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Yesterday I published the following Quick Deal:

Free book of stamps with $75 Office Depot purchase


After publishing the deal, I noticed that the terms & conditions do not exclude gift cards.  So, I visited my local Office Depot store and bought $75 worth of Amazon gift cards (and a bag of Peanut M&Ms, because I was hungry).  I handed the cashier my coupon (which you can get here) and she rang it up while saying “I don’t think this is going to work due to the gift cards…”  But it did work!  I received $9.20 worth of stamps for free. 

The best part of this deal is that buying gift cards from Office Depot is a great deal even without this coupon as long as you use a card that gets extra points at office supply stores (see “Best Category Bonuses“).  I happily paid with my Ink Plus and marched out of the store with my Amazon gift cards, M&Ms, free stamps, and 5X Ultimate Rewards.

This offer expires July 6th.  Limit 1 per household / business.

It gets even better, for some

Another Quick Deal I published yesterday should stack with this one:

$20 off $200 at Office Depot

If you have a Discover card, try this link to see if you qualify for the $20 off $200 offer:

If you do qualify, you should be able to buy $200 worth of gift cards (or other merchandise) at Office Depot, pay with your Discover card, and use the coupon shown above.  This way you’ll get $20 back from Discover and a free book of stamps!

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  1. I was reading the Fat Wallet thread and noticed people were buying several books of stamps and getting a free book of stamps (with this promo code). Not sure I want $75 of stamps but ill be all over the gift card deal.

  2. I first tried this with $50 Shell and $25 BBB, but it didn’t work. When the cashier punched up the coupon code it was recognized, but it was in red. The cashier thought that meant it wasn’t a “qualified purchase”. I brought up your post on my phone, switched to the Kindle Fire (same as amazon) card and had her put $75 on it. She re-entered the code and it worked fine.


  3. FM..hehe either you have a relative that works at O.D. or they have a lurker here, cuz the cashier at mine wouldnt accept the cpn. Ill try another location..the location I went to is known for employing dead beats CSR’s..

  4. Confirmed. After 10-15 minutes (a few people, including store manager, were looking for “gift card exclusion”, then the manager called customer relations line), they honored the coupon and gave $9.20 worth of stamps. Thanks, FM!

  5. I got a $50 Chili’s card and a $25 Starbucks card, and the manager said the register wouldn’t let him do it, since it was gift cards. I pointed out that the coupon has exclusions and gift cards are not one of them, but he was adamant. I didn’t care enough about the stamps to continue. Maybe the key is getting some M&Ms.

  6. Graydon, the answer is in the name of the stamp, ‘Forever’. Just wait until postage costs a dollar and you’ll have doubled your rebate.

  7. When you wrote, “Yesterday I published the following Quick Deal,” you are implying that you were the first to discover the Office Depot promotion. Well, we know that is simply not true, like the vast majority of your “publishings.” So, stop taking credit for other people’s work.

  8. Interesting results for me. With 200 GC at first store, coupon worked fine. At second store, cashier and manager said I couldn’t do it because the coupon said merchandise and a 200 GC was not merchandise. (???) I politely asked if they would enter the code and cashier did but I think she did it wrong. I asked her to input it again but they told me ‘no it doesn’t work”.

  9. @JohnnieD, I heard several excuses and reasons not to honor the coupon. “You can’t use gift cards for this.” Where does it say that? (Looks at the coupon). “This is only valid online.” It says you can use it in store. “There is no coupon code on here.” It’s right there, pointing at code. “You have to buy $75 of stamps.” No, who would buy that many stamps. “I’ll give it a try” and types something in the register. Error message. Not sure if she typed it right or wrong. Ahhh do dumb. I give up with you people.

  10. Worked for me yesterday when I bought a $100 Amazon Kindle card and like $7 worth of printing. I think they have to scan the stamps first, then enter the coupon.

    My cashier also thought the coupon wouldn’t work with gift cards, but she read through it on my phone, didn’t see anything about gift cards, tried it, and then it worked.

  11. I tried this today in DE, no luck. I was told that GCs were not allowed under “procecurement cards” as excluded on the coupon. Sigh, will try another one.

  12. At my OD in Colorado I was told that they believe that the coupon is fraudulent and did not honor it. The store manager said that she had an email into the main office for further instruction. No $500 cards yet either.

  13. @Jason
    I just said that it was from their site. They claimed that they thought it was fraudulent because the code wouldn’t work and their ads “usually don’t have a picture of the OD store”. After about 15 minutes, and having issues with another coupon that I received that morning, I just wanted out. And of course, the manager hasn’t called me. At least I was headed there anyway and didn’t make a special trip.

  14. Had a $50 & $25 Amazon gift card – cashier couldn’t get it to work, then the manager came over & said it’s OK because the coupon is good for free stamps, not $ off the gift cards, & showed the cashier how to ring it up.

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