Ink Bold, Ink Plus 60K signup bonus on its way?

UPDATE: The improved offers are now live.  You can find links to each offer on my Best Signup Offers page.

Reader / Tweeter Mark Palmer sent me a link to this Susan Solovic post.  In the post, the author says that we can expect the following Chase Ink deals to come this week (June 16 – 22):

  • Extra 5K points for Ink Cash® and Ink® Classic signups (bringing the total signup bonus for these cards to 25K each)
  • Extra 10K points for Ink Plus® and Ink Bold® signups (bringing the total signup bonus for these cards to 60K each)

We already knew that something was up, thanks to this Chase website advertising National Small Business Week offers:


If you weren’t planning to signup for a new Ink card now, I wouldn’t recommend doing so just for an additional 5K or 10K points, but if you were waiting for the right time, then this coming week is it.  As soon as the new offers appear, I’ll update my Best Credit Card Offers page with the appropriate sign-up links.

Sure, I was hoping for even bigger offers, but truthfully, the standard Ink offers are just about the best out there at their usual rates, so this just makes the offers that much sweeter.

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  1. I have both the bold and plus. I also don’t want additional new inquiries and have too many chase cards which can result in all my chase cards getting closed. This happened to one of my buddy, darious of mm secrets had 3 of his chase cards closed to get approved for one. They chose the cards they wanted to close.

  2. I tried to get the Ink Plus (have had Ink Bold for 1+ year) but they wouldn’t allow it. Gunna have my mom and dad sign up for a card. It will probably be $5,000 spend in 3 months like the current offer, right? They have some big purchases for my brother’s UCLA tuition/housing, so this should be easy. Unfortunately UCLA charges 2.75% for credit cards so for $137.50 in extra fees, that should be able to get 60,000 UR points = $600+

    • Titan Limousine: If you have more than one business then you can get more than one of each type of card. For example, you can get an Ink Plus for business 1 and and Ink Plus for business 2 and still get the signup bonus for each.

  3. Nice — just applied for an Ink Bold last week; generally Chase has been kind enough to match specials when they change, hoping they continue that benevolence. Thanks for the heads-up FM!

  4. I’m thinking the twitter reps for chase are frontline reps because I asked if they would be matching this offer because I just applied 3 weeks ago for the Ink Plus card. They said no, but I’m still going to send a secure message to see if they do.

  5. Thanks for the info. Didn’t realize Ink was only for biz. Besides an Ink card a little over a month ago, I’ve been staying away from Chase. No denials, but too many cards within the last year or so!

  6. I applied (and received) the Ink Plus and Chase Sapphire cards in early April. Any rule of thumb on how long I should wait between applications to reduce the chance of a denial?

    Would love to get in on an Ink Bold for the better bonus!

  7. @Frequent Miler

    I plan to sign up for both. I have never signed up for the Chase business card yet. I was wondering what are the chances of getting approved for Ink Plus and Ink Bold? Thanks!

    Thanks in an advance!

  8. My wife and I got our Ink Plus cards end of April. Do you know if chase would match the offer for these cards as we are still in the middle of the 90’s for our bonus?

  9. Thanks for posting on the weekend; I was just about to apply for an Ink Plus today! Now I’m glad I waited. I’ll be applying sometime this week instead.

  10. MileHunter: wait until the offer is live before asking for the bump

    Mike: I usually recommend waiting at least 3 months, but it is certainly possible to get approved with less time in between.

    Bundy: it’s certainly possible to get approved for both. I can’t speak to your situation, though, as to how likely it is

  11. I had the ink bold March 2012, canceled in January 2013. Presently I have the ink plus since December 2012. For both I needed to call in to answer questions. How likely will I be approved for another ink bold with instant approval rather than being questioned again?

  12. i had signed up for the ink plus a couple weeks ago, and sent a secure message asking to see whether i can be bumped to the 60k offer about an hour after it went live.

    Unfortuately I promptly received a “we are unable to match” reply. i wonder if calling or writing to Chase will work?

  13. Spoke to Chase Ink line this am. My wife and were both approved for add’l 10K points once we hit $5K min spend.
    On top of that once the $5k spend is hit the bonus will take you to almost 66,000 points. My math tells me that’s 3 free nights at any Hyatt(non-suite) on the planet.
    Seems like a fantastic value.
    I’ve found that Chase’s customer service is excellent and quite generous if you’re a good patron of the bank.

  14. Can’t miss the offer now,every BA blogger has highlighted it. Thanks for taking down your links so that no one could use them before the better offer came out. I am a consultant and so these will come in handy for my business expenses–not to mention future travel!

  15. Another shady blogger post. How about telling your readers that the link to the 60k offer had been on Chase’s website a full day before you received your precious affiliate links? So much for honesty…

  16. Ah, jason is back and as misinformed as ever. Doesn’t seem you actually follow FM-but just jump in for some blogger bashing. This info was out on Saturday on the FM page. Earlier than the other bloggers.

  17. Do these happen 1-2 times a year ? I know there is no guarantee that this will happen again, but I wanted to wait for a few more months before applying a Chase Ink as I am in the middle of buying a house. Is this the best it has ever been ?

  18. Me: I’ve only seen the 60k offer happen once before and that was just for a day or two. While it might happen again I wouldn’t bet on it. On the other hand, it’s only a 10k difference from the usual offer so I would t worry about it if I were you. Just wait until you’re ready and then snag the 50k offer.

  19. I think it refreshing to read advice advocating a sit back and review approach instead of the knee jerk “it’s out….sign up NOW.”

  20. Just quick question, does chase business cards do financial review like amex? I just need to watch my spending habit if they do…

    • Jung: No, Chase isn’t known to do financial reviews, but when people go to extreme measures to take advantage of their card benefits Chase does shut them down (without a chance of review). That’s very rare though.

  21. Tanya: that’s uncommon but it does happen to some. If you do not have papers to provide because your business is brand new or whatever, call the recon line during regular business hours: 800-453-9719. They should be able to help you.

    Hardik: I have no idea, sorry

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