Where did Bluebird’s Transfer Money button go?

When logging into your Bluebird account, there used to be a nice little “transfer money” button on the “Recent Transactions” bar near the middle of the screen.  Like this:


Now, it’s gone.  The Recent Transactions bar now looks like this:


I used to transfer money to my checking account regularly.  Now, unless someone can find the missing button, I’ll have to “pay bills” or write checks.

Has anyone seen the transfer money button recently?  Where did it go?

Hat tip: numerous readers.

UPDATE: Commenter Snow told how to find the Transfer option.  Here’s how:


Step 1: Click “Add Funds”


Step 2: Select “add new funding source”


Step 3: Click “here” (literally, click the word “here”)


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  1. I had the same problem yesterday. It took some searching but I eventually found it after going through “Add/Edit Funding Source” and then scrolling to the “here” located underneath the bank section. Still works the same as before.

  2. This doesn’t sound very good. 🙁

    On another note, plink is changing the way they pay out rewards. I hope it’s not too restrictive.

    • avidtraveler: Are you talking about this on the Plink site?:

      Why can’t I redeem for more than $10?
      We’re updating how our rewards system works to give you more savings. Check back soon!

  3. @Frequent Miler,

    Do you know whats the limit to transfer $ to checking accounts? How much do you usually transfer? I dont want to transfer too much to raise any red flags. Please advise!

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Poorstudentblog: thanks
    Bundy: What I genderally do is wait a few weeks after loading it up and then transfer out all but a few odd hundred. I can’t say whether that’s safe or not, but so far so good for me

  5. You can also get to it by clicking “Add/edit bank account” which is normally right below the title of whatever you named your account. Then scrolling down a bit and clicking where it says “click here to transfer funds to your bank account.” Seems like they are trying to hide it! Definitely threw me for a loop!

  6. Thank you!!! I was starting to fret over this and thought that maybe Bluebird was punishing me for my frequent transfers.

  7. If you order the FRICKIN CHECKS then we would not be having this conversation………..no disrespect intended……….

  8. Wow!! Today is the VERY FIRST TIME where I knew something that the Frequent Miler did not know. Amazing. I’ll have to buy a lottery ticket today – must be my lucky day.

    Here’s a more serious question. Is there a limit on such transfers (the number of transfers per month, the dollar amount of each transfer, or the total dollars transferred per month)? I tried my first transfer (for $2500) a few days ago and the BB website accepted it without a hitch. Am now waiting to verify that it hits my bank account.

  9. For me most of what I use Bluebird for is the places where I don’t have a routing and account number….ie water company, electric company, all the other autobill pay companies where my billpay checks a check without me getting any miles………..

  10. On the final page it asks for a pin. I set this account up a long time ago but didn’t use it till a couple days ago. Is there a way to reset my pin, tried a couple things but no go, and I have no idea what it would be.

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