FatWallet offers half off $10 Chili’s gift cards


Until December 24th, FatWallet is offering $5 cash back for each order of a Chili’s e-gift card.  Minimum order is $10.

Important Info

  • For maximum savings, order gift cards $10 at a time.  Each time, start at FatWallet, click through this deal, and then buy a $10 e-card.
  • Each person may order up to 500 cards.
  • The purchase is made through chilis.cashstar.com so it probably does not count as a restaurant purchase (for those seeking category bonuses), but it probably does count as an Online Purchase for the Discover card’s 5% quarterly bonus.
  • People are reporting that each $10 transaction puts a $12 hold on your credit card (the extra $2 is just a hold that will go away after a few days).  This is worth noting because this deal is not then a good way to completely cash out bank gift cards.
  • Chili’s gift cards can be used at Chili’s, On The Border, Maggiano’s Little Italy and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  There are no printed rules against using multiple gift cards at once.

If you’re new to FatWallet and would like to help support the Frequent Miler site, please consider signing up for FatWallet with this link.  I will receive $5 for each person who signs up and makes a purchase of $25 or more through FatWallet links within 365 days.

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    • Quig69: Thanks, I’m glad you’re happy
      MilesAbound: I think it would be a lot of work to liquidate these. As others have pointed out, most gift card resellers won’t take gift cards with less than $25 value. Best bet would be to buy a bunch and then go in person to see if Chili’s would let you consolidate multiple gift cards into fewer larger gift cards. I plan to simply buy some in order to give as gifts and to save 50% when eating at Macaroni Grill, etc.

  1. Many of the resellers (Cardpool, plastic jungle) have $25 minimums. Liquidating these cards could be tricky if you don’t use them personally.

  2. Actually there could be a way to liquidate. Buy $20 card, get $5 cash-back and sell the card to GiftCardRescue for $15. You will break even on the cards and the only expense is postage. If you buy enough on those cards if would be like getting very cheap miles. The problem is that according to the terms they sell eCards. An I am not sure how to sell those. Is there any way to turn them into plastic?

    • MileageUpdate: Thanks
      Trevor: Yes, you could sell them on EBay, but you don’t have any protection if a buyer claims that you swindled them.
      TonyL: Good to know. Maybe it’s worth trying to liquidate some bank gift cards after all.

  3. So, I’m reading that liquidation is going to be the big challenge… Even so, could be helpful for minimum spend… What about selling the GCs on Ebay?

  4. It appears cashstar.com’s backend systems are having some difficulties, I’ve tried repeatedly and have gotten the following sequence of successes and failures with the failures annotated as mismatching address. My address hasn’t changed today, really.


    I’ve decided to stop since I don’t want to trigger a potential fraud block from my credit card issuer.

    Note that the pending authorizations show as “Brinker Intl egift car” (as truncated), and that the FAIL transactions actually show up as two authorizations, one for $10.00 and one for -$10.00 (releasing the previous authorization), which I interpret as meaning the credit card issuer thought the provided information was acceptable but the merchant then canceled the transaction.

  5. Used your link as I hadn’t signed up for fatwallet as I’m mostly interested in pure miles rather than cash back sites.
    This offer can’t be used to empty vanilla gift cards as their payment system needs more than just the registered zip.

  6. How exactly does one use an e-giftcard at a restaurant? This deal may require significant effort and/or risk (Ebay) to liquidate but it’s a good deal to actually use for personal eating or for gifts.

  7. Does anyone know if these cards are still good at Macaroni Grill? I know they used to be, but I recall reading that Macaroni Grill has new ownership. That suggests to me “a problem.”

    I’m thinking of buying a few of these to use at the restaurants, but for obvious reasons, I’d like to be able to use them at a couple of different restaurants.

  8. vxmike: I expect that you simply print them before going to the restaurant, but they might also accept them from your phone
    iahphx: I hope they’re still good for Macaroni Grill. That’s the main place I want to use them.

  9. Do you need to complete each transaction separately or can you add a bunch of $10 cards in one transaction? Thanks for the tip–used your link.

  10. Just went to Chilis and paid for lunch with two of these. They are complicated as the number on the print out has to be entered by hand. However I was able to buy a plastic GC with the other print outs I had so I consolidated what I had left to a $27.98 card.
    But I went to plastic jungle and I think a lot of people must be doing this as they are down to just 73.5% for trade in.

  11. I noted on 12/19 that one of my two purchases (ebates.com) had shown up in my posted transactions but not the other. The second has still not shown up. 🙁 Not worth calling them about yet, I’ll wait until after New Year’s Day to call if need be.

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