Plink adds Staples, soon to remove 7-11

Effective immediately, Staples is now available on Plink to add to your Plink Wallet.  You can earn up to 5% in Plink points if you spend exactly $60 at or in-store.  This is in addition to points earned on your credit card, points earned via shopping portals, and Staples rewards!

For ideas of how to make use of this, please see: Plinking Gift Cards which was written before Staples was available on Plink, but it should give you some ideas anyway…

Effective October 15th, Plink will remove 7-11 from the list of available stores.  Plink giveth and taketh away.  That’s OK, I’ll take Staples over 7-11 any day!

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  1. I love plink, I hope they don’t remove staples ever. Waiting till the first staples plink double promo to pop up. 7-Eleven was good while it lasted.

  2. So closest Staples to me is about 40 minutes, I haven’t really gone in recently to see what cards they sell in store. Now with plink, I’m guessing it will be very good place to start going to for gift cards. From those who frequent staples, what gift cards are best to combine with plink? Like do they carry variable load or what are some of the fees etc?

  3. Staples doesn’t carry any variable value or reload cards at all. You can certainly find Metabank VISA cards there, but probably not for more than $100 a pop. There are $200 Amex cards from my memory, but those of course aren’t as useful.

    The obvious play here is that Staples has a really great supply of store-specific gift cards with no fee. Southwest Airlines, Applebees/Chilis/Starbucks, Marriott, iTunes, Amazon. Not useful for manufactured spend, but good for getting 5X for a variety of not bonused categories.

    And now an extra $3 in plink points for every $60 in spend.

    Can’t imagine its worth a 40-minute drive though.

  4. If i just purchased from sears using my discover card and the transaction has not posted yet should i leave my discover card as the primary card before switching to my ink card to get credit for the staples plink promo?

  5. Let’s say you link an Ink card with Plink, go through a cash back portal to, and buy a Visa gift card. Would you earn Plink points, get cash back from the portal, and earn 5X points? And at which cash back portals (if any) would this work? If this works with Shop Discover or Upromise, then it would be possible to earn 5X points at a profit(!).

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