16.67% off at Target

imageThrough Saturday, use this coupon to get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 in-store at Target.  That means you can get $60 worth of stuff for $50.  That amounts to a 16.67% discount. 

Yes, you can buy merchant gift cards, but not Target gift cards.  Some people have reported success with buying Visa gift cards.  You can use Target gift cards to pay for your purchase.

RomsDeals has the details (but arguably the wrong math) here.

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  1. Print didn’t work both times for me. Thanks IE! If anyone finds a PDF version (if they aren’t unique), please post link! Thank you!

  2. Are you sure you can use it for purchase of gift cards? Right on the coupon it says “GiftCards and tax will not be included in determining purchase total.”

    • John: According to the FatWallet crowd, the verbage about GiftCards is specific to Target gift cards. Gift cards from other merchants should work as long as you can get the cashier to scan the coupon.

  3. Use your Target RedCard for an additional 5% off. RedCard savings are instant. I purchased a lot of Starbucks gift cards last week during this deal. The key is to roll the first $10 earned into future purchases. Paid $199.90 for $250 worth of Starbucks and one $10 Target GC left over. It’s so tempting to spend more this week, but I can’t. Doesn’t work on Visa/AmEx GCs.

  4. Spent 10 minutes in Target with the coupon, couldn’t find a GC I like, the best is GroupOn GC, but Discover always give 15% for GroupOn purchase, getting 16% off in the form of Target GC is just too much hassle, not worth to me.

  5. I know I’m splitting hairs here, but I think the 20% claim is defensible. After the second trip, you’ve spent $90 out of pocket for $100 worth of stuff (and you’re still holding on to the $10 GC), so that puts you at 10% off. After the fifth trip, you’ve spent $210 OOP for $250, and now you’re at 16% off. After the 20th trip, you’re at $810 OOP for $1,000, which is 19% off. Stated more formally: “The limit of the GC as x approaches infinity = 20%”

    Yes, I’ve spent too much time thinking about this.

  6. Nick, I think FM should create another website. Perhaps a support group for people like you and me who think about this stuff way way too much.

  7. This is awesome. Last time when target ran this offer, I made a huge deal. Follow the discussion on the internet and you should be able to pull some information.

  8. This is definitely a 20% savings…remember you are spending only $50 to get $10 and not spending $60 out of pocket…FM was not awake….Depite this, thanks for letting us know…made $40 so far….not a lot of gift card choices but hey, anyone can eat at Olive Garden, Red lobster or Red Robins…Too bad there were no gas cards at my target.

  9. It isn’t 20% because that $10 GC still needs to be used on on a purchase. So you are buying $60 worth for $50. As a few mentioned above, it does get close to 20% if you keep on going back to Target over and over again.

  10. Tso: assuming you later use the $10 gift card for $10 worth of Target stuff, you will then have paid a total of $50 for $60 worth of stuff. That’s a 16.67% discount. If you consider Target gift cards to be as good as cash, then yes you can count it as a 20% discount.

  11. gottoloveink: I was awake. Spend $50, get $60 worth of stuff. That’s a 16.67% discount. As Singapore Flyer says, you can approach 20% by reinvesting the $10 each time into the same deal.
    Singapore Flyer: Exactly.

  12. Was in-store, got a coupon printed at register for $8 off $80 or more. I don’t see anything on either coupon excluding combining them. Coupled with 5% off for RedCard (debit) this is a good deal.

  13. Don’t forget the multiple dip if you can. This promo is in it’s second week. Last week, Kroger had 4X Fuel Points so you could go buy target gift cards with a 5X credit card (e.g. Amex Blue Preferred). Then go to Target and roll GC’s.

    We found the electronics section a good place to go roll gc’s as they seem to be pretty lenient.

    Went and bought $2K worth of Target GC’s.
    4X Fuelpoints – 4 trips of $50 – $70 off gas
    $100 Cashback from Amex
    $2500 worth of Disney Gift Cards
    This is without the extra savings from the $8/80 and $5/50 coupons that the register printed now and then. Going to end up making $8-900 on a $2k spend.

  14. @FM – At the Hyatt Cypress Grand Resort after a 1,000 mile journey from Cinci. The TV says my name…. Diamond upgrade to a suite, few nice amenities.

    Now if I can find some other asian dude my kids might call daddy, I could send them and wife and go hit up the real Ooooooorlando!

    Ok so I had a bit too much of the free champaign at checkin.

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