Visa Gift Cards 2% cash back. Today only

UPDATE: During the day, GiftCardMall changed the upper limit of their gift cards from $1000 to $500.  This can still be a money maker at 2%, but it’s not as good of a deal as it was.

Today only (Monday, April 29 2013), the cash back portal, TopCashback, is offering 2% cash back when buying gift cards after clicking through to GiftCardMall.  TopCashback usually offers 1.5% cash back for GiftCardMall, but the rate is going to dip down to 1% as of Thursday, May 2nd.  So, the expected cash back schedule for buying Visa gift cards at GiftCardMall via TopCashback is:

  • Monday, April 29: 2% cash back
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: 1.5% cash back
  • Thursday and thereafter: 1% cash back


Now that Visa gift cards can be setup with PINs, they have become more interesting since they can now be loaded to Bluebird (see “Gift card PINs” and “Bluebird swipe reloads via ATM” and “Better than free manufactured spend“).

I’ve tested Visa gift cards from GiftCardMall and I found that, once activated, it is possible to simply use the last 4 digits of the gift card as its PIN (you can also set your own PIN online if you prefer).  Using the last 4 digits as the PIN, I successfully loaded my Bluebird card at Walmart.

Buy with Amex gift card

If you want to buy these gift cards with an Amex gift card, please read this post: How to use Amex gift cards to buy GiftCardMall gift cards and earn a profit.  Many questions you may have are (hopefully) already answered there.

TopCashback Notes

The following information was sent to me by TopCashback.  If you’re interested in their business model and how it affects promotions like these, here you go:

TCb makes money through the Google Ads that are dotted around its pages (and clearly marked as non-cashback earning) and by selling on-site advertising space to merchants. In the latter’s case, the merchant *must* also offer an increased rate of cashback – so members are gaining a little bit extra as well.

Cashback rates are always at least 100% (where allowed) of what TCb’s paid. If a cashback rate increases for a period of time, that’s either because a) the merchant has bought advertising space so has had to increase its cashback rate to be in line with the TCb advertising rules or b) there’s some spare TCb marketing budget that can be put towards offering members a higher rate of cashback with a particular merchant for a small period of time.

If a cashback rate decreases, it’s because c) TCb’s spare marketing budget has been removed from the rate; d) the advertising period for a merchant has finished, so the rate’s dropping back to its standard amount or e) the merchant has said it is lowering what it is prepared to pay TCb as standard. Nonetheless, regardless of which reason, the cashback rate displayed will be 100% of what TCb is paid.

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  1. Phone call and email from GCM. The image i selected for the customized 1k carf is black and against their policy because the numbers. Don’t show up. BS. It was their image i selected.

  2. I have not gotten email of approval or decline, is anyone in the same boat? I put in my order yesterday morning and the cash back from TCB is posted as pending today.

    • I put in three separate orders. One was canceled because it was bulk order (ordered 5 $1k VC), another one fell victim to the we can’t verify your information and the third one is in a black hole. I have order confirmations for each order.

  3. How long do they take before they ship your order? My order from 4/29 shows up on their website, but says not yet shipped.

  4. Richard H: I don’t know how predictable it is, but cards that I ordered on Friday were just mailed out today so it’s safe to assume that it will take a few more days at minimum.

  5. @ Richard, i have the same thing, ordered GCs on 4/29 and status still shows “not yet shipped”. As long as its not canceled or you get an email to call GCM, it should be ok. Finger-crossed.

  6. Got email confirmation that the cards will be shipped today.

    “Great news! Your recent order from has been sent to the Recipient via USPS First Class Bundle 2 on 05/01/2013. Below are the details for your order. Please inform the recipient that their Gift Card(s) are on their way!

    The gift card will arrive in one of three packages. (Standard White Envelope #10 – USPS First Class Mail) – (Critical Mail Blue With White Stripes 6×9 Envelope or Priority Mail Envelope – USPS Critical Mail) -(UPS Envelope/Box – UPS 2nd Day, Next Day & Overnight)”

  7. Ordered 4/29 a 3k order and a 2k order. Still “processing”. Asked GCM to identify the hold up and waiting for supervisor to call me back. Anyone else waiting for shipments

  8. Update: My 4/26 order of 2x$1k and 1x$991 has shipped and pending showing at TCB.
    My 10x$500 order on 4/29 which required additional confirmation of identity which I sent in has just shipped also, but without the confirmation from TCB yet.

  9. FM,
    So after your 4 or 5 posts about gift card churning recently, each one discussing several options, I’m rather confused about what’s best for me. BTW, I’m one of those who think you should be compensated for you efforts so I signed up for TCB and BC using you referral links. So help me help you make a few bucks here:)
    1. I want to fund BB to pay bills, does the $3k personalized AMEX come with a pin and would that be the best way to fund BB?
    2. I need a debit Visa or MC (pin not needed) to pay my kids daycare, they won’t accept credit cards. But I couldn’t find the $1k Visa on GCM, going through TCB or BC, they only had $500 Visas. How do I get a larger than $500 debit Visa or MC and get cash back?
    3. The wife doesn’t want me messing with her auto pay on the mortgage, is there a problem with using BB to pay off the Chase and AMEX credit cards I’ve used to purchase the gift cards that I use to load BB? Is there a limit to how much I can do that per month with each bank?

    • Paul S: Thanks for using my links! Just FYI, I would answer your questions either way, but I do appreciate it. Here you go:
      1) No, Amex GCs do not come with PINs. You can use them, though, to buy Visa gift cards with PINs (at the grocery store or giftcardmall, for example)
      2) After I published info about giftcardmall, they reduced the top amount from $1K to $500. I don’t know of a good option for getting larger amounts right now. Will they take more than one card?
      3) That should be fine. Yes BB has limits that are posted on their membership agreement. I don’t remember the exact amounts off the top of my head

  10. My orders still show up as ‘not shipped yet’. I have not get any email other than the confirmation one. Have no idea what is going on.

  11. I’v received my AMEX card in the mail yesterday and went ahead and ordered some more VISA gift cards with it. I had purchased this AMEX with my Chase Ink Bold two Mondays ago going through TCB. I also had purchase a VISA on Monday through Chase through TCB. Neither has posted yet on TCB. I haven’t opened any tickets or anything yet, because both of these transactions on my Chase Ink Bold showed as posting but never posted! They no longer show in temporary authorizations and they don’t show in posted transactions. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I getting free money or will these show up again in posted transactions? Help?

  12. Called giftcardmall and CS said the $1000 GCs are “stuck.” She offered either a refund or escalated up to the second level to push the order through.

  13. I made $4K order around 7am CT (4x1K cards)and got my order last Friday. TCB never recorded cashback yet. I have used TCB for smaller purchases before and got $95 cash back so far. I was wondering GCM did not want to report the cash back because I got in the deal when $1K card was still available???

  14. @Karen. Ditto for me. I was planning on using Amex GC for VRs instead. Over a week to process and Amex told me the transaction was instant on the 29th. Now we just have to check the mail.

  15. TCB is definitely a hassle. I did get credit for the 2.5% AMEX offer 3 weeks back, but I show nothing for 3 separate GCM purchases. Had to fill out a claim for all of them. At least they did record the click-through correctly. I’ve also been waiting 2 months for a claim I lodged for a completely unrelated website purchase.

    1 out of 5 purchases tracking correctly is a horrible record. Meanwhile, I’ve had no issues with fatwallet cashback in the 10 years or so I’ve been using them.

    Buying VR may still be the cheaper, less hassle option if my TCB click-throughs are not properly credited.

  16. It looks like TopCashBack is no longer offering cash back on purchases from When you search for it, there is no mention of cash back. That leaves buying Chase gift cards with free shipping and no activation fee (but have to use a Chase credit card) or just using this for meeting spending bonuses.

  17. I ordered 6 $500 visa GCs yesterday and the order got canceled because “…Unfortunately, your order could not be processed as we were unable to verify some of the information provided. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you can appreciate the security measures we take in order to protect our customers. ” Is this because of the large order??

  18. dealseaker: Maybe. Have you ordered before from GCM? Also note that I received that message once when I was logged into a VPN when I ordered. Apparently it made the IP address appear to be from out of the country.

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