North Face 15X, 4inkjets 24X, Nike 9X via AAdvantage eShopping

Through 8/24 via the AAdvantage eShopping portal:

  • Earn 15 miles per dollar at The North Face
  • Earn 24 miles per dollar at 4inkjets
  • Earn 9 miles per dollar at Nike

Double Dip Data:
Via the Frequent Miler Laboratory:

  • North Face double dip works (last reported in 2012).
  • Nike double dip does not work
  • No data for 4inkjets

A double-dip is where you go through a portal to buy a merchant gift card to get points, and then go through the portal a second time to use the gift card and get points again.  The ability to earn points this way varies from merchant to merchant.  Often it works for physical gift cards, but not e-gift cards.

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