Will $500 Visa cards appear on Monday at Office Depot?

Last night I passed along a report from the blog Travel with Grant saying that $500 gift cards are back at Office Depot.  He found $500 Visa gift cards at a local Office Depot and was able to buy one with a credit card.  Since then, blogger Travel-Summary found the same thing, but readers have had mixed success.  Most people have found empty gift card racks.  Some people who found cards were supposedly told “cash only”.  And, a FlyerTalk thread was started in which someone reported being told that Office Depot would soon only accept cash for gift cards.  Based on past experiences, I expect that this will be a store by store decision.

For reference, here are the blog posts that I mentioned above:



The cards found by Grant and Travel Summary can be used in places that require debit cards with PINs (see “Gift card PINs“).  With Vanilla Visa gift cards, you don’t even have to set the PIN ahead of time.  The first time you are asked for a PIN, simply give four numbers (any four numbers) and that will be the PIN.

Coming Monday?

Today, I visited two local Office Depot stores, but neither had the $500 cards on display.  At the second store, I asked the manager.  He told me that they were expecting a new display to be setup on Monday, July 8th.  He specifically said that he thought there would be “those cards that can be loaded between $25 and $500”.  That sounded like good news to me.  It’s possible that the few people who have had luck were at stores that put out the new displays too early.

If you were planning to rush out to your local Office Depot stores, I’d now recommend waiting until Monday.  Instead, enjoy the July 4th holiday weekend.

As to the reports about Office Depot going cash-only – we’ll just have to wait and see.  I will be very surprised if that is a new nation-wide policy.

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  1. Just bought two $500 cards today with my Ink Bold card! The transaction required a manager approval to go through, but she gave it without asking any questions.

  2. I got excited by the early reports and already confirmed that my local OD does not have them yet. Can’t wait until Monday.

  3. I went looking for $200 Visa at my local OD. The whole Visa Rack was empty except these Visa cards which can be loaded between $20 – $500. I was tempted, but figured these would not work. Lo and Behold i see that this is the way the it is going to be!

  4. What good news if its in fact true! I was away in FL back in February the weekend they removed them and was bummed about missing out. This time I’ll be in Europe next week…so hopefully it’s true and they are able to be bought with cc for a week or longer. I’m just shocked that they are selling for 4.95 when the $200s are $6.95…what gives?

  5. This will be a killer come back. Hope the only OD in my area allows using CC, if at all they carry the 500 GCs.

  6. Visited 5 OD here in dallas, none had them except 75/Forest Lane where I scored 5k. They had nothing on the floor but when I asked to look in back she came out with a whole box full!!!!! SCORE!

  7. bigger question though: will they get 5x. possibly not from what i heard. cannot confirm. so proceeding with caution. heads up. who knows- statements generated yet anyone?

  8. well even if they are not 5x, if I can load them into Bluebird it will be worth it. just picked up 1 $500 will head to Walmart & find out.

  9. @Ken and @DJ, if you use your ink bold at office supply stores you will earn 5x. Chase hasn’t changed anything. If someone says “gift cards will not earn points” do not believe them.

  10. thx Grant. loaded fine into BB, but OD took all the $500 off shelf when I went back for more, all in a matter of 3 hrs, made me think cash Monday is likely to happen.

  11. OD in Manhattan Bch was just stocking them this afternoon, July 3. No issue buying with Ink. I hadn’t heard about the ‘cash only Monday’ rumor yet, or I would have asked. I can’t understand why they would apply such a rule to one gift card product and not others…and I can’t imagine they would apply this to all cards. Hope it remains at discretion of each store….like CVS.

  12. @Grant… ha ha ain’t that the truth. We’re all just some squirrels trying to get a nut.

    I keep holding out hope that this is really just a rumor and until we see something “official” from OD I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe we can at least get lucky and it will be a CVS situation where it is store to store on who actually applies the rules.

  13. Which gift card can I buy that I would be able to get a pin on it, to use as a debit card to go to walmart and reload my bluebird? Is Vanilla Visa the one with a pin? What do I look for when purchasing them?

  14. At my local DFW area OD they also had just put out Vanilla One Visas and Vanilla Reloads — unfortunately neither of them went through when trying to purchase at the register on 7/3 and again today, 7/5. Maybe they return on Monday too?

  15. Confirmed $500 visa, vanilla visa reload starter cards as well as the classic vanilla reloads at OD. However both locations I went to said you could only pay with cash.

  16. I’m pretty sure these are gonna be cash only…which will will make them a useless product for them to stock.

    • @mileshunter – From what I’ve been told OM does not make/lose money by carrying the Visa GCs in their stores. It’s a 3rd party that comes and stocks them, and they pay OM for the privilege to sell them in their stores.

  17. Bought $2000 worth of $500 prepaid visa and prepaid amex at OD today. No problem with credit card, though their systems finally got back online but the cashier has to swipe.

  18. I was at OD today and saw the actual corporate email to stores, which said that all variable load Visa GCs, prepaid GCs, and Vanilla Reload cards will go on sale on Monday, July 8, and will be programmed on the cash register screens as “cash only.” With step by step instructions so cashiers know how to ring up sales. Too bad, it’s now basically useless.

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