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Starting March 3rd, Staples will be offering a $15 prepaid card via easy rebate when you purchase $150 or more in Visa prepaid cards.  I’ll cover this in full next week!  Click here to see the offer.


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  1. […] From March 3 through March 9, Staples will be offering a $15 prepaid card via EasyRebate for purchase of a Visa prepaid card valued at $150 or more. Limit one per household. I’ll definitely be walking over to my local Staples, earning 5 points per dollar on a gift card, and make money while doing. Sad you can only earn this once. (HT: Frequent Miler) […]


  1. This time around, there is a limit. Dont know how that limit is treated. 1 X 15 or 1 rebate(ie…can I buy 5 X 200GCs for $100 Staples GC?)

  2. Ok, let’s do some math. Assuming you purchase a $200 Visa card with a $6.95 activation fee, total is $206.95, use Ink card to get 5 points per dollar is 1,035 points. $15 – 6.95 = $8.05 ahead. Win win.

  3. @Grant,

    Yes. It is win win but I would love to scale it like last time around. I spent over 4K. Made out with INK and about 600 in Staples GC. Was hoping for something similar this time around. but if the limit is one $15 Staples Rebate, it might not be worth the hassle.

  4. @Sam_Goh: I meant 2 15$ rebates were processed for a single 200$ card purchase. I did not do the more than one per Address thing. 🙂

  5. @PhatMiles
    Last time some people got $3-400 per address because Staples coded “limit 1” as 1 receipt. I only did $150 per address.

    • askmrlee: Yes, you can pay for these with a credit card.
      Flyer & PhatMiles: You can use these to load bluebird online with these restrictions: $100 limit per day. $2 fee per load. You cannot use these to load bluebird at Walmart because there you need a PIN.

  6. can I use this visa prepaid (debit) card to reload my bluebird? It say’s it is a debit card and bluebird is supposed to reload with a debit card.

  7. are there prepaid (debit) cards (with PIN) that I can buy using credit card and then use it to load bluebird at Walmart money center?

  8. This seems pretty limited. Online you can only buy the $100 cards max for a $6.95 fee. You need to buy a $100 for $6.95 and a $50 for $5.95. Shipping is free and these are not subject to sales tax so you gain by $2.10 only. Not nothing but . . . . .

  9. @Flyer & AC – The Wells Fargo debit card can be loaded with your Chase Ink or Bold card online. Chase does NOT code this as a cash advance. The WF debit card has a pin number, so can use it at Walmart to load your BB card. Can also take out 500 at WF atm twice per month with no fees. Charge is $3/month. Here is the link.

  10. @Marshall,
    Using your chase ink or bold card to load the WF card online is great but u only get 1 point/$. Can you use Amex cards to load the WF card? Trying to meet spend on my Amex business card deal I got 10K spend in 4 months for 75K miles. Does getting the WF card get a hard hit on you credit like a Credit card? I’m still 2 months from next App party and don’t want to have to start 3 months over for just 1 debit card. Or is debit cards different? I have been trying to work out options to load my Bluebird from my Amex to pay mortgage. Thanks

  11. Sorry for the stupid question. So to get the $15 Visa GC, do I have to fill out my household address and it will be shipped to me later? Or will I get it right away at the store after I bought $200 Visa GC?

  12. Ha: I believe that you’ll have to fill out a rebate form (online) and they’ll send it. We’ll find out more on Sunday.
    Jon Chan: bluebird has an option online for loading from debit card $100 at a time with a $2 fee. I don’t remember the exact steps.

  13. @Sweetsavage77…You cannot use an AMEX to load the Wells Fargo debit; it’s Visa or MC only. I use my Cap1 Venture Card each month with $2500. They charge me a fee of $5 for the load plus the $3 fee per month for keeping the card open. I get $50 in travel credit back, so I end up making $42 back each month when pay my mortgage and other bills that don’t normally take a credit card. I also get some cash back at grocery stores and redeposit it in my bank account. It’s not super lucrative, but it works for me.

  14. Since the gift cards do not have my address, I cannot add those as a funding source to load onto Bluebird as the addresses do not match. Unless I miss out on something, I believe this is the case.

  15. @jivepicnic and/or @Marshall could you use an Amex to buy a Visa/Master card gift card and load the WF card?

  16. @ Marshall, does applying for the WF card give you a hit on your credit or is it different with a debit card? Thanks

  17. I am new to this lifestyle choice 🙂 and when they sent me an offer for 75,000 miles on the Amex business card I got so excited I about S£~%~T myself, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I have learned the hard way since NOBODY accepts American Express. Lol.

  18. @Sweetsavage77: Good question about buying the Visa/MC gift cards and loading the WF debit card. I load it online, and I think I had to enter the billing address for my credit card, so it may not work with a gift card. I guess it may be worth a try in your case. I know that Chase and Cap1 definitely give points for loading the WF debit card online.

  19. FM: The ad says limit of 1 rebate per household. Does that mean, we are entitled to get ONLY One 15$ GC with the purchase of a 150+ VIsa GC? Last time there was a limit of 10, something. I cannot find such limit this time. Any help please?

  20. @ Jivepicnic/Sweetsavage77, you can’t load a Visa/MC gift card to WF debit card. I tried and it won’t register. Only way to get money out of Visa/MC gift card is through Amex Target. But there are fees associated with this method.

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