Quicken with a $40 Easy Rebate. Did anyone else do this, and, if so, what was the outcome?

  29. FM: Maybe you could do a post dedicated to Staples UR bonus points that we could use as a focal point for tracking what is going on. There may be a pattern that we can uncover…

  30. No UR Mall points on this round, just the 5x Ink Bold. Had the Invalid UPC error on the Easy Rebate which was cleared using online chat. At 4+ weeks the rebate still shows as Validation in Progress. Previous rebates used to pay out much quicker.

  31. Just did a chat session for two rebates (23-Nov-2012 and 10-Dec-2012) that were not progressing. I was told: “David, the rebate records both show they are valid and processing. We are just waiting for the holiday return period to end on 01/11/13. Once this has passed the rebates will be mailed within 15 days for you.”

  32. I received the mail in rebate for the Mcaffe software. I’m still showing validation in progress for the Kaspersky software. I did the quick books rebate and have yet to receiver anything on that…that one was 90 dollars…I’m not feeling too good about that one.

  33. Very interesting. So I just got the extra Ultimate Rewards mall points for these purchases. They just posted a few days ago, almost 2 months after the purchase.

    I still have not received the rebate for the Quickbooks software. However, I did receive the other 2 rebates.

  34. @Kane Fascinating – mine posted also (10-Jan-2013), in spite of being told earlier that the purchases were not eligible.

  35. Also received the UR Mall points on 1/22 for the 11/23 purchase. Haven’t received the rebate yet, but web site shows that it is finally on the way.

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