Are portal mega-deals on their way back?

When I began blogging in 2011, Sears regularly offered 10 points per dollar for shopping through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  This was great because it was possible to double dip: go through the portal once to buy gift cards and a second time to buy products for a total of 20 points per dollar.

Eventually, the Sears’ 10X deal slipped away, but other great deals appeared at regular intervals.  For example:

Then the months ticked away with no more mega deals.  Month after month since September we’ve seen, at best, 6X for this, 5X for that.  Fortunately, Kohl’s has been the exception to prove the rule, and has held firm at 10X via the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  Aside from Kohl’s, though, online shopping portal promotions have been dull.

Deals Returning?

Last week, Sears offered 9 miles per dollar through the AAdvantage eShopping portal:

That deal is gone, but United has picked up the slack with 9 miles per dollar for United MileagePlus cardholders (good through 8/5/2013):


Are the Sears 9X offers an anomaly or are they a sign of things to come?  Maybe I’m just a wishful thinker (and there’s no doubt, I am), but it feels to me as if something is in the wind.  Mega deals are coming.  I can feel it.

Can you feel it?  Are shopping portal mega-deals on their way?

Note: If mega deals do appear, I’ll announce them via my QuickDeals page(subscribe here), and I’ll follow up on my regular blog (this one) with in-depth coverage (if needed).

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  1. I’ve seen people go back and forth over this. My take is that as long as the economy keeps getting better, the no. We won’t get as good of deals.

    Think about it. If you’re running a lawn care business and are running yourself ragged mowing all these lawns people have hired you to mow, are you going to be offering a bunch of deals to get new lawns out there to have to mow?

    There will be exceptions of course, but for the most part, no. The deals won’t be as good.

  2. Can you confirm that the Sears double dip still works with physical gift cards? Also if Sears fraud prevention calls you after a gift card purchase, do you know if points will still be awarded? thanks!

  3. @David Dbl dip worked for me when buying physical gift cards via discover, but Sears takes a long time to ship gc’s. Previously puechased gc’s worked for me via aa’s portal.

    • @econjon Thanks, good to hear. Nervewracking because the t&c specifically say not valid on gift cards. Just have to wait and see!

  4. I am still seeing the bonus or good X points deals going down. For example BA portal dropped the drugstore X points from 8 to 4 or 5 recently. I loved it at 8 + 1.25 avios per dollar spend on my BA card but not at 4 or 5 so much. That moves me back to US air or AA portal for this store. Still seems a little weak out there. I don’t remember seeing any Delta 25k skymall weekends or BA Norstrom deals this year so far.
    I hope your right though.

  5. I think there will be a back-to-school little bonuses, but sure wish we would see some of those deals from ’11 and ’12 return, but I doubt it unless the economy dips again. Nice to get little surprises like Sears 9x from time to time though!

  6. I wish there were some name brand stuff reasonably priced at Kohls to buy and resell and get 10x points. It seems Kohls carries off brands (Zeki 7″ tablet anyone?) and then puts a ridiculous markup which you then have to stack 3 discounts and a mandatory kohls card and you might beat a competitors price. The Zeki tablet is $139.99 at Kohls but $89.99 at Sears, so you really need almost 50% off Kohls to even bother. And I don’t really want to waste a sign up on a Kohls card… Kudos to FM for making a profit somehow with Kohls.

  7. FM, Any ideas on good sale items at sears that can be used to resell and break even on money front while netting the points?
    Can use CC to buy physical sears GC then use Sears GC to get 18x. If product can be sold for a loss of less than 10% after all fees, shipping and taxes are considered that still would be great way to increase the UA miles

  8. Looking back at the graveyard of fabulous offers past. That Nordstrom got me a sweet 150k Avios for those few days. R.I.P. 36x.

  9. FM, no one expects it it to be done overnight, but your gonna have to look into anti-spam tools for your blog. I have no idea what blog software you’re using. I do know for the WordPress software, there are several effective options.

  10. Rama, with Sears I’ve had reselling success with cameras (both DLSR combos as FM said and some point & shoots), cordless phones, video games, and tablets. However, two of these apparently were misprices… watch for Sears deals.

  11. Thanks FM and Chris. Just ordered 2 $500 worth of sears GCs through UA portal.Hopefully it tracks successfully and get the 9k UA miles. Also can we combine 2 sears gift cards in 1 purchase?

  12. FM: Off topic- I really admire the way you have restrained yourself from writing about the hottest news right now. I am betting that you will be writing a article next week about “why I did’nt write about higc?” or “what to do with the higc cards you have”? Am I correct?

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