40.5% off everything at Kohl’s

UPDATE: Code BLOSSOM15 is no longer working.  Kohl’s charge card holders can still get 30% off with code SAVE30, but it is no longer possible to get 40.5% off in total.

Until May 22, Kohl’s has two stackable coupons that total to 40.5% off everything (except gift cards) at Kohl’s.  There is both a 30% off coupon (SAVE30) and a 15% off coupon (BLOSSOM15).  The trick is that you do need to have a Kohl’s charge card to qualify for the 30% off coupon.  When you apply both coupons, you’ll get a combined discount of 40.5% off.  The great thing is that this discount is applied to sales & clearance prices as well!  If you spend more than $75 (after discounts), you’ll also qualify for free shipping.


The picture above shows an example of stacking both coupons with a product that is on sale.  The purchase comes with free shipping because the total order (before taxes) is greater than $75.  This is just and example and is not meant to be a recommendation to buy the product shown. 

Kohl’s Cash

In addition to this 40.5% discount, you will qualify for $10 of Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent (after discounts, but before shipping and sales tax).  That sounds like an additional 20% rebate if you buy in multiples of $50, but its not really.  When you pay with Kohl’s cash, the portion of your order paid that way does not qualify for discounts and does not count towards totals needed for free shipping.  Regardless, Kohl’s Cash can be used to buy stuff, so it’s a nice extra perk!  Plus, Kohl’s Cash is deducted before sales tax is calculated, so you do get a small discount by not having to pay tax on that portion of your purchase.

Shopping Portals

When shopping online, it’s always a good idea to start with a portal that offers points or cash back for your purchases.  I’ve always had great luck with Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall, and they offer an amazing 10 points per dollar for Kohl’s purchases!  In my experience, the points are earned regardless of what coupons have been applied.

Gift Cards

You can save even more (or earn more points) by buying Kohl’s gift cards before making your purchases.  If you want to get the gift cards quickly, the simplest approach is to go to a store where your credit card earns bonus points and buy Kohl’s gift cards there.  One great example is to use a Chase Ink card at an office supply store to get 5 points per dollar.  Another similar option is to double dip at Staples.com.  Start at a cash back portal such as uPromise and click through to Staples.com.  Buy Kohl’s e-gift cards and pay with a Chase Ink card (5X).  The e-gift cards should arrive overnight or early the next day.  Note that Kohl’s only allows up to 4 gift cards to be used per order.  Finally, if you’d rather save money than earn points, consider gift card resellers.  Search GiftCardGranny.com for deals on Kohl’s gift cards.  If you’re in a hurry, opt for electronic gift cards rather than paper ones.

Happy shopping!

Thanks goes to this SlickDeals thread for finding this deal!

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  1. The UR Mall says any coupon code greater than 15% does not qualify (to earn bonus points). Are you, Frequent Milet, saying that’s not true?

  2. Raghu: yep, dead
    Jayson: Yes, that’s right. I have used 30% off codes dozens of times and have always earned UR mall points despite the T&C. Of course that could change any day

  3. Could you verify the current status of double-dipping via the UR mall? If I recall correctly, the most recent lab experiments suggested that buying physical gift cards through kohls.com earned UR points but buying e-gift cards did not. I’d rather take that approach if possible (10x on both sides of double-dip) rather than using a cashback portal and 5x through an office supply store…

    • Erik: What you wrote is correct. Every now and then some people report not getting points for either buying or using gift cards, but most people have no trouble (with the physical gift cards).

  4. I saw this when he posted originally posted on FB and I was able to stack both of the coupons together two days ago. BTW, it is not 45% off. It is 30% off and then 15% off the remaining balance which is less than 45% off the total bill. Usually you cannot stack Kohls coupons but this time, for whatever reason, you could stack those two.

  5. I think the main issue is that UR points are unlikely to be rewarded if you use a Kohl’s credit card. Even though it does not state that restriction in writing, I’ve had my Kohl’s card transactions denied, although I’m still hopeful that our back-and-forth communications will end with an eventual adjustment.

  6. I think there is a difference between UR portal from sapphire and Ink, I have received UR point for physical gift card from INK portal, but have not yet received from portal used through sapphire.

    • adnan: I’ve always signed into either my Sapphire Preferred account (for the 7% annual dividend) or more recently my Freedom account (for the 10% annual bonus). It almost always works.

  7. I bought $500 of GCs and got the points fine. But I have had the cards for a while now and can’t find a single thing on their website that I want to buy.

  8. This maybe a stupid question, but I have been tempted to get the Kohl’s card, wondering if it will incur a hard inquiry just like applying for a credit card. I have just finished my recent churn so don’t want to make another pull if not necessary. Thanks for your time and help. Great post!

  9. I just tried the Blossom15 and Save30 at Kohls.com. Did not let me use both. Had to use one or the other. Bummer!

  10. This one was over the line for me. Seemed exploitative given that even the thirty on its own was profitable and this was a clear error.

  11. Hi,

    It seems in order to qualify for the 30% or 20%, you will need to use the Kohls’s Charge card.

    But if I want to maximize my points return, I should use a Kohls G.Card (bought thru a portal giving me x10). But then I won’t qualify for the 30% / 20 % off.

    Has anyone paid using a combo of both in the same transaction.. ie charge 10% of the bill using the Charge card and the remainder 90% using the gift card.



  12. Through tomorrow – 40% off already-discounted sale items at Gap, plus 14% ebates rebate (including using GC) might make it possible for some to resell items. Dunno. Free shipping at $50. I just got some undershirts.

  13. FM,

    Do you know if I can get x10 via UR Mall by buying Kohls G.Cards (not Kohls physical goods)??

    The T & C states NO.. But we know sometimes YMMV ? 😉

    “Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents, including portion of sale made with Kohl’s Cash. Kohl’s cares merchandise is not eligible.”

  14. Any one bought Physical GC from khols very recently I mean like a week ago and got their UR posted? I bought lots of them last Monday didn’t get them posted yet…. :((((

  15. @Ravi,I know i cant use them till end of statement, the point did not post on the pending section. I have bought Physical GC last month and the point were in pending status within 4 days, this time its not .

  16. david: Yes, it usually works to buy physical gift cards from Kohl’s (not e-gift cards), but note the recent comments where people have not yet seen their points post. This might just be a delay (my guess) or it may be that this trick no longer works.

  17. @ erik, i am definitely sure it has something to do with my sapphire UR portal, this is the first time i used to buy using the sapphire portal, normally it easily post on inks portal.

  18. @Adnan – I also used the Sapphire portal for the purchase referenced above. For what it’s worth, I also use the Ink and Freedom portals and haven’t noticed any difference in points posting among the three.

  19. I’ve been doing some serious shopping at Kohls lately through the Freedom portal. My last purchase where I stacked two coupons isn’t showing up yet…

  20. UR Points are still not showing up from my Kohls Gift Card purchase on May 22… has anyone else had any issues (or successes) recently through the Sapphire Portal (or any other)?

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