30% off everything at Kohl’s for charge card holders Aug 9 to 18

August 9-18:

If you have a Kohl’s charge card, use code NOTEBOOK30 to get 30% off everything at Kohl’s.  Plus, get $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent (August 9-14).

UPDATE 8/11: Some readers are having trouble using gift cards right now at Kohls.  It seems that their system is having technical issues.

Remember to use your Chase Freedom card at Kohl’s this quarter to get 5 points per dollar, and go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall for an additional 10 points per dollar!

Also, see the post “Extreme Savings at Kohl’s” for tips on how to maximize points and savings with this deal.

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  1. FM, I recently purchased $600 worth of GC, however instead of the full amount of points, this time around they gave me a reduced amount of 1000 points. Have you noticed this lately?

  2. also when I purchased items using the gc they only gave me 60% of the points owed to me. If my order was $100 I would have gotten 600 points. This has only been happening recently.

  3. I couldn’t use my gift cards online, so I called in to Kohls, and the rep told me that gift cards won’t be accepted anymore when going through third party portals like ebates. Not sure if that really is the case, but it got me worried.

  4. That’s not true, gift cards and merchandise credit are not working and no one can tell me why or when it will work again. It’s frustrating.

    I didn’t go through a portal either.

    • That’s strange. I’ve never had any trouble using gift cards or merchandise credit at Kohls. Maybe they have a temporary glitch in their system? I last purchased something with a gift card about a week ago without any trouble.

    • I just tried using a GC its working fine im not getting the issue the guy above is. However I am still getting reduced points through the portal.

    • I ordered kohls gift card twice through UR portal last two weeks. Still no points posted in my UR portal. It usually only took about 5 days to get kohls point posted. I am worried that something has changed…

  5. okay i fully tested it, it appears that going through a portal still works, however if you using a kohls charge card you are not longer able to use gift cards.

    It will say:
    We’re sorry, but the Gift Card number and/or PIN you entered do not match any Gift Card we have on record

    so the best i could manage with gift cards is going through the portal, with regular credit card and 15%.. this is very dissapointing especially since they reduced the points gained for the gift cards.


    • I tried your method, but it didn’t work for me either. I think their system is just down. This is really disappointing to say the least.

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