Buy $300 in MasterCard gift cards at Staples and earn $25 statement credit and $20 Staples gift card rebate

Valid through October 19th:

In-store at Staples, buy two $200 MasterCard gift cards or one $200 card and one $100 card.  To maximize earnings, pay at least $75 with an American Express card linked to their $25 statement credit offer, and pay the rest with a card that earns bonuses at office supply stores.

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    • I found a Lowes offer, spend $50 get $5 statement credit, as well as the staples offer under one of my amex accounts. I have several amex cards cards and most had neither.
      I’m off to staples and Lowes on the way home from work, as they’re right next to eacother in spring, tx!

  1. @Josh – When you log in, on the main page of your account, scroll to the bottom. To the right of the “Latest Transactions” tab you will see the tab you want: “Offers for You.”

    Greg, thanks for the post. My wife has a Starwood Business card with me as an authorized user; we share one online login. I have a Blue Cash Preferred card with my wife as an AU; we share one login. Both cards qualified for the Staples promotion. I set Plink up for the cards and then took them to Staples.

    Unfortunately, our Staples doesn’t carry $200 MasterCard gift cards; the highest value they carry is $100 MC gift cards. So I had them ring up three $100 cards. With the activation fees the total came to $317.85.

    I then paid the total by doing four “split tender” transactions with the AMEX cards, hoping to get four $25 statement credits. (I spent $75 on each of the first three cards, $92.85 on the fourth card). I ended up only getting statement credits for the main two cards, not for the AU cards. I called AMEX about it and they said that’s just the way it is. Fair enough. I wonder (1) if it would have been possible to set up a separate online login for the AU cards and (2) if so if I would have been able to get four $25 statement credits. . . .

    If you value the credit card points at one cent apiece, then my profit is a respectable $85.18:

    + $25 statement credit on Starwood card
    + $25 statement credit on Blue Cash card
    + $20 Staples gift card
    + $3 in Plink rewards on card #1
    + $3 in Plink rewards on card #2
    + $3 in Plink rewards on card #3
    + $3 in Plink rewards on card #4
    + $0.75 in credit card rewards on card #1
    + $0.75 in credit card rewards on card #2
    + $0.75 in credit card rewards on card #3
    + $0.93 in credit card rewards on card #4

    Thanks again for the tip!

    • Actually, what I should have said is that *revenue* = $85.18. *Profit* = $67.33 (i.e., $85.18 less $17.85 in activation fees).

  2. Judging by the comments – and my accounts – the Staples credit is targeted. I’ve got five Amex cards and there are other offers, but not the Staples one. Are we missing something?

  3. I had the $25 off $75 spend at Staples offer on my Amex platinum and bought a $200 Visa gift card that was able to assign a pin last week. I didn’t realize until later I should have checked if the offer was available on my Starwood amex. I’ll go back for this $20 gift card deal. Can you assign a pin to the Mastercard gift cards?

  4. This isn’t as good a deal as it has been in the past, because it is an actual staples gift card that you get as your rebate. You used to be able to choose a check in the mail. Still decent, but not worth as much as real cash obviously.

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