TODAY ONLY: Free spend & points from Staples

This deal is good today only 3/3/2013 

Staples has two new FAR (Free after Rebate) software downloads today only thanks to two overlapping rebates!  These are a great way to make progress toward meeting credit card minimum spend thresholds or to earn points for buying software regardless of whether you actually want the software.

The idea here is to go through an online portal to Once there, buy ten copies of each of these “Free After Rebate” downloadable software products for a total cost of $799.80 (or less if you apply a coupon).  If you use your Chase Ink card you will earn 5 points per dollar since this is an office supply purchase.  In other words, you could earn about 4000 points for free.  See Preparing for Miles for more info about the Ink and other cards.

Staples has an amazingly easy “Easy Rebate” system. Once you purchase the software, they send you a rebate link via email. You click the link, fill out a little bit of info and you’re done. Note that you will have to wait a while, though. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive your check.

If you have questions, please see the Q&A section at the bottom of this post.  Also checkout this SlickDeals thread for additional details.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose a shopping portal:

You can get additional points or cash back by starting with a shopping portal. Some good choices are TopCashBack 5.5%, uPromise 5%, ShopDiscover 5%, and the Ultimate Rewards Mall 2 points per dollar.

Step 2: Add ten copies of “Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 for Windows (1-3 User) [Download]” to your cart:

TIP: Search for item 991094



And, add ten copies of “Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 for Windows (1 User) [Download]” to your cart

TIP: Search for item 982926


Step 3: Check out

TIP 1: If you have Staples’ rewards money, use it! If you have a Chase Ink card that gives 5X for office supplies, use it!

: Your state may charge sales tax. If you know someone in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax for downloadable internet orders (CA, NH, etc.), then set their address as the delivery address and no tax will be charged. This is a download only purchase anyway, so nothing will really be delivered. I picked “deliver to store” and picked a store in New Hampshire. Of course, there won’t really be anything to pick up.

TIP 3: Consider using coupon code 62355 to save $15 from your order.  Caution: Some think that the use of the code will increase the chance of your order getting held up as “researching” and possibly eventually cancelled.  I took the risk and did one order with the coupon and one without.  The coupon is supposed to be limited to one time use per household.

Step 4: Submit Easy Rebates

You will receive an email from Staples with a link in it for submitting the rebates . It’s easy!  Don’t forget to add all four rebates (two per product)!

TIP: The software rebate can be changed from a Visa gift card to a check! About 4 screens into the rebate process, you’ll see something like this (screenshot is from a previous rebate, not the current ones):


Click on “or see other options for my reward” and you’ll see this:


Same Item

  • Q: In the past I’ve bought the exact same item for the rebate. Can I do this again?

  • A: Yes. As long as the rebate number is different from your past purchases, you should qualify for a new rebate. This rebate is different from any I’ve posted about in the past.

Per Household Limit

  • Q: Can I buy a copy for every friend I know?
  • A: I don’t recommend it. I know at least one person who tried to do something similar, but Staples did not approve the second set of rebates. I don’t know how they figured it out.

Status = Researching

  • Q: The status of my order says “researching”. What’s up with that?
  • A: Staples needs to verify your order. Sometimes this happens if you have the wrong email address or phone number on file. Simply give them a call or do an online chat with them to verify the information they need. Once that is done, they’ll confirm the order.

Ultimate Rewards Mall T&C

  • Q: The Staples’ Terms and Conditions in the Ultimate Rewards Mall says “Not eligible on promotional items, technology, software, and electronics”. Shouldn’t this deal be ineligible since this is software? And, aren’t these free after rebate items “promotional”?
  • A: In all past FAR deals, points have posted despite these terms & conditions, but there is always a risk that portal points won’t post.

Do I have to use a Chase credit card?

  • Q: If I go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Staples, do I have to pay with a Chase credit card in order to get bonus points from the mall?
  • A: No, you can use any credit card, but you may have better luck with a Chase card. For details and information about risks involved please see Ultimate Question.

Rebate Time

  • Q: How long will it take for my rebate to arrive?
  • A: The Staples web site says to expect 4 to 6 weeks. In my experience, that estimate is fairly accurate.


  • Q: Do I have to download this software so that I can qualify for the rebate?
  • A: No! I didn’t download any of the software I’ve bought in the past, but all rebates processed successfully.

Do Good

  • Q: I don’t need this software. Is there someone I can send the license keys to that could make good use of this stuff?
  • A: Check with your local schools or libraries. If someone can make good use of this software, then great!

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  1. Ok so I was able to get in on this deal no problems with rebates and all, BUT I just got a email from chase ink saying that I earned extra points, Then I see that they only gave me 2ppd instead of 5ppd so what gives? Should I call and say something to Chase?

  2. hanly2: It sounds like you went through the Ultimate Rewards Mall that offers 2 points per dollar at Staples. So, the email says that from the Mall you’re getting 2X. That’s fine. You’ll also get 5X automatically on your statement if you paid with your Ink card.

  3. Staples cancelled my order after I didn’t return a phone call. “Free” points are not worth that much trouble.

  4. I also got the “Please choose one of the rebate offers below.”

    After a brief online chat with EasyRebates:
    “I’ve sent the information off to Staples. They will confirm you qualify for the rebates and have them processed accordingly. We will have a response within the next 7 to 10 days. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this caused.”

    Seems like this CSR was familiar with this set of offers and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

  5. Got two postcards in the mail saying that Staples wouldn’t honor two of my purchases for the Kaspersky Anti Virus 1 user. One said “Invalid Purchase Date”, which is untrue — it was made on 3/3 in the middle of the afternoon EST. The other said “All required products were not submitted”, which doesn’t make any sense. Any ideas?

  6. bill: I also ordered on the 3rd, but in the Staples system, it says my order date was the 4th. I spoke with a rebate center supervisor who said I would need to fax them a request to fix the order date along with proof of it being the 3rd. Otherwise, they’ll only honor the two rebates that were valid on the 4th. So I faxed them a letter of explanation, along with a copy of the order confirmation email they sent me on the 3rd (it’s dated the 3rd), and screen shots (from this post) show the product FREE after rebates. I just faxed that in yesterday, so I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I figure with this kind of evidence, if Staples decides not to do the right thing, at least I’ll have a good case ready to go if I need to dispute the charges with my credit card as a last resort. Want the fax number??? 🙂 It’s 866-964-7069. That’s the Staples Rebate Center fax. Good luck!

  7. One of the four offers now says “Invalid Purchase Date” and another says “Invalid – You cannot take advantage of the selected offer because you already selected an offer for this product.”

    Sent an email and got a reply:

    “I apologize but your rebates are currently invalid. You will need to submit proof of purchase by providing the receipts if bought in store or the email confirmation or packing slips if bought online. You can submit this by fax or mail. please allow 2 weeks by mail or 5 days by fax for processing”

    Ok. So I faxed. We’ll see…

    • Got postcards in the mail telling me two of the rebates were invalid. Did a quick online chat today and the agent marked everything as “validated” so I’m expecting 4 checks total 🙂

  8. My antivirus is going to expire and don’t want AVG (because of the tag line)… anyone have a spare link and serial code… if so, I am at leetrade (at) hotma.. (you know the rest). Thanks in advance… Lee

  9. Looks like it was reported earlier, but nice to get a surprise profit of $100. Spent $800. got $900 check today plus all the UR. Need more of these.

  10. If anyone doesn’t plan to use their product keys, please forward them to me. I could use some extras. samdory (at) Thanks!

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